How to Play Roller Derby : Roller Derby Skating Form

How to Play Roller Derby : Roller Derby Skating Form

In this clip we talk about how to execute
the proper derby form while skating. When people do regular roller skating, a lot of
times they’re holding themselves up high on those nice, artistic skates with the high
heels and they look very pretty. That’s regular skating and the emphasis is on leaning a little
bit backwards to keep your balance over your toes. But in derby skating, we want to be
nice and low, down close to the ground because if you take a hit or if you give a hit, you
want to make sure that your center of gravity is right over those ankles and that you’re
really nice and low to the ground so that you don’t wobble over and you don’t fall.
The first thing you want to think about when you’re skating in the derby form is sitting
down. You want to skate as if you’re sitting on a bar stool or on a kitchen stool and you’re
going to keep that in mind. Your shoulders are going to be back, your chin is going to
be up. You’re not looking down at your skates at all. So you’re keeping your eye on the
horizon in a squatting position. Very nice and low. Your arms are actually going to be
tucked in. You want to keep your elbows in because in the game of derby, if you bring
your elbows up like this, that’s a foul. You can get penalized and have to be sitting in
the penalty box for a minute. I’m going to demonstrate right now how to skate in the
proper derby form.

17 thoughts on “How to Play Roller Derby : Roller Derby Skating Form

  1. Sitting on a barstool is a little too upright. We tell our skaters to get in the same position as if they were peeing in a public restroom and the toilet was disgusting. Graphic, but it works to get them low enough.

  2. Here's an idea- how about learning how to skate before giving lessons?
    You dont know the first thing about roller derby skating or form.
    Dont quit your day job.

  3. Actually, using speed skating technique in roller derby will make everyone faster – and then you can keep the pack way ahead of the opposing team's jammer.

  4. @thesingingllamas we do tha same xD or we tell them that there is just a hole you gotta pee in, they get it quickly xD

  5. @Cge066 I changed of team I now practice in el Señorial, monday, wednesday and friday at 7. Look for our page in facebook Killer Dolls Roller Derby Team. If you have any question you can post them in the page the coach our any of my teammate will answer also, if you want we give rides sometime

  6. i hate when expert village gives us people that can't even speak complete sentences without stumbling over their words

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