HOW TO NEGATIVE ACID // aggressive inline skating grind tutorial

Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Ino and
I’m a wheel addict today I’m going to teach you an avenue my favorite three color
graphics game negative x so negative Estes has been my safe Street it’s kind
of waiting for some people that’s a trick like negative asset it’s my sacred
so if I go to a rail a dropper a little droplet whatever if it’s on my left side
usually it’s easier for me to do a negative answer than to do so and middle
or something like that I don’t really know why I think it has something to do
with my body and somehow I just develop confidence on this trick but today I’m
going to tell you how I did it before you will fish off because you say that
you can’t paint you need sideways the first thing that you need to know is
that no one no one does no one does more than these this is what your knees do me
so go like that your feet can do it and if I turn my
foot and if I bend my knee forward then I’m in a negative position which means
for you to be able to do negative you don’t need to bet your knees sideways as
a lot of you guys think so let’s start it it’s easier to do
negative tricks on this square larger square root then on the round boom it is
easy to lock it’s easy to lock on something square then on something round
when learning I would say that the easiest would be to find like a allo
pledge or sidewalks on my desk which is square and try this like I told you you need to spin your
foot outside and then bend your knee forward in order to have your foot your
negative foot in the negative position and lock on the ledge easiest way
usually if you approach the ledge between 20 or 30 degrees in the ledge
and this is you in this direction and if you keep your
tips in that in those 30 degrees would be a lot easier why because then you’re
not thinking about speeding your suit you’re just thinking about bending your
knee forwards and when you bend your knee forward for your foot to lock
automatically you’re going to need to this right here what you see I stay on
top of the ledge with those 20 to 30 degrees something in the 2-dose twenty
thirty degrees i whistle edge and then I put my foot parallel to ledge i lock it
and I bend my knee forward Annie’s not bending side with my knees building
normal just my suit is twisted outside and that again that was makes me able to
do a negative trick then not negative market so since it’s a negative axis
what you need to do in the second the second fruit needs to go super close to
the negative foot and bend it a little bit on the ROI outside and then you’ll
see when you do that there’s a space created by that backslash to intro the
front foot or you want to call it and then all you need to do is to put the
negative meat against there one knee something like that if these with my
negative suit and be for the other one the negative knee needs to go against
the other one and I need to close it as much as I can so basically the back knee
the negative knee will make pressure against the front knee back of the front
knee it’s not too hard it’s just you just
need to understand how it works then you keep trying it more and more and more
than some people for some people would be easy to go low for some people would
be easier to stay hot recipes your negative knee will smash against your
backside be something like this again these so now that you know now that you
know the negative messages to them everywhere you can’t first of course like actual to
do on the square surface then rails not that much harder again it’s all about
your knee and your foot pinion stood outside they do need in that direction
that I’ve told you before and you got that negative if you got to do them on
something going down just like every other trick providing flat usually your
body’s like this is it going down a ledger rails your body needs to be like
this which means that it needs to lead forward and that’s it now that you know
what to do negative assets I want to see you doing them everywhere show me what
you got hope you enjoy this video and this is by
the way don’t forget subscribe to the channel if you wanna see more P will be

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