How to Mount & Dismount a Horse : Leg Position While Dismounting a Horse

How to Mount & Dismount a Horse : Leg Position While Dismounting a Horse

So reins in the left hand, weight on the horses
neck. If your horse starts to appear nervous or jittery this could be a good time to have
some come and hold the horse to allow you to dismount safely. You are going to put your
right hand either on the pommel or just on the other flap whatever you feel you have
the best basic support. We are going to slowly lift up as if getting into a 2 point and now
we are going to swing the leg over. Being careful not to hit the horses rump with the
foot. My right arm and my left arm are supporting me and I’m slowly going to slide down. If
you find that you have trouble dismounting you can always have someone help you and assist
you by catching you and helping to lower you to the ground.

34 thoughts on “How to Mount & Dismount a Horse : Leg Position While Dismounting a Horse

  1. Wouldn't hanging on to one side like that hurt the horse??? That wat my instructor says.
    I am better at dismounting than mounting!

  2. I dont do it like that I lean forward then swing my legs round and jump off i dont hold the saddle for ages to come down?

  3. i dont hold the saddle just swing my leg over and im of or i just bringmy other leg so like im doing side saddle and then slide off 🙂 its fun like tht saddle slide i call it :>)

  4. This is a really good video for beginning riders to learn how to dismount properly, so for all of you people who are being bitchy, this video was obviously made for the less experienced riders.

  5. This video is meant for beginners and she's doing it slowly so that she can point out what you have to do. Some people will do it differently, -I dont do it this way- but please respect it for other people

  6. Yeah thats cause she knows what shes doing if you had of watched the video properly you`ll see this video was intended to teach you how to dismount your horse safely !!!

  7. my buddy Jack is into horse riding but he has a lot of problems with the dismount, I'm so glad this lady helped my buddy Jack off a horse.

  8. as a "larger" woman, I usually wait until I have swung over to take my other foot out of the stirrup and then I lay across the saddle and slide down. Getting ON the horse has been my challenge lately as I have fallen off the mounting block twice already!

  9. Thank you so much for this. I was having real trouble getting off when I went horse riding and I looked like a right idiot.

  10. I am so glad I watched this video !.In the past I have had trouble trying to dismount off of a horse.And I think this video is going to really help me for next time.

  11. I have been having trouble dismounting from a 17 hands high horse, so his back is at least 6 ft and I'm only 5 ft 4 inches tall. I managed to graze my belly doing that sliding down technique so not sure what I did wrong

  12. everything you did is wrong. both hands and all weight are supposed to go on the withers, weight on the neck/crest can be painful (see how your horse winced?) you're NEVER supposed to slide down the side, as you could get caught on the bar/stirrup/anything and be stuck to your saddle (not good if horse were to take off) and your leg is not supposed to come in contact with horse or saddle when swinging it to the other side.
    TLDR; never dismount like this.

  13. So people have put that this is not the way, but others are saying that this really helped.
    Can someone please tell me of this is or isn't correct because I have a horse riding lesson tomorrow and it would really help if you helped.

  14. Thank you for posting this! I had previously been instructed to leave my left foot in the stirrup but my new trainer requires this method and I was struggling with how to do it half as elegantly. This made it make a lot more sense and I feel more confident in my dismount not looking haphazard.

  15. Thanks for the video I think this might help since I once I was trying to get off a horse and I fell down right under the horse

  16. Today my foot got hung in the left stirrup I was doing English and my horse is very tall his name is Major and the stirrup was up a lot and…yea….very un pleasant SO THIS HELPED ALOT THANKS!!😝

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