How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Lope a Horse

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Lope a Horse

I’m Kelly on behalf of Expert Village. I am
going to be showing you some tips and techniques that I use when cantering and loping my horse.
So now we have her properly prepared. We have her hip in. We’re going to pick up, we’re
going to kiss, and we are going to go into are lope. So you can see it’s a litter bit
slower than a canter, but still a three beated gate, so we’re going to stay looking where
we want to go, we’re going to stay sitting square, we’re going to keep applying outside
leg pressure. Whoa…so that’s how you want to lope your horse.

70 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Lope a Horse

  1. That horse is mostly trotting up front!! watch only the forlegs–there's a couple strides here and there where there's a leading leg, but for the most part, he's trotting up front and doing a lil hop/skip in back! This is not proper loping. Loping is the same GAIT as the canter. Loping is the western riding version of cantering. Loping "lower & slower"! The leg movements are the same whether canter or lope. This horse is a very poor example to show the western lope because he's not even in gait!

  2. Watching horses lope this slowly is always painful, it doesn't look natural at all. It looks like its four beated (?) in her explanation thingy doesn't she say that's wrong??

  3. the problem with these videos is that they mix up western and english. all respect to both, but if you've only got a minute, just do one. the title "canter or lope" is misleading. anyway, in either style, the horse and rider should move smoothly, and the rider doesn't need to using obvious heavy cues. she's not awful here, but if i rode like her, i wouldn't be making dozens of "experts" videos for the whole world to see!

  4. haha. i found your comment a tad off. so the way you see it everyone but you who thinks they know their stuff really doesn't because you do?? am i reading correctly?

  5. the first part of a title is the category the video is in and the part after the colon is the video content. hopefully that clears it up for ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. hahahha. why did you have to send me a message!? "lets just say the lope looks crappy"? it is! the horse is a horrible mover. i do know what a lope is and what ever indicated that i didnt? but quite obviously you dont know what you are talking about, you dont even make proper sense.

  7. Ha ha. That's what my horse does when he's being lazy and stubborn. Either this mare is having the same problem, or she's just not a great mover, but I think the rider did fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ok 1ur not an "EXPERT" at all this horse is horrible and give a bad def. to loping your horse..i just might know since im good enough to place at the all american quarter horse congress in western pleasure

  9. more like hmm..i think im gonna jerk on my horses face but not make its body do anything but paddle with its front feet. lol.

  10. okay:
    a) if your teaching how to lope, then LOPE
    b) don't lean so far back
    c) give your horse to someone who can ride

  11. Three beat my ass. Slow the video down and it clearly shows a 4-beat; in fact it looks like the horse is trotting in front and walking in back. And the hind quarters are so strung out and uncollected it looks like the horse's tail is in another county. Some expert!

  12. Okay. Her horse is not Lame or 4 beated Gate. Her horse is clearly is a western pleasure horse wich is how they are trained to be loped. Go to any Big show and you will see the horses lope much slower than this.

  13. that lope looks like your poor horse is crippled and is hobbling along…
    plus when you asked your horse to lope you pierced him with the spur! why dont we kick you with a spur and see how you like it?

  14. All of you guys are idiots. learn more about the decipline she is riding before you criticize it. More than half of you are wrong. I do agree it isnt good for ther legs, but that is what a lope should look like. I bet you she wins everything at shows. This is western pleaure. I go to a barn whith a lady who won at nationals and that is exactly the way her horses move. it's the "style"..get your shit right before running your dumb ass mouths.

  15. @LanaesRabbitry training barrel horses doesn't make you an expert about western pleasure and how they're supposed to lope. i've never seen a western pleasure horse lope like this.

  16. @revengeracer1 The horse is NOT limping. The horse is obviously trained in pleasure! It's supposed to be a nice, slow, smooth lope.

  17. @ridehimcowgirl My friend owns two western pleasure horses, one has won two shows with me on her one time. Neither of them look like this.

  18. That's the least instructional video I've ever seen in my life. Don't they vet these videos before loading them?

  19. looks like the horse needs to take a shit. i havent even been riding for a year and i know that thats not a lope.

  20. @Ohdatsyogirl You're awfully defensive about this video. If it's not you in the video, it's a strange dynamic. But, my point is, the video isn't very instructional. There's a lot more I'd want to know, like what gait starts off the lope, what other cues are there besides a kissing noise? The video is pretty much silent, just her and the horse loping, and she could explain much, much more than she does.

  21. As a western pleasure rider, I seriously think this is one of the sloppiest lopes I've seen. I think they need more impulsion from the hind. This horse's lope doesn't compare to those at the World Shows's and Congress. I feel like they just yanked his head back and forced him to do this rather than letting it come naturally.

  22. So let me get this straight. You have won 12 1st places in western pleasure, AND you train and give lessons to OLYMPIC leveled horses? Hmm. You look like a 13 year old. LOL get real.

  23. I am pretty sure no Olympic rider is going to hire a 13 year old as a trainer. I have a friend, who used to live in California at the time. She is a Olympic-leveled trainer and helped with riders and horses in dressage. Her lessons were $350. She was very successful. No way does a 13 year old (or even a 18 year old) have the same experience at training a Olympic-leveled dressage horse. However if you can prove it, make a video of it or something then I'll believe you then I'll believe you.

  24. Well then stop commenting and just do it. I know that your not a 'Olympic trainer' and you train Olympic horses and riders. Let me put this so you can understand.. You put a SHANKED BIT in a 2 YEAR OLD'S MOUTH with a child on top of that, who doesn't know nearly enough about riding? Are you mad? We never ever put shanked bits in our 2 year olds mouth, or anything for that matter! I can just tell that your one of those kid wannabes that say they're everything and that they're the best.

  25. WP riding is very different than barrel racing or jumping. She was not on the correct lead but that is wp loping. And, do ride horses.๐ŸŽ๐Ÿด

  26. that looks so awkward and uncomfortable, plus she has miles of rein loose, what if something went wrong?

  27. she's doing exactly what she said not to do, "slow your horse down to much and you get a four beat lope" that was more of a trot anyways

  28. just a tip, keep your elbow straight. And that is not a lope, its a jog/trot. especially when your trotting or loping you need to give your horse its head, meaning don't pull on its reins so far back like you are, try to keep your elbow straight or at a very very small bend, to where it is almost straight . I may just be a kid but i know my horse riding material. And if your riding western its not a canter its a trot. Cantering is an english term not western.

  29. You shouldn't have your spur in the horse's side constantly. If the horse is trained you should be able to let go of your spur and keep the horse going with kisses and maybe a little tap here and there. Now, if your horse is being stubborn and won't go if you don't spur him you might have to keep the spur on longer until you get him going. Kicking hard and sees awing at a stubborn horse's mouth will also teach the horse to get his lazy butt going.

  30. One problem is that she has her legs wrapped around her horse's belly so that might be why the "lope" was so unnatural.

  31. I wish my horses lope was that slow! I like lopes to be relaxing and cantering a little more work but my horse goes incredible fast for a lope!

  32. P.s that isn't a lope a lope is a 2 beat back and forth rhythm that was a jogging trot good riding for it but not a lope

  33. Look lady her fucking back feet are raising means she is in pain and she is trying to not feel the pain as much. Take her to the vet

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