How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Sit on a Horse While Cantering

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Sit on a Horse While Cantering

Hi! I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I am going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when cantering and loping my horse.
So the first thing that you want to ensure that you do when you first get on your horse
is that have proper posture so that when you are sitting on your horse, you want to be
sitting vertically, your shoulder, hip and heel should be in a line. You don’t want to
be too far forward because that can cause your horse to surge or pick up some speed.
You also don’t want to be too far back because that can cause your horse to kind of haul
out its back and get a little off balance. So you want to be nice and vertical, have
your shoulder and hip in a line. You don’t want to have your heel pressed downwards.
You don’t want to have your heel come up because first of all it is going to throw your leg
off balanced and second of all, it is going to cause too much of your foot to get stuck
in the stirrup because when you have your foot in the stirrup, the ball of your foot
should be on the stirrup and shouldn’t have too much in the stirrup. If you were to happen
get thrown, your foot could get stuck and get drug and could be very dangerous. So when
you are sitting, you want to be sitting in your vertical line. You want your shoulder
blades to be almost touching together. You should have your shoulders pulled back and
downwards. You don’t want your shoulders scrunched up here and you also don’t want to be pressing
them downwards. You want them nice and rolled back, shoulder blades touching and that will
ensure that your back is arching properly as well. You don’t want to over arch your
back because that is going to cause you to sit a little too far forward and not sit back
on our seat bones. You also don’t want to round your back because that is going to cause
your posture to be off and your horse to go off balance. When you are sitting, nice vertical
line back nicely arched, shoulders square. You also don’t want to be leaning to one side
of the horse or the other because that is going to cause your horse to go off balance
as well. So whether you are riding one or two handed, if you are riding two handed you
just want to hold your reins rather loosely, elbows bent at your side, you are holding
them a little bit above the saddle horn and about four inches off the horse’s neck. You
are holding one handed, just holding it with one hand right in the center of the horse’s
neck and right off to the side or off to the other side. So when you are looking, you want
to keep your hand parallel to the ground. You don’t want to be having it too far up
or you don’t want to be looking down at your horse. You want to be looking straight ahead
where you want to go or between your horse’s ears. This will ensure that your horse won’t
get off balance or you won’t crash into somebody if you are not paying attention to where you
are going. These are some tips and techniques that you can use that you can more effectively
and more in a balanced way ride your horse.

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  1. you would think that an "expert" would be wearing the right clothes instead of giving us and the horse a lecture. the horse looks depressed.

  2. um – that's not how to sit on a horse while cantering, lol. that's just how to sit on a horse, period. and that's not even all right. what a goober!

  3. i keep my back kind of straight, but mostly i keep my back relaxed so that it doesn't hurt and so i move more smoothly with the horse's movement. also, when people are riding they dont have a chance to calculate inches and stuff so they can sit "properly" she is totally wrong.

  4. if you saw how she was riding that little sweetie in the other videos — harsh bit, harsh hands, bouncy seat, constant whacking with the spurs to make up for her own weak leg — you'd be depressed too! poor little horse.

  5. i am just starting horse back riding soon! im rly excited but i no absolutley NOTHING about it so please message me any tips 🙂

  6. basically helmets are safest to wear all the time, but the only reason people should wear them english is for showing. you don't have to wear one at home if you don't want to. i only wear a helmet when i break horses or if i have an unpredictable horse.

  7. I don't know why you say they're safest to wear all the time yet don't wear one all the time–you NEVER know when something is going to happen–they're not that expensive, they're not a pain once you get used to them, and they will probably save your life or at least save you a concussion or two.

  8. yeah, but it's my own choice. everyone has their own choice. and i used to wear one 24/7 and i still hate wearing them. especially when it gets to 80+ degrees and your head get's all sweaty. and they are pretty expensive actually to get a nice one that is approved for riding. it's my own choice to not wear one, and it's a lot of people's choices to not wear one or to wear one. most adults really don't wear them even when breaking a young horse. they don't know what could happen either.

