How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : Styles of Cowboy Boots

How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : Styles of Cowboy Boots

Hi. I am Dustin Williams here on behalf of
Expert Village here at A.A Callisters. And today I’m here to talk about what you, boots
you use for what. You might ask yourself well you know I got a boot and I wanna use it for
you know going out and doing some rodeo. So we got some thing like this here. This is
Olathie. A really nice boot. They are handmade. This one here defined as a, basically defined
as a working boot. But mainly for horses in rodeo but mainly for horses and rodeo. Because
of the riding heal this spur lip up here here and the rawhide heal. Makes ideal for rodeo.
Well if you’re going out for a night on the town you’re gonna need something like this
dress boot right here which we have seen before. This here is a Lou Casey. It’s got a nice,
it’s a fifties style. With a nice vintage wing tip on the scab on the toe. It’s made
of buffallo and the wing tip is lizard skin. Now that’s for a nice dress boot. Keeping
it nice. Now if you are out working, welding all that good stuff. We got a work boot here.
Now this is Justin. Justin makes quite a, a wide varity of work boots. Some of the best
on the market. Basically they will be simple but have a nicer dress or tread. Some will
also come in steel toe. Now if you want just like an everyday boot, looking nice but casual.
We have something here it. Here’s the best for that. We have cas boots such as this.
This is a nice seventies style square toe. Really nice. Now they are really low and simple
because obviously you don’t have to polish them. Which is nice. Making them a nice casual
boot. We also have for other styles. We have basically you got your roper. Once again you
will see that they are an oiled boot because casual boots usually are low maintance. As
we move on we got other styles of casual boots. Some are a little more dressier than others.
We got some like these ones here. Casual yet dressy. You can wear these with a suit or
just with a pair of jeans which is real nice. And those are just some a few select styles
of boots.

100 thoughts on “How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : Styles of Cowboy Boots

  1. @80sheadbanger963 boots on if your going to buy them online go try some on first this guys generaly doens't know what hes talking about at all. been in the business for many many years

  2. @MrMdr96 Verrry niiiice I wish I could post the link so people could go check them out, I just bought some Ariat Latigos from there not too long ago.

  3. @RKMichael ya dollar western wear is prob the best western store out there…..i live by lubbuck and you wouldnt believe how many guys in my school get boots there

  4. Wow did he just say justins are good, they wear out real fast and the leather comes right off, get a real mans boot, get some wolverines

  5. @tapoutusa1 Its best to try them on because sometimes you may need a half size smaller or the same size depending on brand and boot and for width you would get most likely a E or EE

  6. @bucktoff2 Hey genius thats how its pronounced. Dont forget your helmet and lollipop before you set out on life tommorrow.

  7. Ariat Heritage Ropers are the best boots on the market. They are western basics and they arent to flashy. I use them for everyday life and riding bulls. By far the best,longest lasting boot on the market is Ariat. And anybody lookin to get there first pair of boots,STAY AWAY FROM JUSTINS. They are expensive and wear out real easy. It takes like 2 months to wear the heels down to nothing.

  8. @branjumba its a relly good idea !
    cowboy at home cowboy at school !
    if someone mess with ya give them a good ol country ass whooping !

  9. i love some of these boots but having a size 16 foot makes getting some of them tough though I have a pair of naconas and some lorados that are awsome

  10. @joannecdebaca lol buy a rodeo vest and some chaps and a cowboy boot and cowboy hat and sign up for a rodeo.I know,it's a lot of money but it's worth it lol.

  11. @RayRoark2009 yah man like you wouldnt believe it here n highschool every1 wears boots the white ppl and us mexicans tooo LOL and the 1s from mexico wear western style and mexican pointy style……but do yall do alot of western style riding ther cuz we do

  12. @branjumba I haven't been made fun of as of yet for wearing boots to school. I've got a couple of tips for you, though. (NOTE: THESE ARE MY OPINIONS) 1) You should choose a pointed-toe, unless you're doing some working or rodeo. Almost NEVER square-toe, they don't look as good. (to me anyway) Ariats are most comfy. You choose what you want.

  13. I am just a SONGWRITER from California, I had a radio ready demo made for me in Nashville. Check it out at my page. I am jsut the writer, not the preformer

  14. @NMungal92 cowboy loft in brussels if ur that area, theres a place near one of the costcos in london or bass pro shops anywhere

  15. This guy,Dustin Williams,is really great,and he gives great advice,on choosing a great pair of Cowboy Boots.I would like to ask,if he has a Facebook or Twitter profile,cause I would like to get in contact with him?I an from Cape-Town,South-Africa

  16. no sure about any other state, but texas you can usually find a small shop that makes them by hand in store… Not cheap but if you want cheap go to walmart..

  17. olathe is a really great company i use nothing but olathe boots for bull riding. their boots are very well built and last for a long time

  18. Luchesses run small, Justins run big, Ariat's pretty much in the middle. I always need wide boots, and some of these companies make some nice wide boots for us girls.

  19. Nope, the cheap ones will run you around 50$. I buy mines from paulbonds boots or you can look up legit places online with good references. A good pair will run you around 500$

  20. No, everything "aint"
    MANY things, particularly apparel, have easy to find made in USA options.
    Quit being a lazy ewe patronizing walmart! God damn it!

    The problem is people either don't give a fuck and/or they go ahead and assume there's no USA made: boots, suits, hats, underwear, tools, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, luggage.. ALL are easy to source.. get off your ass and look!
    You DO realize your kids and their's are gonna be china's bitch if you don't start giving a shit about your country??

  21. Double H cowboy boots are probably the best quality boots on the market, as far as being well made. they are made in the USA. Not by Chinese.

  22. Who makes the boot he showed at the end cause I have the same once I bought them off a buddy and we don't know what brand they are

  23. closest this guy has ever been to a cow is stopping to take a piss at an Arbys. you are a grown man. you shouldnt be wearing apparel from two centuries ago. it aint halloween.

  24. I am looking for a ladies cowboy boot. Wide width would be comfortable! As well as a very soft interior make for all day wearing? Something neutral so I can wear with dresses and shorts? Can you hook me up be happy to hear from you! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Tony Lama made in USA (not the imports).

    Cowtown USA 715 diamondback rattlesnake boots.

    Red Wing USA 1155 Pecos.

    Ariat ATS Duratread (imported but nice).

    Old pair of Durango made in USA that I bought in 1993.

    This is what I own and wear……….

  26. I want a pair size nine dress and work boot steel toe or top caped for roadside rescue work in case drop a trolley jack battery and glassy enough to go to get into a casino. I live in New Zealand. Last pair I had was from America. Cost $500.00 New Zealand as a deal for promoting. Shifted lost not only the advert but also worn out my boots. Ronnie Woods [email protected]

  27. I came here because God created all Country and Western things, and everything else is inferior. Besides; why would u want to wear a nice comfotable pair of Nikes when u can wear an ugly cowboy boot that gives u back pain for a month?

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