How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Backwards in Ice Hockey

How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Backwards in Ice Hockey

All right. Similar to the skating forward
is backwards skating. What you’re going to do is, you’re doing the same thing. You’re
bending at your knees. You’re leaning forward. Legs spread apart and you’re going to generate
the power, but in front of you instead of backwards. And you’re going to make like S’s
and that gives you the power and you can do crossovers. Always stay low and keep your
feet spread apart. That’s skating backwards. It’s as easy as that. If you practice it a
lot you can get really good. Defensemen, it’s really important for them to learn how to
skate backwards, since you’re doing it all the time. Forwards definitely should know
how to do that to. It’s a valuable part of the game.

95 thoughts on “How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Backwards in Ice Hockey

  1. why you all dissing on him because his fat, he took the time to teach you how to skate and all you do comment about how fat he is. get a life

  2. maybe he doesn;t play hockey as good but he's really a good skater, unlike myself, i can skate bakwards a little, then i trip, coz the skates are a little blunt.

  3. he explained it good

    and also ice hockey is a very tiring sport i skate for a haph a hour and i wanna sit down but i dont play hockey not yet

  4. i know how to skate backwards a little bit, but i have lots of trouble to do crossovers.. Can someone help me plz ??

  5. hey if anyone could reply please do: i would like to kno ( i saw a few defencemens go back and just going from side to side by the same crossover thing but when i do it when i go back i start going to cercles and getting my self out of position…. how it that called… or if you ahve tricks to help me ) that would be realy apreciated thanks nice video bud

  6. So many lame comments about this guy who have been playing for 25 years (read info) and is coaching as well. I bet he outperforms most of those negative guys 😛

  7. you're kidding me, he's a TERRIBLE skater.
    you don't do C-cuts, you wanna do half heart shaped cuts, and not move your hips so much, and bring your feet into the centre.

  8. Well he kicks my ass internet warrior. I'll buy your jersey when you play in the NHL, because you're such a bad ass I want your name on my back.

  9. Hey Im big too and I can't skate backwards as good as this guy!
    Good for you and keep up the good skating videos…Those other guys are tools…

  10. @0super0tech0 lol that would make you inccorect besides the gravitational pull coming from this gut prvents him form lifting his feet

  11. This guys is pretty good, but these vids don't help much. If people need help, just go take one or more of those skating classes. 10 classes for roughly 100 bucks, pretty good, and being in Canada, they are everywhere…

  12. @Extraabsorbant Maybe if you are just learning to skate backwards, but for hockey this is exactly how you do it. This allows you to crossover and move laterally a heck of a lot easier. Plus you can not get any real speed with the "half heart cuts" because your skates will becoming in at a 45 degree or more angle, which will always slow you down.

  13. @dougsk75
    if you move your hips while you skate you're losing speed, you want to keep your upper body and hips as still as possible and move your legs for power.
    The reason you want to do the half heart cuts is because you want to push to the front the most you possibly can, propelling yourself backwards. I've been taking skating camps for 5 years in a row, professional skating camps, and i've been a defenseman for 9 years. I'm the fastest skater in my midget and highschool leagues.

  14. @Extraabsorbant I have been playing ice hockey for over 25 years(foward) and have never seen or heard of a player doing "half hearts". The "S" or half moon does not really involve moving your hips per say, but getting a push to the side and back to gain speed. Watch any NHL defenseman and this is how they do it.

  15. @Extraabsorbant Watch this video. /watch?v=BzozibJPvaE&feature=related This is exactly what I am trying to say. Now if this is what you mean also and you are calling them "half hearts" then we are in agreement, just calling it a different name.

  16. his size is probably an advantage. He is literally unstoppable on the ice and I would be terrified if I was playing against him.

  17. ok i'm 13 years old yeah and i live in the UK where ice hockey isn't big but does anybody think its a good idea to start ice skating in general now?

  18. Ben Lorey seems like a (Super-Nice) guy who deserves better than to have a bunch of jelious little nerd dwebbs leaving stupid negative comments!  Big-Strong Men like Ben and myslelf, would have NO-TROUBLE Attitude-Adjustin your Asses!  A BIG-ASSED TIME!   LOL. @Zargon220 & Shaftsus, Ect. Ya SO-Right Dudes!!!

  19. that's a really good ice!!!!!!! my local rink has shitty ice, they have sooo many chemicals to freeze easily, that is heavy and harder than usual. I was trying to clean it when an ice-guard gave me the cleaning tools, and i really thought i was scratching the road with a pickaxe

  20. @spicyninjaicom He was just doing a damn video of skating backwards. If he was going against your dad, I'd take him at -550. Easy $.

  21. @isabella5wan2 Glad to hear a nice comment from someone like you. I only wish I was half as good of a skater as this guy. Hopefully I will be in a few months, after lots of practice 🙂

  22. this guy is great ! i just hope somehow i can master the art of backwards skating soon haha i'm new to ice hockey boots and skating haha i only just made the switch from total beginer to possible hockey player haha i'm probably a bit too old (18) but hey it looks fun! haha this is a great little tutorial thanks

  23. thanks man im new to ice skating and would love to play ice hockey but i cant skate backwards but seeing as you explained it that simple i think i can thanks 😀

  24. Matey might want to lay off the Big Macs a little bit. Looks like it's slowin' him down some. And he get's out of breath just talking to the camera. He might have played hockey once, but I can't see him going up & down the ice too many times. You guys should get somebody who isn't going to have a coronary to do your demos for you.

  25. For some good skating vids, try;
    Playmakers Hockey – where the metal meets the road
    Northern Edge – connect the dots

  26. and you're gona make like… "asses"?
    hahaha I'd like to skate like this guy. I've never played and I'm about to start. Can you recomend me a site where I can find basics and stuf?? to help improving?

  27. Thanks.I have been skating for about 4 months now and im ok at hockey,but i havent been able to get the backwards skating good I hope it will help it is nicely explained.I just havent been able to get good because I live in Australia and its not to big heer I also just got my own skates.So I am hoping that will help me skate better.
    so thanks alot i realy hope it helps

  28. anyone have tips on how to get that 180 skate flip from backward to forward stride on 0:41? i've been trying to get that and always end up falling.

  29. Oh My Fuck, Get off the Guys back, He has put his own time to show YOU how to play ice hockey and skate. Im Just Starting Hockey, without sounding cocky i have very good natrual feel and a good head for it, i just need to work on my skating and i hope to go far with my hockey cause i aint good at anything else, so this skating tutorial really really helps me. God Sake the Guy seems like a nice guy and is helping you, YOU are infact the Ritards haha 😉 seriously though.

  30. Thanks dude for making this video not only teaching me how to skate in all vids but then your a big dude and I'm starting hockey today and I think I'm to big but if you can skate like that then I can as well

  31. You would think that to be this good, he would have to skate alot and to skate enough to be that good he woul be in better shape. How then, is he so big?

  32. thanks for sharing it's videos like these that taught me how to go out on the ice and skate. Now i'm able to do all these things I never could before.

  33. had a buddy like him, unbelievable skater, unimaginable slapshot but nothing compared to being checked by him, guys were terrified. 

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