How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Speed Up a Horse While Riding Western Style

How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Speed Up a Horse While Riding Western Style

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when using transitions in the western
style riding. A really really training technique that you can do is just do transitions in
sections so for example, we are going to start in a halt and we are going to move up to our
walk. We are going to do a few strides of walking and move up to our jog. We are going
to do a few strides of jog and we are going to move into our lope. Then we are going to
start all over again. So we start from the halt all the way to the walk, go up to the
jog, go up into the lope. How many strides to let your horse go around for is completely
up to you. But I don’t recommend that you do it for to long cause you want your transitions
to be really quick, really snappy. Cause you are getting your horse to respond much better
to you listen to your leg, listen to your hand, listen to your body. Trot, and just
by doing this it would get your horse to be more responsive and listening to you a lot
better. So that is one example that of transitions that you can work on.

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  1. poor horsee! i feel bad for that horse for moving a fat ass "donkey?" .
    I am surprised she is not munching on fries and whopper cheese burger with cup holder attach to her ass. LMASROF πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. your guys are fucking retarted if u think there is somthing wrong with this horse….it shows that i dont know shit about riding hahaha dumbasses

  3. no its not bullshit u might ride western but u dont ride Western PLeasure and your probly suck at rideing lol……if u new anything u would know that shes trying to teach u how to keep your horse collective and stedy

  4. obviously, nobody chases steers in an english saddle. same as saying no jockey is ever going to win the kentucky derby in a 40-lb western saddle. i don't get all this western vs. english stuff. both are great.

  5. There really is no need to call anyone that. Some people aren't aware of the terms used in Western classes.

  6. she bumped the rains to get his head down….she is in his mouth way to much not like hard but her arm s bent at like a 90degree angle

  7. i've ridden both styles they our very diffrent. i prefer westren. english saddle takes more blance. she made few mistakes she was sitting to far foward in the saddle if was sitting back far enough wouldn't have been praticly laying on horse. her regins were to tight you could see the horse wasnt comfortable extra obviously as much as this person claims to be an expert she aint 1

  8. The reins had a parabolic turn at the bottom the whole time. There was barely any pulling on the reins miss two cents. I've had horses come back into the paddock with bleeding mouths from reins but they still pull like bats out of hell. Lets see you get on youtube and show us how to ride.

  9. you've had horses coming back into the paddock BLEEDING FROM THE MOUTH? then you're doing some wrong — wrong and cruel. if they're pulling, it's because they're uncomfortable in the mouth. (you pull, they pull back). or you're not clear enough with your leg and seat aids, and they don't know what you want.

    if i came back with horses bleeding at the bit, my teacher would KILL me.

  10. #1. you dont look very relaxed on the horse.
    #2.if you are teaching children or new riders .. teach them to always where a helmet,, i dont find you a very good example.
    #3.oil your sadle lol.
    #4 it looks like your horse is stressing when you forcing him to go forward, i think your saddle is to far up.. or the horse might just have a big butt…. but stupid lady where a helmet.

  11. Okay, the comments on the rider's weight need to stop. I agree, she is not a very good rider, but that doesn't mean you need to make fun of her image. Where have the manners gone?!

  12. Ya I agree Christyke100, I would like to know how she is communicating with her horse as well. Like when she stops! she doesn't appear to be pulling on the reins much at all, and what about getting her horse into the different transitions? What is she doing to get it to do each of them, all leg work?

  13. I never liked this chick. How can someone possibly learn to do anything esp RIDING from freaking youtube? Anyone who believes that IS delusional. I personally don't even like the way this horse moves. It looks like it's lame or something :

  14. Horrible rider seat position…rides like she's sitting in a chair. Horse is well schooled but not allowed to "move"…appears to trot behind at the lope. Not a decent example at all!

  15. The thing is, the girl who does egnlsih stuff for expert village is good at explaing and all that. Still, you can't learn from online but she's decent.

    This lady, is not! lol.

  16. either she has a new saddle or her jeans and that leather dont mixi keep hearing squeeky noises. like the low stuff when you get a new saddle till you wear down the leather.

  17. and you call yourself an expert go im only 12 and i ride a horse better then you. Your also jumping all around the place, your supposed to sit deep into the saddle

  18. πŸ™‚ the rider does not sit perpendicular. The horse is far away form collection and there is no extensive steps by the horse. If you are beginner… its ok.

  19. I think you HowTo's are fine, what I will suggest is you change the TITLES so we can see the lesson type Not "How To Ride A Horse in the Western Style…" as the heading in all the clips. It might be better to list "How to Speed & Slow" or "How to Lope & Stop"… We have open each clip to see what the lesson is going to be. Also, I am not 100% sure how you actually get a horse to Slow Lope from the lesson you gave, your horse is dead broke. So? How To? Thanks

  20. @rooke4 It's a western pleasure lope. (And yeah.. I don't much like it either.. my horse can lope nice and slow.. but a western pleasure lope looks so uncomfortable and unnatural for the horse..)

