How to Ride a Horse

How to Ride a Horse

How to Ride a Horse. Whether you’re interested in Western- or English-style
horseback riding, some simple information can help you learn to ride a horse fast. You will need Sturdy shoes with a minimal
heel Long pants Riding helmet Horse Appropriate gear Mounting block (optional) and friend
(optional). Step 1. Dress appropriately in well-fitting, sturdy
shoes with a minimal heel, long pants that are comfortable but not too loose, and a riding
helmet that fits your head. Step 2. