19 thoughts on “How to properly tighten a roller skate wheel

  1. just wondering, I was told that you should hear a little click when you move you wheels. is that too loose or should I tighten my wheels?

  2. Some of my Kingpins are shorter and I can't tighten my wheels 'cause the pin wheel doesn't get down,is that normal? 🙁

  3. Sorry, but this is absolute rubbish. The wheels are designed so that the centres of the boearings are clamped tightly with a distance piece in between. This is standard automotive technology. If they aren't clamped tightly the bearings will turn on the spindle and wear them. Obviously the distance piece has to be the correct width which is usually 6mm.

  4. thank you for the explanation. I figured my wheels were way too tight (since I cannot even slightly move the skate for going around a corner or shifting my weight, even Just holding it) but couldnt find out how to adjust it. very helpfull

  5. Lets say the wheels have been tighten to just the right spot and yet the wheels arent spinning as freely. Is that just an indication of low quality bearings?

  6. Great video! I’m actually having an issue with my brand new Radar wheels: I was able to screw in one of the wheels all the way down and it was able to roll freely but there’s still so much play on the axle. It’s weird b/c I thought the more you screw down the nut the slower the wheel rolls and the more attached the wheel becomes to the plate (thus impeding the side-to-side wiggle motion). Is there a fix for this? Am I doing something wrong? I was able to attach all the other wheels in the normal way (pop wheel on, screw on the nut all the way until the wheel can’t move, then loosen the nut bit by bit until the wheel is at that sweet spot where it rolls freely and there’s very little side wiggle along the axle); for some reason, however, this one wheel is giving me grief. Any advice?

  7. I like to jam skate and do a lot of tricks. So would loose trucks and loose wheels help me with the tricks?

  8. Pardon me but was this a how to video? I didnt see anything shown or discussed regarding HOW TO DO THAT. Next time explain the tool you used, the part of the wheel you adjusted, etc

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