  21. @TheHorsemanshipQueen I don't disagree with you one bit.. She looks like she's only been riding for a week.. O_O
    By collection I meant the horse being soft in the face (head down)
    When she gives a little jerk on the reins, I'm pretty sure she's just getting the horse to put his head down

  22. thanks kelly for posting this vid.,i just started riding., and dont know why so many negative comments., instead of all that hating why dont ya post a vid about the correct way of doing this., ps i prob. look like Mr bean riding., lol but am happy

  23. i wish my horse knew a real lope but i cant afford lots of money to train him πŸ™ i love loping i just try to get to the slowest canter possible but im not close haha even if the canter is slow, a lope has a different beat right?

  24. okay, so the main problems here are your bit and your spurs. your horse looks like you just got on, not sweaty or tired at all, so you probably havent done a lot of work yet, but her mouth is foaming like crazy. that bit is too much for that mild horse. also, at the beginning, you were clucking and kicking your horse forward, while PULLING BACK on that heavy curb bit. and, if you are going to use spurs, you need to have better control of your leg and you need to know how to use them effectively.

  25. @pecoslover97 No, they're both three beated gaits. I would not recommend this video to learn though. Even the amateur videos on here are better than this.

  26. that horse is so irratated with you. keep shoving your spurs into its side when you dont even need them…..

  27. Spurs are cruel occasionally just blunt round ones are kind of ok but yours are cruel and to me it looks like your horse is limping. So good luck with pretending to be an expert. I'm not buying into that crap

  28. just stop right there lady. in order to give advice you gota know what your talking about. and that is not a lope that is a stove up looking sad western pleasure horse. western used to be all about working with cows and doing the stuff thats been around before stupid halter or western pleasure. its meant to be about rider and horse working as a team and getting a little dirt and mud on them. not this. P.S. heels down

  29. This is western pleasure . It's not supposed to be fast . It's supposed to show how your horse can respond to you without touching its mouth. My western pleasure horse is spur broke an you never touch her mouth when you ride, its all leg really . It's like western dessage

  30. @maxylab13240 well it was a lope, how ever its called four beating, when a horse does a half jog half lope type stride.( i find it bumpy and un-atractive looking)

  31. This is not too slow, western pleasure is not supposed to be fast. And to the woman riding, you seriously need to keep your hand steady.

  32. Off is the general drection in which I would like you to fuck. Please kindly learn about these things yourself, then you can tell us about them. ~ Sincerly, Every Horse Person in Existance. *Gives You the Bird* -.-

  33. im sorry this is really bugging me so im gonna say 1. you need to put your had down 2 your feet are to far in the sturrips 3 you need to put your heels down it make you look uncomfortable i had to say it sorry and yes i know my spelling isnt the best

  34. No offense, I don't want to offend anyone, but I ride english, but the lope is like a walk with the horses' legs going in a different order. so is the jog. πŸ™‚ Please don't unlike or anything. I have never ridden western, and I don't really know much about it.

  35. pleas wear a helment! i would never take advice from someone if they didnt wear a helment not trying to be rude

  36. A lope is just the western word for a canter,and a jog is a trot πŸ™‚ I ride western but my trainer still calls it trot and canter

  37. Blu Roan, I think that's a good way to explain the relation of jog and trot, lope and canter. However the western lope, can usually be slower than the standard English canter. This is not always true, but in this video's case it is.

  38. Well really the Lope and Canter are the same they have the Striking step the balancing diagonal,the completion,then the moment of suspension. The only difference is that in Western (which I do both) it's called the Lope but if you change the saddle to English it changes into the Canter instead of the Lope,but many riders aren't clear between this difference.Both are 3 beat gaits and again both Strike on the outside hind,balancing Diagonal ,the completion,then the moment of suspension.Welcome.

  39. I dont mean to be rude and I know i'll probably get a lot of 'back lash, for saying this, but I think the horse maybe struggling with the weight a bit, that why it looks awkward in transitions and not moving properly.. Sorry again, no offence intended, but as riders we 'all' need to be aware of this, as we all go up and down in weight ( I know I do!) its just not a heavily built horse.

  40. This seems useless because u aren't telling us how u r making the horse go fast or slow u r just riding in a circle with no purpose

  41. I am sorry to say this is a terrible rider, on a horse who is overburdened and confused. Notice the tail action, and the leverage bit. the video was neither informative or a good example of horsemanship.

    This rider is not a professional, and her horse is paying for it.

  42. Has anyone noticed the reason the horse can't walk properly? The back left hind hoof is lame the never should've been ridden. Sad to say horse should've been shot put down.

  43. Things wrong with this :

    Horse is LAME !!
    Too big for the horse
    Heals are not down
    Feet are to far in the stirrup
    Saddle pad is wonky
    Giving people lessons but first get it right yourself !!

  44. oh my gosh! I was paying attention to more of the lady's posture instead of the lame horse! I didn't even notice!

  45. That poor horse is lame! And your posture! And you weren't even teaching you were just transitioning in circles!

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