How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Steer a Horse at a Canter

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Steer a Horse at a Canter

Hi I’m Kelly with Expert Village. I am going
to show you some tricks and techniques when cantering and loping my horse. The next thing
I am going to show you is some techniques that you can use when you are steering your
horse at the canter. Let me move her up into a canter. Now when your steering, of course
you want to look where you want to go, so your just going to open your inside rein a
little bit, back toward your hip, look where you want to go, keep using outside leg. Again,
you will just keep using your outside hand , look where you want to go, keep our shoulders
nice and square, you’re keep applying outside leg pressure, keep her forward momentum going,
keep your head up, keep on looking in the direction you want to go, keep your shoulders
square. Now if I want to change direction, I’m going to the other way, ask her for the
opposite lead, so again, I’m steering her to the right, so I am opening up my right
rein, looking where I want to go, applying outside leg pressure, keeping my head up looking
in the direction I’m going,
go back to the left, and
back to the right, she is doing a little bit of a flying lead change which is when your
horse will change their lead. So we are just doing simple changes with her, so this is
a really easy way to get your horse more balanced, teach your horse how to steer and teach your
horse how to pick up the right lead. Whoa. So that’s how you want to steer your horse
at the canter.

99 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Steer a Horse at a Canter

  1. @Laodeciea Nope. Books won't teach you about a horse, what you learn from a horse cannot be taught through reading. It's a hands on experience. And I don't know a single person who has ever heard of that book.

  2. wow you people are mean. the first thing she did was lope thats what is expected in western shows they dont want the leg extending causing a real canter. canter and loping are different and i think she was doing a great job bring her horse around in the lope. so you all know lope is the form of canter in western showing

  3. That is the most un-canter like canter I have ever seen. Looks like the horse is a second away from tossing the rider.

  4. …actually the lope isn't bad… that's kinda how AQHA higher level horses move… check out an actual World class. It's not limping. It's slower.

  5. A counter canter means that when you are circling to the left, you would land on the outside right leg and vice versa, This horse is on the correct lead in both directions but the canter is 4 beat.

  6. I'm a beginner and just learning to ride myself, but if you're riding western, your reigns are much too tight. He needs to bob his head and you're pulling on his mouth. And from what I can see, that horse has a limp on his hind left leg.

  7. @VioletPurple121 If people choose not to wear a helmet its up to them. That is a lope. Cantering correctly and cantering faster are 2 different things.

  8. A lot of you sound like english riders. Look at the title. Canter and LOPE!! This horse is loping. She was keeping her collected, the reason the horse wasn't going faster was because she wanted it like that. Her outside heel wasn't down because she was bumping the horse to go!

  9. @Cycatify The horse is simply lopeing:D If she was in a shoe, that horse would kick some butt with its canter. But it oviously has the western gaits. So its lopeing;) But to get the canter you use the same leg aids.

  10. @24aberry you think thats slow? try looking up the AQHA WP lope. A horse's walk is faster than the speed of those horse's lope.

  11. Not really a canter… More like a fast trot… And yes I know what I'm talking about so don't go saying how would you know, cause for your information I actually ride… And I've cantered, cantering is much faster than this!

  12. That's a four beat canter… she even said in one of the other videos how bad the 4 beat is and that you SHOULDN'T do it. just sayin'. The hind legs are still in a trot like gait while the front are trying (key word here) to keep up a canter.

  13. And most of that is probably because the horses mouth is practically between it's front legs.
    someone please teach this woman how to ride.

  14. Seruously? … Ok guys I.d just like to say that no.. It is most defenonitley NOT a canter … But it is a lope so the horse isnt ill… I know though.. She isn't the best rider.. But it doesnt matter …

  15. I've watched some of the other videos and she does have some helpful information but i think we need to have a video on a horse that truly canters, not a WP horse loping….I think people would benefit from a true Canter video and How To control and ride at the canter….maybe i will have to make one and post it for everyone LOL.

  16. in the western world its not really called a canter its called a lope, for western pleasure u want ur horse to look like this^ and u want a very light rein and his head low….

  17. this is a canter!….its NOT a trot…..its not really a canter in the western world its called a lope, in western compotion/western pleasure u want ur horse to look like this!…and u want a very light rein and a head set (where the horses head is practically hanging)…U proboly ride english (as i do my self)… and english horses strides are much much bigger. thats y u r proboly confused

  18. LOL, no, I used to think the same thing!. I went to a western show for the first time just to watch, because i ride english… but this is how u would want to ride ur horse in the western world unless ur barol racing

  19. well theres different styles of riding western!. this is what u want ur horse to look like when riding "western pleasure" i have to admit i dont know alot about western riding. but i went to a western horse show just to watch..and watched the western pleasure and all the horses looked like this^ for some reason u want ur horse cantering/loping like this also in dressage ur collected canter is the same way but the only difference is is that the horses head is up.

  20. a lope is slow…thats why its called a lope rather than canter. that is actually a bit too fast for western pleasure -_-

  21. overbent, i am not a fan of this womans riding, spurs a strong bit which is used too much causing an overbent horse. but each to their own.

  22. yes it does look like the horse is limping I cant beleave she would torter it like that honestly it looks like shes humpn the thing i mean the horse is barly moving and she sits there bouncing more than the people in the rodeo do and I swear I heard her grown a lil around 52 or 53sec I mean thats gross-sick if she did >:P

  23. I so agree you know I made an account just to tell this lady how much I hate her riding and how bad I felt for the horse him self

  24. I don't hate her lol i just dislike her riding, i have seen alot worse but the thing is about this lady is she is teaching beginners this is how to ride through these videos and then more and more people will ride incorrectly and with the horse uncomfortable. Then again some people would argue that overbent horses look nice and that is why they do it but i personally don't like it 😛

  25. This is the normal western pleasure lope. It literally looks like the horse is limping – but in fact it is not.
    Western pleasure riders, push there horses side-to side motion.
    This is simply your average western pleasure rider and horse.

