How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : Difference Between Cantering & Loping a Horse

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : Difference Between Cantering & Loping a Horse

I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village, I’m
going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when cantering and loping my horse.
As you can see in the prior clips that we did that we where doing primarily cantering.
Which is a little bit of a faster gate then a lope. Loping is used more in western riding.
So when we are loping we are going to be riding one handed. So we are going to have all of
our control our horse one handed. You would also notice to it is going to be a little
slower. We are still going to be collected and it is still going to be a 3 gate which
some people would actually try to slow down the lope so much that it actually turns to
4 beat gate. Which is incorrect. It should stay nice and balance, and it should stay
a 3 beat gate but it is going to be a little bit slower a little bit collected then what
a canter would be. On canter you could see that you have a little bit of a longer stride
then what a lope would be. But you want to make sure that you keep your lope nice and
collected. You want to keep it nice and fluent, you don’t want your horse to get to choppy
or end up to a point where it is actually turned to 3 beated lope into a 4 beated lope.
Because that is incorrect the judges would frown on that if you happen to do show your
horse. It is just not great to watch and it is not comfortable for your horse. Horse where
not born loping with 4 beats they where born loping with 3. A lot of that could be corrected
with training just getting the horse to lift it shoulders. Getting your horse to engage
properly from its hind end. So those are just a few of the differences between cantering
and loping your horse.

65 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : Difference Between Cantering & Loping a Horse

  1. these videos keep popping up like weeds! horse groups had complained to expert village that they were awful (and potentially harmful if some inexperienced kid tried to handle a 1,000-lb animal based on them!) they were pulled offline, but it looks like they're back. and poor horse.

  2. Well, on the plus side, she mentioned that a 4-beat is incorrect, and that you do need to engage the hindquarters (YAY!) But the difference in the lope and canter is not in collection-the canter can be incredibly collected. I think the main difference (besides semantics) is the amount of suspension that is desirable.

  3. surprisingly she is right in this video. there is a difference in the movement of a canter as opposed to a lope.

  4. i complained to expert village and if any one wants to read it just leave a comment on my page and i will send it to you

  5. Um, she rides a four beat lope in her demo – and then says right here it's illegal in competition. What a dummy! She's going to end up with a sore, miserable horse! I have never seen a horse do that slow a gait in nature, have you?

  6. im sorry, but do you want people to learn the wrong things and try them, then get hurt because tey did them wrong? im sorry, but what you're saying makes no sense. if you aren't doing something right, you shouldn't be telling other people how to do it if it's wrong. thats stupid an dangerous.

  7. what the hell is she doing to tha horse? sh keeps pulling on it's head, it's allowed to stretch it's neck if it wants. and you dont HAVE to lope one handed.i've neve even eard of people slowing down to a 4 beat gait. thats just silly.

  8. you dont HAVE to ride one handed, i do prefer one handed its a lot easier, but to each her/his own. some like using both hands or just one. but you dont have to do one or the other unless your instructor makes you or if its a rule at a show.

  9. cruelgirl — it's true that none of us are perfect. it's fine to be unbalanced or unknoweldgable in the beginning. i have all the patience in the world for new riders — just not ones that post dozens of videos pretending to be "experts!" so irresponsible. what if some kid watches this, jumps on his horse with no helmet, follows her awful advice and falls on his head?

  10. i can't believe she just sits there — not loping or cantering — just pulling on the reins, undoubtably causing discomfort or pain in the horse's mouth. i mean, if you can't even achieve quiet hands WHILE SITTING STILL, you're really hopeless.

  11. it depends i suppose, i've watched many barrel racing and pole bending and they ride two handed. so i suppose it depends on what you're doing.

  12. Epic fail. Why does the horse need to be paying attention while she is just sat there talking. That was not collecting the horse or doing anything constructive other than annoying the poor beast. No expert.

  13. …so why would she really need to collect him at a stand? I kinda agree with anaelizabeth23

    western rider remember…

  14. Um. I'm sorry, I don't mean the following to sound conceited. However, I have to agree with your opponent. We aren't "slow" if we can't read your cryptic chicken scratch. We are merely educated. We haven't been taught in a mickey mouse school that encourages that poor excuse for grammar, so not to sound mean, but educate yourself for the sake of this video.

  15. "Some people will slow the lope down so much it becomes a 4 beated gait, which is incorrect." -paraphrase

    Didn't she do that in her other video?

  16. I would disagree that canter is typically slower than lope; a collected canter in dressage should be as slow as you can get it .

  17. cantering and loping are the SAME thing , absolutely 100% identical, the only time it's different is when novice western riders do it wrong and get a four beat because the back legs are still trotting/jogging.

  18. OK why not stop and THINK for a minute . Does a fast walk feel different from a slow walk ? Does a fast jog feel different from a slow jog ? If the horse has his head in the air while jogging does it feel different to when his head is near his knees ? Western style canter feels different only because the head is down and the horse isn't collected as much as a dressage horse, he has a longer stride in other words, but horses canter like that in ENGLISH too , just not in the show ring.

