How to put on the RWR No Knot Hairnet

How to put on the RWR No Knot Hairnet

AL: Hi, I’m Al from Creative, and today I’m
going to show you how to use the RWR No Knot Hairnet. First what I like to do is to put my hair
in a low ponytail. I like more of the look with the hair a little
bit over my ears. Make sure that you have the band side at the
bottom, slide it up like a headband. I like to keep some of my ears contained,
but you can push it all the way over your ears if you prefer that. And then you just – whoop! And you’re ready for your helmet.

5 thoughts on “How to put on the RWR No Knot Hairnet

  1. I love the no knot hairnets. I wear them every day. I just want to mention that if you are sensitive like me and have trouble with these irritating your forehead or giving you headaches, make sure the front edge is pushed all the way up to your hairline. I think they are much more comfortable that way.

  2. Umm no……. The last horse show I went to it took me and my friend like twenty minutes to do it wtf😂😂😂

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