How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Canter a Horse

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Canter a Horse

I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village, I’m
going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when cantering and loping my horse.
So now we have our horse properly prepare to canter. We have some collection with the
bit, we have her hip coming in slightly, we have our outside leg on the horse belly. So
we are going to use our outside leg, we are going to give her a kiss and we are going
to have her go into a canter. So you can see canter is a nice smooth gate, she is on the
proper lead, she has her left foot coming forward. We are keeping our posture, keeping
our heels down, we are keeping our left leg on her side so she maintains forward momentum.
We are holding our reins nice and soft, and supple, we are not having our arms to far
to the side. Looking where we want to go. Keeping our inside into her belly to keep
her forward momentum going. If I take that out she is going to go a little off balance
and she is probably going to stop on me cause that is her cue to go forward. You can also
give a little kiss every now and again if you have to keep her going. So that is cantering.

100 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Canter a Horse

  1. i dont think you read my post properly nor understand self carriage. of course any horse can canter loose in a field. what i meant was that the horse does not have the strength to hold itself up on its own at a pleasure lope, aka the horse has no shoulder lift and little drive with the hind end, because she has been ridden this badly for so long. the woman thinks she is lifting the horse but when she lets it go it practically falls on its face,

  2. and there you go the horse obviously doesnt have the strenth to stay lifted and carry itself at the pleasure lope! hopefully that is clearer for you to understand. 😉

  3. as a new rider you probably lean forward compensating for not having as much balance yet. it also helps the horse move under you rather than hold you up with their front end. 🙂

  4. people are ridiculous with the omg spurs! omg no helmet! omg hands in the air! ect ect. but in reality this woman doesnt know what shes doing, she knows what she needs to accomplish and how her horse should be moving, but her riding has nothing to show for it. western pleasure horses do NOT move like this, they have lift with the shoulder and drive with the hind end, this horse has neither. mainly because how shes being ridden but she is a natural bad mover.

  5. Where's the canter? That's some demented gait that I have never seen before. Can this woman actually seat a true canter? Has she ever been on a horse while cantering? Geeze…

  6. Er…. what's with the fecking great spurs??? And there is absolutely no impulsion there. Getting a horse into an outline does not involve hoiking it's head in then making go as slow as possible. That was painful to watch. She is not a sympathetic rider. Poor horse.

  7. if you look at the legs, its barely a trot half the time

    im surprised the horse didnt spook because the ends of her reins are at the poor things knees

  8. omg! Jeez people! Even if she is doing it incorrectly doesn't mean you you have to be so judgemental and mean!

    gosh! if she isn't doing it right its because she doesn't know better! so give her and her horse a break! how would you feel if someone said all these nasty things about you!

  9. I am neutral as to what I think of this video, but to better explain the reasoning behind her outside spur being held on the horse, I thought I would comment. The mare in the video appears to be spur trained, and by that I don't just mean she can be rode with spurs, I mean all of her "buttons" are pushed with leg and spur, judging by the way she moves, she is a tough horse to keep up, rounded, and driving from behind.

  10. On horses like her it helps to keep a constant reminder that she needs to maintain forward motion, hints the constant lifting of the spur on her side. Hope this helps!

  11. What is with the two handed riding in a ginormous curb bit? O.O You CANNOT engage only one side of a horse's mouth with a curb like with a snaffle, so all her inside rein cue is doing is pulling on that poor horse's mouth (did you see her gaping? OUCH!). Obviously she's no 'expert.' Oh, and by the way, behind the vertical and on the forehand is not 'collection,' but it's a really great way to make her tense, unhappy, and sore!

  12. fucking hell, if you want the horse to move properly let her canter properly, not at the speed of walk ffs.
    if i was you id get her spine and legs looked at, did you not feel she was stiff?
    or did you not even notice it when you got her out the stable ? i mean really..
    your an "expert" more like a novice tbh..

  13. that horse slooks stiff and uncomfortable…and u are doing absolutely nothing to push that horse into a more energetic canter. The horse looks like its totally bored and going to die ¬¬ seriously.
    Aren't you suppsed to have ur heels down too? and weres you helmet!

  14. WTF is this??? this is not a canter because the horse is going sooooo slow!!!! if you want to show us how to canter then get on an english horse and saddle and show us how to do it!

  15. Oh but this is Western Pleasure. She isn't going anywhere near slow enough to win at Western Pleasure.

    Seriously look up some Western Pleasure videos, it looks so horrible.

  16. she didnt really say anything about western pleasure, its slow enough for a small circle in a reining pattern, might not be a western pleasure horse

  17. Ugh, this is the best person you could find? Horse is way behind the bit, not collected, and just looks terrible.
    Rider is toe out, appears to be humping the saddle with each stride, plow reining, GIANT spurs WTF, had to trot to get mare into canter, which is not surprising considering how heavy she is on the forehand. Stirrups are too short for western events, even with giant spurs she's swinging her leg way back to jab the horse. BAD all around. Get a real expert.