  19. OK canter is NOT faster than a lope, canter is as fast or slow as you want it to be, just like the lope ; it's not a different pace it's a differnet LANGUAGE. I have no idea why you-tube keeps recommending Expertvillage videos to me as they are really shit riders and useless with horses. Its really sad that beginners will watch and think they are learning stuff but in fact Expertvillage is just chasing that you-tube partnership wage packet…

  20. Hang on a minute, if a rider is learning how to lope because they can't do it yet, should they really be riding one handed ?

  21. And your point is ? Canter is NOT typically faster than lope , it is as fast or as slow as you want it to be.

  22. Yes it is pointless as you seem unable to grasp the concept that canter and lope are the SAME, the difference is not in the pace but in the SHOW CLASS you are attending. If you ride a walk in an English show ring the same as the one you do in a western ring you will FAIL. Does that mean Western walk is a different pace from the English ? No it doesn't . I know the facts, which are that canter and lope are the same pace, but they are ridden in different styles by different people.

  23. If I say canter, I mean whatever speed I want to go at , and I never say lope even though I ride western, because I'm ENGLISH . When I canter down a grass verge, it is long and slow and the same as you would be done in a western pleasure class. If I was doing dressage it would be short and uplifted .Canter is NOT FAST why do you think canter is always fast ? Canter can be as slow as you want it to be and lope can be as fast as you want it to be. They are different words for the same thing.

  24. This is so silly, as I think I understand what you are trying to say, but essentially lope is just canter; it's just a slow easy canter, but it is still a canter . When our horses here in england do a lope, we call it canter, we don't change the name just because it's slow.

  25. Jeez, the poor horses neck and mouth. Can't even relax while your talking. Also your pulling it way to far in. I can't even think about how much that would hurt!

  26. @CRANKitupnikiixo she was explaining it for one. and for two no matter the horse the difference between a lope and canter will always be the same. a canter has longer strides than the lope. get over yourself. she may suck totally but don't bash someone for the sake of bashing

  27. I've just started riding western and I've been watching related Youtube videos with interest.

    What strikes me is the amount of people who blab ON AND ON AND ON about how the rider in the video is doing this wrong and that wrong and 'oooooh look where her hands are' etc et bloody cetera.

    Make your OWN sodding video if you're that good!

    Personally I class it as a minor miracle if I manage to get on and stay on, so to watch someone like this lady is a treat for me!

  28. @Trixiebellebadmum well Kelly is pretty stupid, you have to admit.
    there's no difference between a lope and a canter :/
    it's just two different words for the same action. Lope for western and canter for english

  29. @VintedgeWildHorses having a metal bar in there mouth is how you control your horse. but how shes jerking on her randomly is very unconfterable for the horse i agree she is a horrible rider

  30. Why don't you beat the horse on the neck to let her know how good she did. Sheesh! If a fly landing on a horse's skin can bother it, why would smacking be a reward?

  31. ummm…i dont know if its because you arent moving yet…but you arent holding your western reigns right. you should have your pointer finger inbetween the two reigns…not just holding them in your fist.

  32. I have just watched 7 videos that in the title or description say walk, trot, canter and lope – NONE of those videos have shown me more than one of those gaits. I don't understand why there are so many posted vids on youtube of people doing nothing but reading a script, and not showing me visually what they're talking about. very frustrated…

  33. At 0:52 the horse is like,"Hey why you pullin on my mouth fool, I was just looking around. cheese and crackers! I cant even look around???"

  34. So you may not agree with everything she says. Stop flipping criticizing. If you had a video with so many negative comments you would probably burst into tears. Why don't you all stop trying to be horse experts, half of you don't know what your on about.

  35. A canter is a lope is a canter. It is two different words from two different disciplines to describe the exact same gait. Not every western rider "lopes" at a snail's pace and not every english rider "canters" blazing fast. Collection is not a difference between a canter and a lope. They are the same gait and both can be executed with collection. How you hold your reins and steer your horse is not a difference either and in no way changes the gait, it is a difference in riding discipline.

  36. I hate these 2 minute videos, show us what your talking about, why sit up on the horse if your not going to demonstrate…

  37. Lope = chillin down a country lane.
    Canter: Fancy smancy Dressage


  38. No, there is no difference. They are the same three beat gait. One can canter slowly, while one can lope quickly. The terminology is typically dictated only by what discipline one rides.

  39. She is incorrect. Loping & Canter are the exact same thing. Loping & Canter are the same speed. Lope is just western version of Canter. Canter is the English version. Also Canter longer than a Lope? It depends if the horse is right-handed or left-handed for an example my horse is right-handed so he is better at keeping his lope/canter longer going right. This is all incorrect as a lope and a canter are exactly the same thing same speed and it all depends if the horse is right-handed or left-handed. BUN BUN OUT!

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