How to Mount a Motorcycle | Motorcycle Riding

How to Mount a Motorcycle | Motorcycle Riding

Hi guys, it’s June L. Park, and this next
video is how to properly mount your motorcycle. Now some motorcycles can be very heavy, so
it’s important that you mount properly. A lot of aspects of motorcycle riding came
from horseback riding. So, just like mounting a horse, you always
get on from the left side, making sure you grab the grips, hold the front brakes so the
bike is stable and doesn’t roll as you swing your leg back and over. Try to keep your eyes up to maintain your
balance and be prepared to take the weight of the motorcycle. Square the bars, look down for the kickstand,
retract, release your front brake, and there you are.

16 thoughts on “How to Mount a Motorcycle | Motorcycle Riding

  1. MIND BLOWN!!! I have never known how to mount a bike I normally just jump on it with my two feet wide apart, hurting my balls in the process. I won't need a jockstrap every time I get on a bike. Thank u howcast

  2. Almost all professional courses will teach to mount from the right side.   It's actually easier from that "high side" because your leg is going down over the low side.  Not only that if you're pulled off the side of the road (in the U.S.) it's much more dangerous to mount from the left side as you're on the side where the road is and could get hit by a car.   Also, don't teach people to "look down" at the kickstand.   You need to learn where all of your controls are and kickstand without looking.  Just my two cents.

  3. This explains why I keep cracking my bollocks on the tank. I've been leap-frogging over the tail-light and rolling the bike off its side-stand. Thankyou and my crushed plums thank you too… :o)

  4. I find it a lot harder to get onto my adult sized all purpose parked on a road with a crown from the left cos the left foot is lower than the bike… Probable a good rule ofr people with small bikes that park em on the flat though…

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