How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Transition a Horse from Trot to Walk English Style

How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Transition a Horse from Trot to Walk English Style

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that you could use when performing transitions
in the English style of riding. So now that we have her trotting around as you could notice
that we are having her do a English hunt seat trot which is more extended then a western
jog. We are also riding with 2 hands on our bridle so she is extending. We are also doing
a posting trot which means we are going up out of the saddle when her outside leg is
going forward. So when we want to break down from the trot to the walk what we are going
to do is we are going to sit deep in our saddle. Apply a little bit of leg pressure and we
are going to pull back on our reins. She would break down to the walk. So again move her
back up here into a posting trot. We are going to sit deep, apply leg pressure and pull back
and she should break down really nicely into a walk . So that is how you would want to
break down from the trot into the walk.

16 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Transition a Horse from Trot to Walk English Style

  1. The whole POINT of rising (posting) is to relieve pressure from the horse's spine. If you hump away at the saddle, or bounce up and down like a sack of potatoes, you might as well give up teaching. You look like the village idiot, not the village expert!

  2. I totally agree with the girl under me. Get some english equipment and learn how to see if the horse is sleeping or if its under the reins!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG shes meant to be riding english… THIS IS not english :O
    First off shes in western tack, not even holding the reins properly, they are far too long as well.
    They call themselves the experts hahaaaah suckers.

  4. um in your next video use the right tack for what your teaching. ex. Western/western tack English/ENGLISH tack.
    u know thats not an english saddle tell the differnce big horn/no horn… haha expert…

  5. ummmmm….. next time, she really should use an english saddle when riding english. i hope she dosnt teach jumping in that!

  6. this isnt englihs AT ALL!!! USE ENGLISH TACK FIRST AND UR POSITONS AWFUL! and use jodpurs and A HAT ! WOMEN!

  7. Her voice is the biggest indication of error in posting. Every time she comes back down, there's a little… blip in her voice, so to speak. While posting, it should be so smooth that you can hold a conversation easily. With that little blip, it shows that she's slamming back into the saddle and putting more stress on her horse's back.

  8. the horses head is too low for english, and get english tack!! you'll be able to do a rising trot properly and it's more comfy for you.

  9. The horse probably doesn't care about the gear and after all, there are only two types of riding: good riding and bad riding and this has NOTHING to do with a gear. A supple horse should always move freely and willingly under a good rider, no matter which discipline either of them comes from. The particular riding in this video is a bit sloppy and proves that there still are many stereotypes English and Western riders have about each other.

  10. I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure that the comments section is to make comments on the video. If you want to hassle me go hassle the other 60 comments on this video that say similar things as me… Helmets are a priority. so is her life. Everyone would be upset if she died in a riding accident, but its her fault if shes not well prepared and wearing the right protective gear. Safety FIRST. I can say i dont like spurs if I want to. Nobody asked for your opinion on my comment but i still dont mind.

  11. Plus you do need english equipment because the typical western saddle (full size, adult length) cannot shorten the stirrups to an appropriate height for english riding. Even in dressage your leg isnt that long and posting is almost impossible when you cant acheive lift. I hope no kid watches this to improve their riding and try it on their horse. Because they will have major riding errors.

  12. Yes however, in these cases 96% of people dont get injured or die in these accidents and almost over 68% of people who ride are injured or killed. If they had an optional helmet for riding a roller coaster, you'd see me wearing it because its important that i dont get injured… or die. There is no case where its okay to ride a horse without a helmet. they are unpredictable flocky spooky animals and even the tamest school horse can sometimes get scared or spooked and drop you.

  13. This isn't an English saddle its Western. You also need a Helmet, and you need to learn how to post without pulling the reigns to far back

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