How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Sit Western Style on a Horse

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when using transitions in the western
style riding. So the first thing you want to do is when you are riding you want to make
sure you have properaly posture. You want to make sure you are sitting vertically above
the horse having your shoulder, hip and heel on in a line. You don’t want to be to far
forward or to far back this could cause your horse to loose it balance. You also want to
keep your leg with a nice soft bend, you don’t’ want your knee up to high or you don’t want
your leg to straight. You want your heel down and stirrup resting on the ball of your foot.
You don’t want to get to much foot in your stirrup and you don’t want to have your heel
up cause if you would to have thrown that oculd be a little bit dangerous. So we are
going to have our stirrup resting nicely on the ball of our foot. We are going to have
our ball down, we are going to have our heel, hip and shoulder all in a line. We are going
to be holding our reins one handed. So we want to make sure that our reins are even
so we are going to hold them at the end make sure they are even. Grab them in a place that
is comfortable for both us and the horse that we still have enough contact from the horses
mouth. We are going to hold our reins, wrap our fingers around, put our thumb on top and
we are going to hold them right in the center of the horses neck even with the saddle horn.
We want to keep our shoulders nice and square. If you can picture your shoulder blades touching
together that would ensure that your back is arched properaly. You don’t want to get
slouchy and your back does not want to arch to far back cause that would throw you off
balance. So you are going to sit nice and square. You want your chin parallel to the
ground. You want to be looking where you are going keeping your horse on balance at all
times. You are going to be sitting square on your cheek bones not off to one side or
another. You want your stirrup resting nice and on the bottom of your foot and you want
your shoulder, hip and heel all in a line. So this would ensure that you are properaly
balanced and your horse would be able to move the most effectively and efficiently way for
you and you have a nice comfortable ride.

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