How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Slow Down a Horse While Riding Western Style

How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Slow Down a Horse While Riding Western Style

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when using transitions in the western
style riding. Another example of a session of transition you can do is break back down
from the lope. So if you have your horse move up to the lope, to break your horse down to
a jog, break down to the jog to the walk and break back down from the walk to the halt.
So again we are going to go back to our lope, we are going to start in our lope. Break down
to our jog, break down to our walk and we are going to break down to our halt. So you
can do any combination of these types of transitions. You can go from your halt or from your lope
to your jog, back to your lope, to your halt, to your lope, to your halt, to your jog, back
to your lope, back to your halt, and these just get your horse better tuned into you.
Better listening. It gets it thinking about what it is doing and also to what is continuing
going on around in the circle. You are actually training yo8ur horse to do something to be
more responsive, to properaly take there correct gate, to go into the gate with full movement
and be more comfortable in balance. So that is just another example of a session of a
transitions that you work on with your horse.

28 thoughts on “How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Slow Down a Horse While Riding Western Style

  1. hmmm.. no, she *thinks* she's a riding teacher, many people call themselves teachers or trainers but they really dont have a damn clue.

    it doesnt take a lot to sit up straight, if you're going to teach, dont do it wrong it just makes you look like an ass. fjordhorses is completely in the right.

  2. LOL…She is riding a western pleasure horse, you have to sit back in order to get the horse to engage from behind at a slow western lope….

  3. she isn't exactly telling us anything, if people dont know what to look for they wouldn't have learned anything.she should also talk about the different ways horses could be trained. the way i was taught if you want to slow down you touch his neck, and that gets him to collect and smooth his stride,also touching his neck and saying "whoa" gets the horses i ride to stop.I dont get it though,shouldnt a spur encourage the horse to move forward & not the opposite?

  4. I train and show world class western pleasure horses for a living. This is NOT desireable in ANY discipline that I know of…Bad example here of….well everything.

  5. never mind i got it (western pleasure) and there is nothing wrong with it. sorry you have been told wrong by who ever told you it was bad =]

  6. "Break down, break down break down." WTF? I ride english and that IS a western lope and jog, but they could have been sped up like a little faster. I know this because I was trying to be taught english with a western trainer. Not a good mix… =/

  7. wow the complainers on here. Not ever western show horse moves the safe. This horse moved pretty well. I do agree a little more lift in the front end so she is not so shuffle legged, but be happy her nose was not down to the dirt. What the trainer is doing is not wrong advice either. Mixing up movements can help a horse a lot then just loping around and hoping your horse will slow down. And for the people that ask "What kind of western is this." this is show style horse, not cowboy crap.

  8. I would like to point out to all of you negative people who are trashing this poor woman and criticizing her mare that first of all she is not nor is she portraying herself as a trainer, in the bio it clearly states that she is a makeup artist. Secondly this video is over two years old you do not know if creating impulsion at the lope is something that is being worked on by the rider and her instructor. And Finally this is just a silly youtube video this is not the way to learn how to ride.

  9. What I find anoying about these video's is she doesn't show you how to do these moves. She just show you she can do it. Now how to do it. Like what signal does she give the horse and how does she teach the horse that signal???
    This video is more about showing off.

  10. yes, thats how a western horse should be trained…you ride with a draped rein and shouldnt touch their face for anything (especially to stop)

  11. Your horses lope is not a lope it's looks like it's limping…. Your horse just looks lame! Speed it up a little so she carries her legs better. And becomes more active because she's basically dragging her hind legs. But good instruction!

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