How to Prevent Foot Blisters

How to Prevent Foot Blisters

How to Prevent Foot Blisters. All it takes to keep your feet happy and pain
free are a few precautions. You will need Well-fitting shoes Heel lifts
Insoles Antiperspirant Nylon socks Anti-blister lotion or stick and moleskin (optional). Step 1. Understand what causes blisters: Your body
protects the skin from continuous rubbing by forming a protective pool of liquid to
cushion tissue. Prevent friction, and you prevent blisters. Step 2. Wear properly fitting shoes that don’t rub
or pinch: You should be able to wriggle your toes comfortably, and your heels should fit
securely. Avoid shoes made of non-breathable materials
like plastic — they cause sweating because they don’t let your feet breathe. And beware of inside seams that might cause
rubbing. Break in new shoes by wearing them for 30-minute
increments for the first few days. Step 3. If you’re prone to heel blisters, put heel
lifts in your shoes. Wear them in both shoes, even if just one
heel is sensitive. Insoles also can reduce blisters on heels,
as well as on other parts of the foot. Step 4. Use antiperspirant — on your feet. Preventing foot sweat reduces the friction
that can cause blisters. Apply daily to clean, dry feet, making sure
you cover the entire foot, including between the toes. If irritation develops, use it every other
day instead. Step 5. If you’re playing sports or working out, wear
nylon or nylon-cotton blend socks, and avoid 100 percent cotton. Nylon causes the least blistering on sweaty
feet, while cotton causes the most. Make sure socks fit well, and stop wearing
them when they lose their shape. Step 6. If you’re wearing sandals, apply an anti-blister
foot lotion or stick to your entire foot; the lubrication protects your skin from friction. For added protection, put a piece of moleskin
on blister-prone areas. Did you know Did you know? As people age, their feet flatten, making
them “grow” about a half-size every 10 years after age 40.

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  1. @lesrambles1 They've gone now finally ๐Ÿ™‚ aw i hope i goes away soon and yes they suck big time x

  2. Simple and informative video! I have no issues with blisters in 'regular' daily activities BUT I am having 'trouble' with blisters as I prepare for a 100km / 24hr road walk for charity. Can you add to and/or suggest any additional information (to the video) specific to my situation? Thanks in advance.

  3. I never got blisters while wearing nikes or jordans but when i played ball in my adidas D-rose i got blisters

  4. my kayana's shoes have wear on the ankle padding brace. i wish i knew how to fix it because i am getting blisters from it.

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