How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Forward in Ice Hockey

How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Forward in Ice Hockey

Alright something that all hockey players
are good at uh young or old is and it’s a very important part of the game it’s how you
skate. Uh if you skate improperly you slow yourself down, but if you do it the right
way you?re going to generate a lot of power a lot of speed. That’s a big part of the game
is speed, what you want to do is bend at the knees, almost like you?re sitting in a chair.
Um uh, skates facing forward, legs turned out a bit, and bend, and all your going to
do is push off the back foot, to generate the power, the lower you are the longer your
length and stride, and you get more power. Now pull it back up. That’s skating forward.

25 thoughts on “How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Forward in Ice Hockey

  1. haha you couldnt afford two tuks or what .. and nice pitchforking skills .. you gotta keep that all of that leveled out im assuming

  2. Is this a joke? you have never played hockey… Youre just a fatass looser that wants to play hockey…

  3. look at his arms he wasting energy doing that side to side is not helpful it is suppose to be forward to back not left to right

  4. Wow, at least emphasize good form if you are going to make an instructional video. Your strides aren't full, you swing your arms side to side, and you look shaky on your feet. Just saying…

  5. @jamacianziggy1 No, it's not. Winter's coming, find a good frozen pond and practice (funner and purer than rinks). Try and find a few friends who either play hockey or would like to (and are motivated); it's funner and more productive to compete while learning.

    Practice the proper techniques as you go; you have the opportunity now to develop natural good habits, something many veterans wish they had another shot at. If you dedicate yourself, you'll be at JV level in no time.

  6. lmao. i love hockey. would love to play it. funny thing is i've ice skated maybe twice in my life. and never played hockey once before on my life.

  7. this guy is cool. why is anyone being an idiot picking on him? he could probably whoop all y'all in hockey. js.

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