How to Play Roller Derby : How to Skate Crossovers in Roller Derby

How to Play Roller Derby : How to Skate Crossovers in Roller Derby

In this clip we’ll learn how to do crossovers.
Crossovers in roller derby are very important. This is what gets you all of the speed that
you need on the corners. In order to do a proper crossover on the corner, you’re going
to actually cross your skate in front of the other, push off with your hind foot and then
cross again. I’ll demonstrate, but in order to really learn the crossover, there’s a few
things that you’re going to need to practice first. What you need to do is mentally tell
yourself its okay to cross your feet. It’s by doing what’s called a figure eight sticky
skate. Sticky skate is when you’re skating with all eight wheels on the floor. You never
pick up your feet. This is the sticky skate figure eight. You’re going to cross one foot
in front of the other, very slowly, to convince yourself its okay to cross your feet. Once you’ve got that down, then you can start
picking up one foot and putting it in front of the other. I’ll demonstrate now the crossover.
When you are able to do crossovers that will get your speed around the corner. When you
get really good at it, you can start doing what’s called a running crossover. I’ll demonstrate
that for you.
All of the crossovers are very important in the game, especially if you’re playing the
Jammer position. The Jammer has to be really fast and she has to catch up with the pack.
So, learn those crossovers.

57 thoughts on “How to Play Roller Derby : How to Skate Crossovers in Roller Derby

  1. There is a bit more to effective crossovers than simply planting one foot over the other, IMHO. Maybe mention the importance of pushing through actively with both legs, where and how to transfer weight, et cetera?

  2. For derby, one of the dills we do is crossovers around the figure skating circles. Being able to do crossovers is one thing, being able to do them low and in a small radius is another. We do them for 5 minutes, concentrating on form, not speed. It really works muscles you didn't know you had.

  3. For me, the "ah hah" moment was when someone on my team told me to swing my arms when crossing over (opposite to your feet, just like walking or running). Helps the balance a LOT and thus let me loosen up because I wasn't as scared of falling.

    Also, I find that faster is easier. Going slow you're wobbly, but going quickly gives you more stability (think about learning to ride a bike).

  4. The figure 8 sticky skates look harder to me than doing a cross over. We practiced getting your feet to cross each other by doing toe-stop grape-vines. But do whatever works for you!

  5. Well done you, a classic case of those that can, do, those that can't criticise. Your attitude isn't very helpful, for your information, the woman doing to video is a derby coach. And learn to spell.

  6. You've never seen roller derby, have you? Why don't you go stand on a rink with no protection and have a 200 pound girl body check your stupid ass into a wall?

  7. I agree – especially when going up stairs as well, just to get your feet used to being in front of each other without tripping over. I'm still trying to figure out crossovers but I'm getting there slowly! We also do a drill at training where we just hold onto the walls and walk the entire edge of the rink crossing one foot over the other.

  8. @SpunkyLamb I hear ya! I spent so much time trying to master doing crossovers going in the right direction that I'm crap at goin the other way lol.

  9. @puppetmasterblaster- Umm I take offense to your comment. I am on a roller derby team, I am not ugly and have a bf that I've been with for 3 years. And many of the girls on my team are married or in relationships. So, before you judge someone, why don't you check out the facts first.

  10. @puppetmasterblaster And what do you look like? Unnatractive would be my guess. Take your sad insecurities elsewhere please.

  11. @6Twisted

    Yeah, but it's all Expert Village, not just on Roller Derby. 🙂 Expert Village videos are on just about every topic you ever thought of. Heck, many you never even thought you ever wanted to know about! 😉

  12. This is really useful for the rawest of fresh meat such as myself. Thanks for uploading! Can't wait to try out this drill tonight!

  13. everyone saying this video isn't helpful doesn't know what they're talking about. i watched this video about 5 times and when i went to the rink last night for the first time in years, i taught myself and my friends how to do crossovers by practicing the figure eights. we had it down in maybe an hour an a half. and even then, 2/3 of us hadn't been on skates (not blades) since we were kindergartners. if you think this isn't helpful, you probably already know how to do them.

  14. @puppetmasterblaster Judging you by the videos you favorited, I don't think I'd be putting down any sport, or the athletes. Wimpy videos of horse riding?Are you for real?

  15. What planet is puppetmasturbator on? learning to play roller derby is something that has helped me find my identity and I'm not talking about my sexuality here. I'm a straight male who has struggled for confidence socially. All of a sudden I've bonded with a group of people in a way that I never have before in any social situation. Most of the girls at my club that I know of have boyfriends or girlfriends and they are the most awesome people I've ever met. I love roller derby.

  16. @clawalk Yeah. Where does it say they are roller blades? Roller Derby only allows quaad skates. I would know.

  17. i cant even do the cone shit, but i still blow the fuck past the so called super fast "sprinters" who practice at the rink

  18. "You need to convince yourself it's okay to cross your feet." It might sound DUH, but it's true. I'm a beginner and I have this mental barrier and I just can't lift my foot high enough!

  19. Practice gliding on one foot. Skate like you normally would, but you need to shift your weight to one leg, then lift the other. Start small.

  20. Yes! There are teams for boys but I guess you'd have to search if there are any local teams that you could join (:

  21. Crossovers are really easy. I'm in junior derby, but I guess old people aren't as athletic. jkjkjkjk, but don't overthink it, you're not gonna fall.

  22. I realize your comment is two years old, but you don't have to bash another sport just to raise up another. Do you have ANY idea how hard riding is? Dressage and cross country are not easy, and not even a derby fall compares to falling off a horse.

  23. If thats your pic in your avatar you look like you could beat up an elephant. Just by raising your armpit. Why dont you and all the other fat-ass roller derby land whales go on a fucking diet.

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