  18. A well trained horse should be able to pick up any gait and remain there until asked to change….not have to keep you outside spur in her side to keep her there….this is the worst canter I have ever seen….and why is she using a direct rein in a shank bit…like seriously this is not what we want to teach young inexperienced riders

  19. i was commenting on someone elses remark not on the girl in the videos rideing, the girl i commented on she was an english rider and was commenting on the movment of the horse because it is different from english canter…nothing ment to an english rider i ride english as well as western (mostly western tho)…it was just annoying to see someone makeing the rude remarks that the girl did when she obv didnt have much info on western rideing….shouldnt get so diffensive

  20. i understand that a western canter is very different from the english canter and is more of a loping jog than anything, but this cantering seems more like the mare is trotting with her back legs and cantering with her front. and she's not collected at all, and she's waaay behind the bit. way behind. those spurs are also massive and it's like she's stabbing the horse with every stride. you also shouldn't have to remind your horse to keep going every ten seconds.


  21. I like the word tranter. omg. that was the slowest caner ive ever seen! i didnt know it was actualy possible to canter that slow.

  22. If this was a training video for horses i would understand her choice of horse. But if your trying to demonstrate the proper way to "canter" on a horse. Perhaps you should do it on a horse your NOT training. You were leaning on those reins the entire time. I realize your trying to hold the horse back to keep it slow. But seriously. Lay off the horses face.

  23. When you kick your horse don't put your heel up! I would not really call you an EXPERT! Any one else notice her outside heel goes up when she kicks? lol

  24. lol fails should never be used as examples of how to do things. This is an awful example of any kind of canter…. even a western one haha.

  25. @ellieluvsu4eva first of all its slower then a canter which is a lope. they are different things. second she is doing western pleasure and if you have ever been to a western pleasure show you would know that that is how all western pleasure riders lope… then win thier class. its supposed to be slow, unlike barrel racing. if you truely think this is a trot YOU must be the unexperianced one. im not trying to be mean i just want people to get thier facts straight.

  26. @nitemareb4christmas its not english its western. there heads are supposed to be low. ive been riding western for 10 years now. so i would know. and even if it is english their heads arent supposed to be straight up. if the horses head is straight up its psycho or rearing.

  27. Why is this woman teacing anyone to do anything on a horse when she is obviously to fucking stupid to do it right herself.

  28. Sorry but i can really do better than that. The horse is more in trot than canter and i thought you said keep your heels down?
    1. Check your reins.
    2. Heels down.
    3.CHECK YOUR SAFETY! Ride with a helmet.
    Your hands are way too far back and they need to be more together, Don't say you're an expert when you can't even do the basics.

  29. i wish she'd wear a helmet. no matter the discipline you should always wear a helmet when riding!

  30. Wow. I've been away from the QH world for awhile. Forgot how silly it is to watch a horse "lope." Seems like everyone would be happier at a brisk trot!!! Thanks for the video, though. And BTW, I am an equine veterinarian and this horse is not obviously sore to me. Just has been trained to move this way!

  31. she is loping a quarter horse they will go slow that what its supposed to look like in a western pleasure class and in english pleasure its starting to look like that to give her a break if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all! my pleasure horse can go slower that that

  32. A disjointed canter, horse is behind the bit….I ride English but this just doesn't look right no matter what, English or Western.

  33. I ride English too, but yeah that's a lope, and she isn't too big for the horse. People have gotten to think if your not 5' tall on a 17+ hand horse it isn't compatible. Typical English thinking these days…

  34. It's silly to say that the movement is "unnatural" for the horse as almost any movement we use when riding, english or western, is not exactly "natural" for the horse. We teach them to ride a certain way, for example with the head down, to compensate the weight of a rider on their back, or to serve some other purpose (ie lot of dressage came from military riding). Would you run or jog the same way if you had a toddler on your shoulders? If you did the kid would fall off or you would trip.

  35. THIS PERSON IS EXTREMELY RETARTED 🙂 thats hardly a canter. and those spurrs are bad and that horse is so nice 😀

  36. wtf u didnt even lope? obviouslly u just said that to make people watch u ya well guess what i wasnt interested what so ever. that was a fricking trot not a canter. u have no idea what the hell your doing do u? u neeed to take lessons

  37. ikr? i hate when people put their horses neck to the chest. it causes something really bad that cant be cured. its permanent when their head is held back to far for too long, and theres no way to help it.

  38. That horse has such a long back… Probably one reason why she is so weak and unable to get under herself to lope properly… That and the rider.

  39. ….she's not wearing a helmet, that canter is WAY too slow for me, she needs to shorten her reins up a hair and drop those hands down, good Lord. Also her left heel may be down, but her right heel is absolutely not.

  40. What r u doing with spurrs on spurrs hurt the horse and I'm guessing that you use a wire bit too you guys don't know the first thing about horses and also wtf are u doing without a hemet on. Go take some fucking lessons

  41. You kept that right toe down with your spur digging in the whole time. If you can't keep track of where your spur is, you shouldn't wear them.

  42. that horse is really slow
    my horse  is really fast cause when i try to canter shes doin a gallop instead of canter!

  43. This horse is loping it's a exaggerated slow 3 beat gate used in western pleasure. But I will say if this lady got on my horse she would probably freak out and fall. My horse has a FAST canter she covers ground I have to be careful she will easily go into a gallop.

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