How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Increase Skating Endurance for Ice Hockey

How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Increase Skating Endurance for Ice Hockey

Hi my name is Luke. I play for the UNC Wilmington
Seahawks and I am going to talk to you about how to increase your skating endurance for
ice hockey. For ice hockey and your skating endurance, the main thing you want to do is
while you are on the ice practicing to go 110 to 150%. You always want to go the hardest
you can and to go out of your comfort zone. The whole thing, the whole skating endurance
isn’t on ice. It is off ice as well. You want to be hitting the gym, doing off ice drills,
doing as much as you can while you are not on the ice, to always get that extra half
step on the ice against your competitors. While you are on the ice you always want to
be finishing your drills going as hard as you can, never gliding, never going slow,
always pushing through the red line. Now I am going to show you one drill you can do
to help you increase your skating endurance. That’s one drill you can do to help increase
your skating endurance for ice hockey.

39 thoughts on “How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Increase Skating Endurance for Ice Hockey

  1. Maybe you can't do it as fast as him, but if you can't go forward back left and right, you're probably not worried about endurance yet.

  2. This guy just can't use his upper body at all.. I'm surprised that he didn't take a dive :'D smooth legs, like 4 inch ironbars.. okok.. this might still help someone.

  3. I never comment on these types of videos but this was horrible…..He is a terrible skater who looks like he borrowed that entire uniform…..If you really want to learn something look for pro camps that put up videos from there sessions and study those…..

  4. UNC Wilmington? not even the best hockey team in NC let alone a team good enough to be teaching other kids

  5. well pls explain to me how you should put in more than 100%? thats urological, since you cant do something harder than you can.

  6. This guys centre of balance is fine. You just stupid to not relise where his training is from or what training he has done. I hope hockey players Who are younger go and take Figure skate, and take controlled fairy looking classes that make you skate like that. NOTICE IN SOCCER HOW GYMNASTICS IS A HUGE PART OF SOME REALLY GOOD PLAYERS ability book.

  7. milkandcrosby this guy probably isnt a forward he is probably the one who hits people so shutup and if you dont no what i mean hes a defence

  8. obviously the people here who think he's bad are just jealous they can't get anywhere close to the level he plays. Yes this looks like more like a agility drill , but calm down cuz he would slap you guys in a game and in life.

  9. Hate to intervene…I don't think they're jealous…The guy is playing CLUB hockey at UNCW…Not D3, D2, D1, Jr A, etc….So he's not playing at a high level. Actually I think the ONLY high level club hockey team in the USA is Liberty University who could actually play D1 is they wanted, but don't have the funding.

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