How to Play Roller Derby : Roller Derby Skates

How to Play Roller Derby : Roller Derby Skates

In this clip we’ll talk about how to choose
a Roller Derby skate. A lot of people are familiar with the standard roller skate. This
is called an “Artistic Boot”. You’ll notice it has a rather high heel. It has a nice tall
boot that comes up above your ankle and it’s really pretty, whatever. This is a Roller
Derby skate. Roller Derby skates has a very low heel. This is so you can get nice and
low in the proper derby form, you’re not up on your tiptoes, cause who skates in high
heels. So, the Roller Derby boot is going to have a lower ankle, this allows for more
flexibility with your feet and the distance between the wheels is going to be a little
bit wider to give you a little bit more of firm stance and little more area to skate
up. The derby skate, in order to maintain it, you’re going to need some tools to go
along with this. You’re going to need a good skate board tool set. The skate board tool
set is going to have a tool to pop out your toe stop and it’s going to have a wrench that
will fit the nuts on the wheels as well as the nuts on the tracks and the axles. You’re
going to need a good speed cream. This is to keep the bearings of the wheels nice and
lubricated so you’re going really, really fast. You’re also going to want a round toe
stop. The difference between a round toe stop and a square toe stop, most skates come with
square toe stops, the problem is, the surface area of that toe stop, you can only stop at
a certain angle. With a round toe stop, you’ll notice that no matter how the toe stop turns,
it always has the same surface area on it. So you don’t have to worry about stopping
on a corner or stopping on a funny angle. So definitely hang on to those toe stops,
get the round ones. And finally, no derby girl is complete without duct tape or fancy
tape to tape up the toe of the boot because you’re doing an awful lot of skidding and
sliding and you’re going to wear down the toes really quickly if you don’t cover them
up. So make sure you keep lots of tape on hand to cover up those toes and also to tape
down the edges of your laces because another thing that happens is when you’re doing a
lot of slides, you actually wear off the laces right here and then you have to buy another
pair of laces. Taping them down will protect them.

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  1. I started on dance skates so it was a little challenging to switch. The other skates are also used for speed skating and jam skating. They allow you to bend your ankles more to get lower to the ground. The problem with square toe stops is that they can turn when you run on them, then they will trip you because the corner is at the wrong angle. Although duct tape is cool, they make toe covers for that purpose. A big thing for me was getting the right wheels. Softer wheels hold the track better.

  2. You can always get an ankle brace to wear with the speed skates. There's a skater on Sin City Rollergirls who broke both ankles and so she just wears braces with her speed boots. Of course a ref doesn't have to go as fast as the derby skaters do.

  3. Not really sure exactly what your question is but you don't use blades in derby. The skating techniques for quads are very different than roller blades.

  4. Hi, how are you?
    Look we are beginning to practice this sport in my country, but do not understand English, I wonder if there are chances that you upload the videos with subtitles in Spanish, because I want to get a good workout and it really is a sport with which I identify.
    If possible, I will be awaiting your reply thanks.

  5. Yay!! finally a derby skater that knows what she's talking about, let me tell you, you don't find any derby skaters in Australia [where I live] that know this stuff. Most don't even know you can take the wheels off!!

  6. @cloudsbringnsexyback are you serious? what league do you skate with? I live in Australia too and the league I skate with does tech nights etc in addition to normal training……

  7. @trevjack77 I'm actually an artistic skater but I know alot of derby skaters cos I spend a fair amount of time adjusting their skates, but the team is murder city.

  8. I want that "pretty" roller skate that she pushed away! haha

    One of my goals in life is to join a roller derby league.

    OH I CAN'T WAIT. >:D


  10. That's hardly an artistic skate. Clearly you've never skated artistic, and yes if you can skate in actual artistic skates, you can Derby in them no problem. Check out Nanaki and Reaper (66) Southern Discomfort.

  11. Uhh, that's what skate guards are for. Duck tape isn't allowed in my league and doesn't come off, whereas you can easily replace your skate guards without damaging your $100+ skates.

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