How to Properly Lead Your Horse : Horse Riding Safety

How to Properly Lead Your Horse : Horse Riding Safety

Hi! I”m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I am going to show you my opinions and techniques on how to properly lead your horse. So in
conclusion when you lead your horse, you want to make sure that you are not having your
lead rope wrapped around your hand. You want to loop it and hold it loosely in your fingers.
You want to hold your lead rope just below the chin and keep your horse arm length away.
You are going to look straight ahead. You don’t want to look at the horse. You want
to look straight ahead. When you stop, you want to say whoa, and pull back on them slightly.
You always lead the horse on the left. You never want to lead on the right. You always
to be looking straight ahead and not at your horse. You never want to let your lead rope
get too long either. So these are some really great techniques that you can use to properly
lead your horse.

9 thoughts on “How to Properly Lead Your Horse : Horse Riding Safety

  1. PLease take off all of your videos they are wrong and dangerous. You should be able to lead your horse from any side. Plus lose the flat halter..if that horse spooks you can't do anything to control him. If you hold a horse that close he has no choice but to run over you if it spooks.

    Please for the sake of some people that don't know anything…take this harmful info off this site……sorry but that's my opinion

  2. I know this is just your opions. But really all this isn't needed. First off I walk on either side of all my horses. Second I don't hold the lead tightly most of the time I just throw it over my sholder,myhorses stop when I stop. The way it should be.
    Plus you tell people not to look at their horse?Well you were. I can see me and the chicks from expertvillage would not get along at all. Pleas no one reply to this in a angry manor.

  3. I was leading a horse once…
    I started walking fast as a natural reaction so I wouldn't get stepped on. I realized there was a car in front of me, my horse sped up and walked in front of the car while I jumped over the hood so I wouldn't lose my arm and my horse.

    XD A novice mistake.

  4. you shouldnt have the lead rope around in a loop it should be so that your hand dose not get held in the loop when he/she gets a fright or shys but everything else good

  5. I like it when she says you don't want to be looking at your horse, you want to be looking straight ahead to where you're going, but then I see her looking at her horse while leading.

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