How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Transition a Horse into an Extended Lope

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Transition a Horse into an Extended Lope

I’m Kelly on behalf of Expert Village. I’m
going to show you some tips and techniques when cantering or loping my horse. Some Western
classes will ask for an extended lope or if you are going to have to pass a horse, you
may want to extend your lope to get around that horse quickly and get back on that rail
so you don’t lose a lot of rail position. Basically what your extended lope is going
to be is not necessarily your horse is going faster, but it is going to be extending it’s
stride, so it will be lengthening it’s stride, so it will cover more ground without necessarily
picking up more speed. So let me pull her into a lope, so what I’m going to do is just
going to apply a little more outside leg pressure and I am going to get her to just lengthen
her stride. So you see she is not necessarily going any faster, but she is covering more
ground. Still staying nice and soft and balanced,
so we just keep applying outside leg pressure. Whoa, and that’s riding the extended lope.

72 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : How to Transition a Horse into an Extended Lope

  1. yeah lol.
    i dont really pay attention to western riding much so im not really sure what a lope is..
    but i did see one guy that rides western go around at my barn doing this for like a whole hour over was pretty annoying too cuz im just like when will he ever stop…but going off topic.

  2. por horse wid dat fat lady on him/her i realy do feel 4 it poor animals im light so mi horse doe hav 2 worrie lolz

  3. LOL "I have lengthened the lope, but we aren't covering more ground" Huh? I am pretty sure that is what happens when you extend the lope. That is not an extended lope either.

  4. Extention? I saw no extentoion! There was never any extention! It's kinda sad that she thinks that's an extention. HURRY!! Find the "expert" a real expert to help her figure this one out!

  5. When a horse extends any gait it gets faster there's no way around it. You can not cover more ground while maintaining a consistant rythm that is the same as the horse's normal gait without gaining speed. Now if the rythm slows down as you extend the stride your not going to go any faster but you aren't extending the stride properly, the rythm must stay the same. This horse slows down the rythm just a little to keep from speeding up during his almost non-existant extention (very easy to miss).

  6. My brother had the same problem. I suggested to him that he put his hands down by his knees when he asks him to round over. This works like a pair of loose side reins and helps the horse grasp the concept. once he is used to roundig over you can slowly bring your hands back up to their normal position (this will take several rides). If he starts to speed up do a couple half-halts, and if he slows down add leg.

  7. the horse needed lift to begin with and lift to properly lengthen the stride, which she did but not very noticeably. and what she was saying about lengthening your stride in a class!!! O.O NEVER lenghten your stride in a class to get past someone, but dont slow your horse down either just stay the same speed. you dont sacrafice a good consistent ride for rail postition.

  8. I'm no expert, but even I can see that that mare is lame. Poor thing — hurt and carrying a heavy inexperienced rider at a canter. Well, "canter."
    This shouldn't be on expert village. It should be on the Fugly Horse of the Day blog, which looks out for the mistreatment of horses

  9. Um, that was a four beat lope, which is now illegal in western competition, because it causes awful leg and back problems in horses. what a horrible video. And you have a whole arena lady, quit circling that horse in such a tight space, ugh!

  10. STOP PULLING ON THE HORSE'S FACE! GOD! the horse is just stretching it's neck and she just wont sotp pulling on the reins. the horse's mouth is all white! that does not look like lopin, that looks like a horse that's skipping.I thought the whole point of ouling on the reins was to slowdown/backup/stop? why is she pulling on the reins for no reaosn? this is horrid!

  11. someone below said it right. that poor sweet horse should be nominated to be a saint. the patron saint of horses that endure heavy-handed, heavy-seated awful riders that hurt their backs!

  12. seriously what the heck is wrong with this horse's trot and canter?!!!! He looks very well trained and Kelly isn't too… bad….. but his trot and canter look like he is in a lot of pain and really struggling to move forward, my horse WALKS as fast as that canter when extended.

