How to Mount & Dismount a Horse : Mounting a Horse from the Ground

How to Mount & Dismount a Horse : Mounting a Horse from the Ground

Another way to mount is to mount from the
ground. This is especially useful if you find yourself where mounting blocks are not available.
We would begin by putting the reins back over the head. We are going to run the stirrups
down. Now if you find yourself mounting a large horse like this one from the ground,
it is important to know that you can always length in the left stirrup to make it easier
for you to reach your foot up this high. I’m going to go ahead and drop this down a few
holes. Now when mounting from the ground, it is just important to have a nice short
rein and to make sure as you put your left foot up, it is pushing into the girth and
not into the horses side. Because when you mount from the ground, you would find that
there is much more pressure onto the horses stomach. It is also important that you don’t
mount from the ground regularly if your horse tends to have back problems.

16 thoughts on “How to Mount & Dismount a Horse : Mounting a Horse from the Ground

  1. i think what she means by back problems r like if ur horse cant stand people getting on from the ground. where i work there is a horse who is fine with a mounting block but as soon as you get on him from the ground hes like nup im gonna walk while you do this

  2. can someone help me?
    i have no choice but to mount from the ground, and whenever i do, my horse always walks off with me. how can i teach him to stand while i mount?

  3. Do like no4go2 said, but also, once you get on, if he's still trying to walk off, don;'t let him. Make hims stand still for a few minutes first, if he moves any, make him wait longer. The pony I ride used to have that problem

  4. how are you ment to know how to mount if she dusnt even mount the horse just tells you to make the stryps shorter etc !!

  5. It is NOT good to mount from the ground!! It will ruin your horse!! your horse will get back problems even if it doesn't already. it's not good for your horse and I would NOT recommend mounting from the ground UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

  6. How on earth do you expect a person to mount when a mounting block isn't available? Like on a trail ride, for example. Your horse won't get back problems if you do it right, like by not holding on only to the saddle, but grab a good chunk of mane (with the reins in the same hand) and the back of the saddle, put your foot on the stirrup, hop a couple of times to get ready, then jump hard with the grounded foot while pushing with your foot on the stirrup and pulling yourself up with your arms.

  7. Am I the only one who noticed that the horse is pooping in the backround? Haha oh horses, you go ahead and poop wherever you feel like it. xD

  8. Theres a horse at my stables and shes lovely its just she is afraid of the mounting blocks so you have to mount from the floor and whenever I do she tries to move away from me

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