How To Nose Press Frontside 180 On A Snowboard

How To Nose Press Frontside 180 On A Snowboard

The Nose Press Front One has a lot of
similarities to a Tail Press Front One. Neither of these tricks are necessarily
harder than each other, it just depends on whether you prefer Nose Presses or
Tail Presses. Make sure you’re good at 50/50 front
ones and straight Nose Presses. You can simulate the trick on snow by doing a
Nose Butter Front One. This buttering trick uses the exact same physical
movement, however doing this on boxes and rails requires precise timing. Start with
a small easy box. Many riders have a hard time committing to Nose Presses
because you have to lean quite far forward, especially if it’s a down
feature. While pressed, the tail of your board only needs to be 10 centimeters or
4 inches off the ground to look stylish, but don’t think of it as lifting your tail.
Think instead of pressing into your nose and your tail will lift by default. The idea is to keep your board aligned
in the same direction as the jib feature while you’re pressing it and only spin
out at the end. The Front One off uses counter rotation, so your position at the
end of the jib feature is important for the 180 out. If your upper body is facing
open, towards your nose and perpendicular to your board, then it’ll be easy to do a
counter rotated Front One off the end. As you exit the feature if you pop a nollie
out it’ll add a lot of style to this trick and give a much floatier feel to
the 180. You can practice the body positioning and technique on a jib board and balance bar all year round. The better you can do it here the easier it’ll be
on the mountain. You’re riding with Nev Lapwood and Mikey Barton from Snowboard
Addiction. Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding

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  1. I’ve loved your videos they helped me kill my first black diamond last season I can’t wait for the mountain to open here to put more of your tips to work

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