  9. It's your own choice until you're on life support because you broke your neck in a riding accident and now your family is trying to figure out what to do. You probably won't get injured that badly, but you never know. Even a SIMPLE concussion can seriously impact various aspects of your brain (everything from memory to personality)… yeah it's expensive, but in most places you can get a decent helmet relatively cheaply, and EVERYTHING with horses is expensive!

  10. I guess I look at it like this: average safety helmet… $60. Trip to the doctor for a broken limb, concussion, ER, etc–>$60. Good value, even taking out the ouch factor.

  11. If you have a tendency to get "pulled out of the saddle"–so that you are leaning forward on the horse's neck–the teacher is probably telling you to pull yourself up, but it feels like leaning back when you just start.
    In dressage and I think some Western disciplines, riders also sit back more in their seat. Check out videos of hunters on the flat vs dressage and look at the riders' backs.

  12. okay, why are you arguing with me, really. do you ever see a horse trainer with a helmet?? i don't. they usually wear a cowboy hat. i've never seen an adult wear a helmet, especially at horse shows or training. and how can you break a limb without a helmet? you can break a limb with a helmet on too. unless maybe you wear helmets on your legs and arms?

  13. I'm arguing with you because I know helmets can protect you from head injuries. Of course you would pick on the one irrelevant detail (broken limb) in my entire post–with a mis-stated question no less. Why does the fact that a helmet won't prevent your arm breaking change the fact that it WILL prevent a concussion (which can be a more serious injury, anyway!)? The trainers I know and work with DO wear helmets. But even if they didn't–is that a reason YOU shouldn't protect YOURSELF?

  14. Helmets are analogous to seat belts: yeah, most of the time you drive or are a passenger, you're not going to get into accidents. And you could argue that they're only necessary in high-risk situations. But you really can't anticipate an accident with enough time to get your seatbelt on, and if you get in the habit of wearing one, you won't be as likely to forget. So why wouldn't you just wear it all the time? The only possible negative is mild personal discomfort… and that's seriously mild.

  15. most western trainers don't wear helmets. i ride western and i saw from your channel that you do english type stuff. so yeah the trainers you work with may wear helmets, but cowboys don't, western pleasure people don't, trail riding people don't. from everything i've seen on tv, especially RFD-TV.

  16. Okay clearly arguing with you is pointless because you apparently care more about fitting in than being safe, but just because cowboys don't wear helmets doesn't say ANYTHING about their safety. And "trail riding people" is too diverse a group to classify–some wear helmets, some don't. Many commercial trail riding operations are required by law or insurance policies to have riders wear helmets. Not because it looks cool, but because anything could happen.

  17. no, i'm just letting YOU know that not everyone wears a helmet. i'm not trying to fit in. it is more COMFORTABLE without a helmet on. it's my own option to wear one or not. you don't need to be telling me to wear one, you aren't my mother, and i don't even know you. anything can happen when not riding also. my grandma was out in the field with the horses. one of the horses spooked and knocked her down. she got a concussion and couldn't talk or do anything for 2 weeks. she wasn't even riding.

  18. Not necessarily. We're both from the UK so it's second nature to wear a helmet. She's from the US where a lot of their western riders don't wear helmets.

    Ther do things completely differently across the pond.

  19. You are so wrong! it does NOT matter how good of a rider you are, and i absolutely do not believe that you know what to do in every situation on a horse – not possible unless you've personally been in EVERY SINGLE SITUATION. Riders should always wear a helmet except at shows when riding western.

  20. if she wants to teach us anything she should put a helmet on first!!!and dont say that western riders dont wear helmets because i do and everyone else i've seen has

  21. FOR EVERYBODY WHO IS CONCERNED ABOUT HELMETS: she is a professional and is NOT going to change how she feels about helmets by gay little comments by NOBODIES on YOUTUBE. so seriously if your trying to show how much you 'know' about riding; keep it to yourself because a pro like her wont give a flying hoot!

