How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Move Forward on a Horse While Riding English Style

How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Move Forward on a Horse While Riding English Style

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that you could use when performing transitions
in the English style of riding. So the next thing we are going to do is a session of upward
transitions. So we are going to start at a halt. We are going to move up to our walk.
We then going to move up to our trot, trot a few strides and we are then going to move
into our canter. So doing a few strides at each gait would get our horse being a lot more responsive
and get them to understand our cues better. It kind of breaks up the monantmy of just
consistently going around in a big circle. So it would get your horse listening a lot
better to you. So that is how you could use the session of upward transitions in your
training routine.

16 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Move Forward on a Horse While Riding English Style

  1. wow. Im soooooo impressed with your position at 00:42. Seriously hahaahahaahahahahaaha.

    Thank you for reminding me how to suck at riding. I mean the leaning back so far your about to come off is so perfect for the show ring.

    expert my ass.

  2. Seriously ExpertVillage. Just bite the bullet and call George Morris or something, or at least someone who knows what they're talking about. I mean, my God. Holding the reins English style does not English riding make.

  3. what exactly about this video is "english"? the western saddle, the kimberwick, the huge spurs, the teeny tiny slow jog and lope? no. expertvillage SUCKS!

  4. Wow, I didn't know you could learn upward transitions in an english style while riding in a western saddle. What is she doing?

  5. Uhm…no…just no…your done…the name expert village is dangerously false advertising…like…just go home…

  6. uhm…no…just no….the name expert village is very…well…misleading….and uhm….gay just no….just go home already….so sorry you suck at life….

  7. There's nothing English about this… and there's nothing much that suggests a seasoned horseback rider, either, judging by the way she's sitting… I'm inclined to think that anyone leaning that far back, riding regularly for over a couple of years would put their back out…

  8. Stop pulling at that poor mare's mouth! You know why high-contact English reining works? Because it's NOT done with a harsh Western bit. Dear god. She pulls back on the reins even when she's just sitting there talking. This is like an expert video in horse cruelty.

  9. absolutely TERRIBLE!!! you are leaning way too far back, your reigns are too long, you are pulling to much on your horses mouth, you hands arent forward by the withers where they belong, you dont even have the right saddle on, and all of your transitions are in the same place every time so you really arent training your horse to be any more responsive! im sorry but this is just TERRIBLE!!!

  10. another thing, every time i watch this i notice even more mistakes…which is just pathetic by the way. your horses head is cranked WAY too far back! i know that you want him/her to be collected, but you are pulling their head way to far behind the bit! its gonna kill them!

  11. and yet, ANOTHER THING! lol. this is just plain out funny now! lol. so, why are your hands UNEVEN??? why is your outside hand at least three to four inches higher than your inside arm during the entire ride? if anything, you should be lifting your INSIDE hand a tad bit to help pick up your horses inside shoulder. im sorry but i just dont get your riding at all! you have a beautiful horse that you trained very well, but your "english" equitation is just TERRIBLE!

  12. @TheDarkSaint777 ya i mean im not an expert at english but even i know better watch my vids and shes to far back and her position is very western ik i do it haha

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