How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : Shining Leather Cowboy Boots

How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : Shining Leather Cowboy Boots

Hi. I am Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village
here at A.A Callisters and today we’re gonna polish this black boot here. Now polishing
is really simple and there’s not a lot to it and what we do is we need to get something
like this. Now this is the polish applicator. Just a simple little horse hairbrush. What
we do is we take this. This is black. Obviously, we want to match up the right color the best
we can. We take it and we apply it rather generously. Kind of an a, kind of dab it on
there. Put little circles and what that does is it just kind of works it into there. So
you can get the scratches out of the top grain that we had put in there from,from hard use.
Put a nice, nice even coat on there. Now keep in mind this does get messy so we might want
to if you do it on a counter top, we might want to lay down a napkin or something just
so the polish doesn’t get all over. Now we want to let that sit for just a,just minute.
Now while we do that we’re gonna grab a rag like this. This is an old rag. You might wanna
use like what I use at home. This is just an old T shirt. I tear it up. Works perfect
for it. Even an old chamois. And we want to roll that up. And what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna let, we’re gonna wipe off the excess here. So grab the boot like this. You’ll see
I am wearing an apron because well, I just thought I don’t wanna get my clothes all nice
and dirty. So we wanna kinda pull off that excess. Want an even nice thin layer because
that will, that’s what’s covering up those, those scratches and dents. That we put in
with hard work. Now we take out, we take a polishing brush like this. It’s just again.
We take a horse hairbrush. And what this does is, you will see it’s dull. It’s a flat finish.
And we wanna, just kind of nice even little strokes. And now then when I’m not pressing
too hard it’s, it’s just basically glancing off of the top of it. And what this does is
it gives a nice sheen to it. As you’ll see. Get a nice sheen on it. Now once we do that.
We wanna take that rag we wipe the excess off with. And we want to kind of, this boot’s
a little difficult to hold but, we’ll work with it. And we want to kinda pull this back
and forth with that excess we had on there. Just a little tip for you. That there also
gets a better sheen on it. Some people like to use a different rag. I like to keep the
one I just used because you don’t waste as much polish on it. You just wanna. And then one more quick over it. You just,
you just one more right over it. I will get that polish just once again. All right. And
that’s basically you’re ready for a night on the town.

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  1. from 1:52 to the end of the video it sounds like he's trying to teach you how to master bate, and if some one was standing behinde him and heard him saying that while doing the motion that he was it would be even more funny.

  2. Lol did i make you upset with my vulgar Opinion? How do you know that i'm still a Moron? This was posted over a year ago!

  3. Okay so how is being chained to my computer relevant to my comment? You could have simply ignored me.. but yet you become negative and feel the need to press your opinion on me. You could have just let it be, but you maybe your have problems in your personal life so i'll forgive you.

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