how to Prepare for Your First Horse Show – without losing your cool

how to Prepare for Your First Horse Show – without losing your cool

Today I’m gonna share with you seven tips that you can use right away to get yourself organized So you don’t lose your cool at your next horse show, so let’s get started Hi there my name is Laura and welcome to another video if it’s your first time here, hey, how’s it going? And if you’d like to get ideas on how to improve your riding So that you can win more ribbons at your next horse show or generally like other horse related stuff Then subscribe to this channel hit the bell icon, so you don’t miss anything So let’s jump right in number one be prepared This is not so much at the day of the horse show, but those months leading up to you This is where it counts. This is where you have to do your homework This is where you do your riding and training This is where you get help from your coach or trainer if it’s your absolute First time going to a horse show take the time and go to a horse show without your horse just to see what happens and How things are going to be happening at the day that you’re arriving there? Groom or helper or to go and watch so that you understand what it is to be at a horse show Also as part of your preparation you can do some Off-site events doesn’t really have to be a horse show you can trailer to a friend’s house to have a lesson you can go to a Hunter pace or trail ride somewhere just so that you know what your horse is gonna Be like when you get off your own grounds sometimes horses are great And they’re beautiful and sometimes horses get a little bit excited when they’re off their own property take that in mind be prepared Number two number two is knowing your rules And this is kind of a subsection of number one being prepared but knowing your rules is really important you take to go into that horse show and Have a piece of illegal tack or equipment on your horse and get disqualified or eliminated So make sure you know your rules so you know what it is that the requirements of your classes are he what you’re supposed to be wearing your correct dress and The type of tack and equip you’re allowed to have on your Morrison that showring if we go to a breach our other Shows that have their own specific rules make sure you know and understand their rules as well There’s a link below for the United States Equestrian Federation rules and also the equestrian canada rules But if you’re going to quarter horse show arabian show morgan show or a local show that has different rules Make sure you’re familiar make sure you’re familiar Familiarize yourself with their own rules make sure you know their roles as well your instructor your coach Or trainer should be able to help you out with these, but it is your responsibility to know the rules don’t let somebody else Tell you what their interpretation is Take a look at the rules and no one understand them yourself now I’d like to give a shout out to some people who are taking the time to comment on my youtube channel I’d like to thank I’d like to thank horse travel V logs for commenting consistently On my channel and giving me ideas on what I should be covering in some of these videos Thank you so much I also like to shout out to life with horses TV with Lenee who helped me with the collaboration here’s the collaboration video here and Also like to do a shout out to budget equestrian budget equestrian if you haven’t Subscribed to these channels yet go and subscribe to them tell them Laura sent you because they offer a lot of really good and fun information number three be organized This means be organized with your medical papers for the horse your show entries for divorce Your all your papers that you need if there’s papers a lot of us electronic now, so there’s no papers but all the things you need for your horse show and Also make sure that you have the proper things that you need in your horse trailer a bucket. Hey if you need it grain Shavings if you’re staying overnight, or have a multi-day horse show if you need a list Check out the description. There’s a link to a list of things to bring to your horse show I know that I’ve forgotten a lot of things at a horse show one day one time. I went to a horse show I forgot my boots and so I had to beg borrow boots to wear at the horse show and Um and also took some people to a horse show she forgot her girth So she had to borrow a girth from somebody if you do happen to forget something But make sure you put it on your list and don’t be afraid to let other people know because most people generally speaking Will be happy to help you out, but take a look at that, and I’ve forgotten anything on the list Please send me an email or add it to the list Number four and this is a continuation of number three Getting organized it’s have a plan so have a plan a plan out your day Have a plan the day prior to have a plan for the day of your horse show day before your horse show maybe Washing your horse Braiding your horse Cleaning your tack getting your stuff Organized then on the day of your horse show have a plan of how do you think your day will unfold? Having a plan what time the horses are getting on the horse trailer when you’re arriving What classes are going in the order of the classes so have a class schedule so that you can have things organized in a schedule and a plan so You don’t miss anything And I’ll help keep yourself organized and the people around you organized also a good idea and your plan to have the contact information of People who are going to help you and this may mean the person who’s trailering you ,your groom, helper Parents, your children.. Don’t be afraid to get the contact information so that they know where you are & you know where they are. Number five Arrive on time this seems such a simple thing But sometimes things happen you forget that you need to do something And you don’t arrive on arriving on time or rhyming early is very important It gives you the peace of mind that you need to get yourself Organized and relaxed on the day of the show before you go into your first class it Also is important for the horse so that the horse has some time to Relax and see what’s going on at the horse show grounds too, so you’re both are relaxed number six Get the lay of the land once you’re at the horse show So once you’re at the horse show Get the lay of the land find out where the show Secretary’s office is, find out where your stabling is, if you’re having a stall for the day Find out where the warm-up area is and the permitted warm-up areas are, find out where the competition ring is. And the all-important question? Where are the toilets? and just an FYI on the list that you had in number … number three? Make sure you put toilet paper on the list I think show organizers are less worried about toilet paper Then the competitors are so remember toilet paper and put a wad of toilet paper in your pocket Number seven remember your horse first You know you get excited at the horse show you’re in the ring. You’re out of the ring. You’re warming up You’re feeling thirsty, and you get drink of water if you’re feeling thirsty remember your horse your horse is feeling thirsty Too if you’re feeling hungry remember your horse is probably hungry, too don’t be afraid to give your horse water and give you horse grass if this available place for grazing and Give you a horse hay and water so that they are comfortable throughout the day if you’re hot your horses hot Probably – one thing as a judge I really dislike to see is people sitting on their horses all day They’re sitting on their horse and the horse doesn’t get a break But the person sitting on the horse gets a break. So if you’re tired think how tired your horse is get off your horse Loosen off the girth even take the saddle off or the bridle up in between classes if you have time So that the horse can have a break Now some horses just don’t like to drink water when they’re away from from the property sometimes you have to bring your own water But don’t be afraid to offer your horse water throughout the day and Remember be polite and have fun. We’re doing this because we’re having fun right now. NOW go enjoy your horse Go have some fun. Go hug your horse. My name is Laura. Now go hug your horse Go have some fun And if you’d like to get ideas on how to improve your riding so that you can win more ribbons at your next horse show Or generally like other horse you related stuff, then remember to subscribe hit the bell icon So you don’t miss anything now go hug your horse Go use this stuff. Thanks now. Bye

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  1. Great Video, Laura!!! πŸŽ₯ And THANK YOU for the shout out!!! I really appreciate it! πŸ“’πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€

  2. Excellent tips as always! Thank you so much Laura for sharing these tips. My favorite is to remember to have fun! Oh, and go hug your horse! 😍😍😍😍

  3. Thanks for the shout out Laura! I did also do a shout out to your channel on my first free jumping session, and I also did a shout out to Lisa on my tack haul video. Great video with great tips. I know I'm probably doing at least one show. I already know the show grounds and now how the classes goes. Still waiting the class list for this year. They only get it out in May show is in June. My horse moved a lot lately and I know he will needs an ulcer medication when we arrive on the grounds. Clinics are a good way also to get your horse off property and used to other horses.

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