How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Stop a Horse from a Lope

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Stop a Horse from a Lope

I’m Kelly on behalf of Expert Village and
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when cantering and loping my horse.
Once you have your horse loping, you’re going to want to use some techniques to stop and
back your horse. So that we did by sitting deep and pulling up a little bit. You can
also use a squeeze stop technique
which works when you put both your spurs in your horse and it will cause your horse to
shut down. Now this is something that you want to make sure that your horse is trained
properly do. You don’t want to just get on your horse and jam your spurs in and expect
it to stop or you might end up going for a wilder ride then you anticipated. This is
a technique a lot of Western riders will use with their show horses, because it’s a lot
more effective. You can see I’m not having to pull up or jerk on my reins a lot. This
just shows a little greater level of skill so it looks a lot prettier to not have me
jerking on my horse. once I have her stopped and I ask her to back, now she’ll
back just by me rolling my spurs in her and picking up a little bit. You can also back
just by picking up and applying a little bit of pressure. Now if your horse isn’t good
a backing, or maybe fights you a little you may find that you’ll need to pull a lot harder,
but once you get a little bit out of them they took a couple steps just give a couple
of pats, say thank you, you did a good job and eventually they will learn what your asking
of them. Another thing that you can do if you have a hard time getting your horse to
stop is if you say whoa and your horse doesn’t stop you can keep pulling until you get your
horse to stop and then actually pull your horse until your horse actually starts to
back up. Horses like to stop a whole lot better than they like to go backwards so eventually
your horse is going to get tired of backing up and he’ll just stop when you ask him to
stop. So again, kiss, kiss when your in your lope and you want to stop you just sit deep
and you can squeeze stop by putting your spurs in on each side, whoa, or you can sit deep
and say whoa, but if you notice kiss she has a much cleaner whoa and quicker shut down
when I squeeze stop her. So it is something that you can definitely work on with your
horse to get your horse to stop a little bit more efficiently.

58 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Stop a Horse from a Lope

  1. I was cringeing everytime I watched you lope your horse. I believe he is lame you idiot!

    Your idea for stopping a horse that doesn't want to stop is incorrect. You do not pull back continuously until the horse stops. Using a regular snaffle bit (and no spurs), you would sit deep into the saddle and grip with your thighs and knees while squeezing with your calves, and check and release with the reins. Never try to teach a horse that doesn't like to stop in a harsh bit!

  2. the horse just needs lift and drive with the hind end. actually when you teach a horse whoa, you say whoa, take your legs off (the no spur stop way) and pull back until they back up. that way when you say whoa and 'quit' riding them they will stop rounded and be ready to back right off the bit.

  3. as you can see she is using a shanked bit not a snaffle, and you would still stop your horse the same way. i dont know where you learned to grip with your thighs and knees EVER when riding but that tightens up your body and makes you unable to use your legs. and i dont know where you got the idea that the horse doesnt like to stop in that bit :/

  4. Umm. I dont know much about western riding but this horse seems to be in canter in the hind legs and trot in the front..Is that what she is aiming for or should I look up some other examples?

  5. vitaminaqua — i don't know. but if you find out, let us know. these videos are a disgrace. watch the other ones. obviously, she has no leg. that's why she uses so many voice aids, too much rein, and kicks hard with spurs even for very easy motions on what like a very docile horse.

  6. only look at the horses tail-
    in my horse-language-understanding it means: very nervous and uncomfortable

    Good to read the other comments!
    go ahead and learn and listen!

  7. are most ofhese rude comments form british peole coz i asure you they are some of the most nastiest people in the horsey world, they never seem to have a nice comment about anyone doing anything different ; thats not being ridden in the stiff upright english way !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. haha, I like you! I ride a spur-stop horse and I don't need spurs to get a response from her, just apply quick pressure and she collects or stops. She doesn't get sour and her mouth is spared.

  9. part of what i said before is incorrect i realize now.
    but as i said, in english, when you are down-trasitioning you do squeeze your thighs a little to slow down. when they are trained, as soon as they feel that tightening they will slow down and eventrually stop if you continue squeezing. this is corrent. as a jumper i use this if a horse wants to charge a jump, rather than pulling on their face.
    i still disagree with reining's popular harsh bits….

  10. …once taught, the horse will stop to light pressure. but when being taught, the horse is banged in the mouth with it. i know this because i took a couple months of reining. i'm not saying reining is wrong. i want to do it for fun with my dressage pony, but i refuse to train the horse like that.

  11. Barrel racing takes more skill, eh? How long have you been riding, hun? For me, as an experienced rider in barrel racing and gaming of all sorts, dressage, pleasure, equitation, reining, jumping, h/j, etc I must say you don't know too much. I find taking a horse out and ripping around three barrels much easier than jumping a course or working for a good dressage test score. Broaden your horizons.
    And barrel racers do all kinds of crap too. Trust me, I learned that the way I wish I never did.