  26. I agree with DeathKitty123456. Spurs and a strong are overbending. I'm not much of a fan of her riding as well. She is also holding her horses head back to much. Her hands are to high and should be closer to the pommel.

  27. I bet her horse was beaten. It holds it's head super low like its been like really trained that way.

  28. people are going on about the reins and stirrups, i had the same reaction, but i think half of her faults to me are because i do it english and she isnt….correct me if im wrong :)??!!

  29. when you said the horse is applying to lead change you didn't really explain what it meant all you said was lead change is when your horse changes leads, i am a younger beginner type rider so i think you need to explain things a little more and more clearer

  30. Was she just hired to do this or is she actually a person that rides them on her own? Ive been to 5 riding lessons and to be honest im not as bad as her.. Like cmon..

  31. not trying to be mean but if your going to have constant contact with the horses mouth you should use a softer bit, also need to put more trust in the horse, not hold him back so much

  32. 1. Your horse is lame. Its limping.
    2. Thats not a canter. Thats a half-canter. Cantering is faster.
    3. This doesn't help at all.

  33. Yep that is why, people often say it is how western pleasure horses are meant to ride and that they are long and low but fact is that this particular horse is overbent, it is not lame though as people are suggesting it is just flat and dragging it's legs because of the unbalance caused by this woman lol… I love watching western riding when it is done right but this is stupid, i mean why make 'how to' videos when she can't do it properly herself!

  34. omg, hands are WAAAY up in the air. Western is ment to be loww… and not working the bit. If your horse is in training, yes… WITH A SNAFFLE! you crazy lady !!! The horse obviously knows what its doing.. you relese.. horses learn by give and take. you need to release pressure for it to know that its doing something good.

    sorry, but are you even qualified to teach?

  35. ok sorry but that is not canter. u broke about 15 times on the rong lead. and all thosse tips are rong. u need to learn more about horses. and btw canter is 20 times faster than that. it looked like u were in trot. and u dont start from walking to canter. its walk,trot THEN canter.

  36. I am with the dislikes. Horses do not move that way naturally and the rider was forcing it into a tiny box. That horse was constantly gaping because the reins and bit were too uncomfortable and tight. Western horses can do this very thing with a LOOSE rein. Wrong leads too many times as well. Hand too high even for a reiner, but do not try that one. You are not ready.

  37. Wow. The amount of ignorant people commenting on this video is astonishing. Firstly, she's not too heavy for that horse. Secondly, the video is titled a canter or lope. That is a lope. Thirdly, when training a horse there is more collection to it. Although I agree, she's hauling in her mouth a little excessively. She's not a clueless rider.

  38. Not agreeing that this was a canter.. it was more or a lope but it is possible to go from walk to *canter* or lope in this case. So just because the gaits go walk trot canter doesn't mean you can't bump your horse from a walk to a canter.

  39. im sorry but shes an idoit whe it comes to riding I mean, come on… you do not ever have reins in both hands when it come to western riding… and she isn't suppose to have any contact from her knee to toe on that horse.. what an idoit.!!

  40. this was so lame plus she should be having a helmet on well riding and that was awful canter it looked more like a trot.

  41. Your riding English with a western saddle do you know how stupid that is, and it's not even a canter its a trot

  42. I am a perfetional horse rider and health care with horses and pinies, and i am sorry to say but your horse is lame. You may need to get a vet and make sure your horse is okay. Im not trying to make you worry all im trying to do is help you by telling what is wrong with your horse.

    Thanks hope you see what is worng with her best of luck 🙂

  43. Im sorry nothing against this rider but if you are new to riding do not do what this lady is attempting. If you are looking for quality advice on youtube caroline rider is a much better option

  44. looks like a trot more than a canter.. and it looks like her horse is limping? not very experienced myself but that definitely does not look right.

  45. if your vet says that horse isn't lame you should take him to a chiropractor to loosen him up it will make him feel and ride better

  46. We're you guys dropped on your heads or did no one educate you? Kelly is doing a style of riding called Western Performance. This includes events like Western Pleasure. You can look up videos and stuff about it, and hate the discipline all you want but please do not bash something you know absolutely nothing about. The reason she may be using two hands might be for demo purposes or simply this horse is young/green. No this horse is not lane or stiff,she's actually very supple. This mare does need to learn some more self carriage, which may be the very reason Kelly's using two hands to teach her to drive into the bit and carry herself better. The equestrian world is already full of so much hate, why fill it with more? Do your research and learn your facts before you start hating on something you don't understand!

  47. This is Western Pleasure riding folks, the canter is supposed to look like this and that horse is not lame. Your ignorance and arrogance is obnoxious. Do your homework before you bash someone on the internet or risk exposing yourselves as barn witches.

  48. I liked that the canter was slow because then i could see everything slower. A lot of these videos people only care about showing off so I like the change of pace.

  49. No, this horse is not lame… this is the desired ‘look’ of a Lope in a western horsemanship class! The horse was on the correct lead the whole time! Just because it may look different to English riders doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Yes her hands were too high and in the horses mouth, but in a show all riders have their reins loose and shouldn’t have to pick up the reins in the class.

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