  13. horses are meant to go slow if a horse goes fast it means it isd in pain trying to get you off… shows how much u no about horses idiot…if your hose is walking that fast u should get a vet out

  14. horses are meant to be collected, this horse isn't even close to fully using it's hindquarters, it doesn't have a nice rocking motion, it's plunking along on it's forelegs. My horse can go this fast at an EXTENDED canter, she is in fantastic health and well trained thanks.

  15. lol LOOK AT US!!! this is kinda funny coz shes supposed to b teaching us and we are the ones correcting her thats sad lol show these stupid expert villiges

  16. she just looks like a lady woman on a bored horse :s poor horse its practically walking if i was that horse id buck her offg and gallop around

  17. The horse is not lame, and it is loping. Its a western plesaure horse, so of course its slow. I show aqha shows on my WP horse, when I go to small open shows people always tell me my horse is lame.. I just have to giggle inside and explain is supposed to be like that. And no its not lame

  18. she's a good rider ! and the lope that she's showing us is the lope used in pleasure ! don't whyne before you've got all the facts you dumdasses.

  19. @iluvmusic1016 The horse is NOT doing a half trot, a half lope! The lope she is showing us is the lope used in pleasure!

  20. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that in a previous video she explicitly says that a lope is a 3-beat gait (which it is), but her horse is clearly 4-beating. Also, she previously claimed that a lope must always be collected and yet she is showing us (albeit very poorly) how to extend it.

  21. This horse is perfectly fine and has a good western lope (she could even slow it down a bit)… she knows whats she is doing so if you don't like this video then don't watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. It's official, EV is for people who are completely devoid of common sense. This is the same channel that features a how to guide on washing dishes and ironing slacks. If you're riding a horse and can't figure out how to transition between gaits, you need to ride your horse more and stop watching EV.

  23. That is NOT a trot in the back. A trot has even strides. She is definitely loping or something. Western people like it because it is a very flat movement. The back hardly moves at all.
    However what bothers me is the complete lack of collection. Every rider, no matter what discipline should strive towards that.

  24. She's asking him to bring his head down. I'm not sure why seeing as she is not trying to collect him even a little bit.
    See at 0:18 she's pulling his head to bring it down, he does and yet at 0:20 she pulls again.
    I mean, I'm only starting to learn about collection, for the most part I'm still clueless but I can tell she is a bad horsewoman. Why the hell is she called an expert?

  25. The popular comments are just misinformed. She rides well, (is just over weight) she is informed. clearly a lope, a three beat. (not a gallop) and by western standards it is extended. Canter/Lope, is there really a difference other than the saddle? Lope is really defined as a collected canter. All four legs are making the correct movements.

  26. People who are saying this horse is lame are absolutely clueless! That is a western pleasure lope! Now I do agree that her horse is not a super perfect mover but oh well! Some people are very uneducated.

  27. This horse isn't lame or trotting in the back. Count the foot falls. It's clearly a 3 beat lope. She may not be the best mover in the world, but she is correct and sound. Please educate yourself before commenting on a video and sounding ignorant.

  28. ur way to heavy for the horse plus ur horse is lame on the front left i dont care what anyone says that is lame and u should not be riding that poor horse take ur horse to the equine unit (vet) because u will kill it that is why it is not cantering/loping proper so get it solved.

  29. Okay so the people who say this horse is lame are incorrect this is a western pleasure canter/lope. this horse may not have a great movement and it may even be not fit but she knows what shes doing. some of you you guys who say "thats not a canter" or "what is she doing" are uneducated and im sure some idiots just watched this video and dont even ride horses and are just saying it because it looks wrong! People think they know everything!

  30. The poor thing does look like hes in pain and probably is cant you guys see his ears back the whole time his right legs jumping up with every step and tail tucked. No doubt about it I hope she took him to the vet before anything got too serious. O.O

  31. Nope. That's not a lope that either an odd trot or a horse trying to do western pleasure. I'm confused on what she is attempting to do here. I have never seen a horse with that gait before. Idk what u would call that but that ain't no lope.

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