  12. teaching a spur stop in a beginner video is a TERRIBLE idea!! it shouldn't even be mentioned lol. my horse only stops to some light sponge-squezing with your hands on the reins ^___^

  13. always jerking on the bit. I only wonder after the bit video, what kind of bit is on that poor horse. what is with all the jerking!

  14. notice how very very figitty her hands are with the reins when in lope. Is that not good in western pleasure? She never leaves that mouth alone and i've never heard of digging your spurs in to stop a horse either. Confusing to say the least.

  15. This video should be titled "How NOT to stop a horse"
    Seriously?! Teaching people that spur stops are better is terrible!!
    Can your horse stop harder on it's forehand, Kelli??

  16. Some one should use spurs on this chick like OMG get your leg off the horse already….and whats with her leaning back every time she stops, use your seat rather then your leg for a stop and dont lean back when you "sit deep" do you ever see a reiner lean back when they sit deep

  17. she should really stop popping the horse in the mouth!its about like being at a show with girls who constenly pop their horse in the mouth)=poor baby.

  18. its not a full lope, that horse has been taught to cease instead of follow threw, this is not something expert village i would say that is good horsemanship, i have been training horses for years, and this is very poor, i gotta say i am not thrilled! I would not tell anyone this is a good video to follow by. also this horse is voice controlled, she says woah! and the horse halts w/o question but pryor she didnt use woah and the horse was confused, signals first, teaching next.

  19. lol this is great.. these vids are bad, this aint how u ride western…u dont lean back and pull when u, she lied wehn she said she doenst pull or jerk the reains alot..look.. she keeps doin it while shes riding to get her horse head down and collected…. she sucks… and i like spur not sayin i jam em but wen u dont have to pull back slo it shows a lil more well trained of a horse

  20. You call that lope This is not a lope! And I´ve never seen a horse´s been ridden more on it´s forehand than this… Horrible…!!!!! How can you do that and only think about this is good for people to learn from you???
    You better look for a trainer or sell that poor horse to somebody who can ride and feel the horse!
    Thank you.

  21. What kind of lope is that? The horse seems to have very odd movement…I am just starting out with horses…it just looks like really Weird movement to me. Does this horse have some kind of hip issue?? Alot of this expert village stuff is questionable at best.

  22. Oh yea, your horse is deffinately going to listen to someone jamming their spurs into their sides to make them stop. Idoit. Your horse will deffinately 'shut down' if you continue using ineffective aids. Your horse will stop listening to leg aids if you continue doing this. Baka.

  23. ffs…… western riders tend to use their seat to stop their horse… we dont have to pull on the horses face either…idiot

  24. if you didnt notice dont want to be mean but i kind of think that horse is limping….but it is an old video so i bet it was takin care of

  25. This woman is terrible! I don`t ride western but what kind of role model is she? Riding without a helmet for a how to tutorial!? ALWAYS set a good example, especially if your putting this on the web for possibly beginners to look up to/learn from! Terrible!

  26. @Critter416 my horse is an english horse and i need to squeeze her to stop her because she just prefers that instead of pulling on reins she has a sesitive mouth but i dont use spurs at all but ur right ok just goin to use one of the ways to tell a horse to go faster to make him stop and THERE!

  27. @WarmBloodParadise She obviously doesn't need a helmet because her horse is probably more well trained then yours is! I don't ride with a helmet because 1. I have a good horse 2. I'm just walking and 3. I know my horse won't do anything bad!

  28. @ridehimcowgirl my horse is trained to the highest levels of dressage.. It does`nt matter how well trained a horse is, no one can predict when something will happen and you will come of. Oh well your choice to be stupid and ride without one.

  29. THE HORSE HAS STOPPED. NOW STOP STABBING IT WITH THOSE DAMNED THINGS. People like this should not be allowed to even own spurs!

  30. Really?! Spur stops are better? They show greater skill? They look prettier? Maybe it wouldn't look like you were jerking on your horse's mouth so much if you would shorten your reins so you're not lifting your hands up to your shoulders and remember that bits should not be relied on as brakes. It's quite possible for a horse to stop solely from a voice command or seat and leg (NOT spur) pressure. Maybe you should get those down before you call yourself an expert.

  31. a lot of the time the horses mouth is open. its bit is causing it a lot of pain especially when she is pulling back so hard….

  32. To me this horse is walking very weird…. It might just be a breed of horse possibly but after I watched this I went and watched some other videos and noticed that all the other horses when they were walking, go both left feet then both right feet so on, so on but @ 1:58 of this video I also noticed that this horse was doing the opposite? And going front left, back right forward first which looked super off to me. I don't know I might be wrong, I've just never seen this before.

  33. Oh yeah he loves that bit😳 NOT I don't understand how some people can't see when a horse really doesn't like something or it's hurting them. You shouldn't really really need to pull on your reins at all to stop!

  34. 2:10 I am able to get my horse to back up without tugging on a bit like you. Maybe try to learn how to use voice commands instead of abusing the poor thing. 😣😒 I am not trying to be rude. But I stand up to animal cruelty.

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