  22. This horse is a total saint cause this chick isn't very good to her horse… can't even sit right.

  23. and her reins are uneven at the end of the video and you dont wanna arch your back in western while showing

  24. I wear a helmet because I personally thing it's unwise to ride w/o one. Say your horse gets spooked and he rears and you end up falling off and hit your head. Not a good thing.

  25. omg SNORE!! she's such a boring "teacher"! she should learn how to sit properly before she tries to teach others.

  26. enough with the dont lean to far back or to far forward, just say sit tall!!!

    and btw the plural of drag is dragged not drug!

  27. "Expert: Kelli LaBar
    Bio: Kelli LaBar is a practicing aesthetician and makeup artist in Wilmington, N.C."

    ummm….WTF??? What does make up have to do with riding???

  28. i cant belive the horse didnt just walk off, and what does make up have to do with horse riding and she has spurs on, if all ur doing is sitting on the horse DONT PUT SPURS ON plus if her horse and her are so well trained theres no point to spurs is there?

  29. if ur holding them on handed then you just hold it in one hand

    great insiteful words that i would of never of know by myself lol how obvious can u get

  30. Why dont you actually show us how to sit in canter? I know the posture etc. i just wanna know more on how to sit better in my saddle? Rubbish video.

  31. Oh, I could comment on this forever. You don't hold the reins LOOSELY!!! Is she on crack?? Your horse takes her head, BAM! No reins for you!

  32. This video is totally mislabled. Useful info about posture for a beginner rider but needs to be properly titled.

  33. she talks about having a line down ur back and to ur heels but shes really chair seated… so ya "expert" why dont you fix that.

  34. erm maybe the girl riding in the back of the video should do this!she looks better and is actually is english tack! LISTEN! UR REINS ARE TO LOSE!! U CAN NOT DO ANYTHIGN TIL UVE GOT CONTACT!! OR UR HORSE WONT GO ! CONTACT BEFOR LEG!

  35. Nice sunglasses. I'd hate to see what would happen if you dug your freakin spurs too deep and your horse threw you off and broke them!
    Actually yes I would that would be god damn awesome.

  36. Best body position I've seen from you yet. I've saw a few other vids and it bugs me because I always see your toes down and heels up.

  37. This video wasn't obviously made to show you riding in a canter and how. She is simply showing you how to sit while riding at a canter. If you guys have nothing nice to say then don't comment on here.

  38. I am too scared to ride a lope without holding on to the horn because the hore I ride is pretty fast. I know I'm supposed to stay deep in the saddle but it still freaks me out a little…

  39. Uhh, and try not to sit up to straight up cause you could hurt your lower back, you're up to straight, just relax, knowing I am trained by a person who was trained by people who were in the horse olympics.

  40. 'watch as an expert explains how to sit on a horse when cantering' hehehehehe never picked up on that when i watched this before… My god i am practically pissing i am laughing so hard at that statement!!!

  41. She needs to bring her leg back some.. And she didn't RIDE. What the hell kind of riding video is this if she didn't ride? I have nothing to go on here. Waste of time.

  42. Your shoulder blades should NEVER touch when riding western. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard

  43. I was looking for tips to make sure I'm riding correctly and not doing small things wrong… What I got was a lady talking me to death about not overarching my back and not having my chin to far up or down? Come on now. Seriously.

  44. Um dont comment back bc this is my grams phone but really spurs?!?!?no wonder the horse doesnt wanna. Act up horses are a dance partner not a dance partner to move with the swift of a blade

  45. Get rid of those spurs! If you could ride well you wouldn't need them. Not to mention, you didn't actually even move. Next time, you should for real do it.

  46. If your ass was worried about being "drug" you'd be wearing a helmet, Don't arch your back sit up straight lean back a bit.

    Her body is barely lined up properly

  47. Ummm I know how to sit in the saddle I want to know how to canter with out flapping my hands around clickbait

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