How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Sit English Style on a Horse

How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Sit English Style on a Horse

Hi! I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I am going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when performing transition in the
English saddle riding. So the first thing that we are going to do when we get on our
horse is to make sure we are sitting with proper posture. So when we are sitting on
the horse, we want to have a vertical line. If you could imagine a vertical line going
from your shoulder to your hip to your hip, all of those should be in a nice straight
line. You should be sitting straight if you can picture your two shoulder blades touching
together, so you never want to arch too far back or slump forward with your back. You
want to keep your back nice and straight, stay in good posture. Also too, you want to
sit straight and square on your horse with your seat bones even on each side. You never
want to lean too far forward or sit too far back that is going to cause your horse to
lose its balance and lose its cadence. So when you are holding your reins, these are
English reins so we how we are going to hold them is between our ring finger and our pinkie.
We are going to grip them, flip them around and have our thumb on the top. So when we
hold our reins, we are going to be holding like this. A few inches in front of our saddle
and about 4 inches up off the whithers. We are going to have our elbows nice and relaxed
and bent at our sides. You don’t want them sticking out like chicken wings or you don’t
want them to straight where there is no bend to them at all. Also what you are going to
do when you are sitting, you want to make sure your heel is nice and down and the stirrup
is on the ball of your foot. You don’t want your heel up or you don’t want to much foot
in your stirrup. If you were happen to get thrown, there is a much more likelihood that
you could get drug in your stirrup which could really dangerous. So you want to stay sitting
square on your horse having your shoulder, hip and heel in a perfect line. Heels down
and the stirrup on the ball of your foot. You are going to be looking straight ahead
with your chin parallel to the ground. You don’t want to be looking too far up and you
don’t want to be staring down at your horse. Holding your reins nice and soft and supple
a few inches in front of your saddle horn, a few inches above the whither and you are
ready to go.

47 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Sit English Style on a Horse

  1. WHY wouldnt you show a horse ridden in the English style in an English Saddle>!?!?!
    Does she mean he speaks English.. this is a Western Pleasure horse and those are Western saddle and pad and spurs!

  2. maybe but the way she is sitting is not any different than western, her stirrups arent even higher. Why not use an English Saddle to show how to sit English – she dosnt move so it isnt collected. Only thing in this whole picture is the bridle

  3. u spak ur riding with a WESTERN saddle jeez my brother knows u need to use an english saddle to ride english style and hes 4! ¬¬

  4. "you should pull your shoulder blades back like they're touching." yeah, right. is this riding or yoga? and, uh, "these are english reins." there's another expert village girl who actually does decent videos on basic riding. she's way better.

  5. first off when riding english your hands are ment to be together and at the base of the neck. Second umm your riding a western trained horse in western equipment not english. Try getting some lessons with an english instructor, an english horse and english tack.

  6. pinky lol
    btw! she isnt an expert! i know more than her, and I'm not a very good rider!

  7. how the hell do u teach somone to ride a horse english style when your in a western saddle, the saddles are totally different. and she calls her self a profesional.

  8. Ok guys, pretty sure we ALL know she is trying to teach us how to ride English in a Western saddle. We don't need EVERY single one of you to point it out to us. (: Pretty sure we aren't dumb.

  9. WHAT IS THE DEAL!Guys just because of the tack dosnt mean you should make mean comments!!!!ITS NO BIG DEAL STOP MAKING MEAN COMMENTS

  10. i need help SITTING the canter

    my coach says that i keep on coming out of the saddle…

    i dont know what im doing wrong.

  11. @ponyhorse73 Excuse me?! First of all I have been in the horse business all my life and have never worn a helmet! I am 13 and have broke 8+ horses! Too many to count have been ridden without helmets. FREE COUNTRY!!!

  12. lets see:
    and also the feet thign doesnt matter as much in english cause you cant get saftey stirrups!

  13. Umm… the reason you would hold the reins like that is bescause your using a snaffle bit. and way would you do a demo on english riding in a western saddle

  14. @horseriderhannah Just because you have safety stirrups doesn't mean you should ride with your feet the wrong way. They rest on the balls of your feet for balance. Genius..

  15. @Aubsloveshorses spurs can help make the signal more clear to the horse, if you watch the other videos, she is not banging on the horse's barrel with them, she's not using them in a violent manner, and she gets a quick, clean response out of the horse. Some horses just work better with them, not all need them.

  16. umm 2 teach ppl sit in an english saddle u mite want 2 get an english saddle im not trying 2 be rude im just segesting it

  17. @LongLiveCowboys18 Most of this reply is accurate, but there's one thing that bothered me. The reins. When you ride English, you should keep simple contact with your horse's mouth, which is not pulling on it. You keep with their rhythm and release slightly with each step. That way, when you cue a halt, you don't have to pull back, you just have to stop the rhythm and keep a stronger contact.


  18. @LongLiveCowboys18 Yup! Since it's a snaffle, reins can be tighter than if one were to use a leverage bit. I'm pretty sure. Maybe. O.o

  19. @LongLiveCowboys18 Haha, that's what my coach said. 😛 After a while, your reins are just there to look pretty.

  20. rofl wow you say you should be in the correct riding position yet you leg is in the wrong position your heel should be inline with your back, toes in, heels down and chin up, back straight im a competing show jumper i am english been riding english for id say about 7 years now so i can bet you i am right and if you want to ride english get a english saddle

  21. But you're in a western saddle why don't you teach western, or go out on an English saddle. There's quite a difference.

  22. thats an english saddle. sorry but if you want to make the right video, i recommend using the right saddle!

  23. It's literally the same as riding western, just different tack. 😂 "Expert Village" make sure yall find actual professionals to educate first. Lmao.

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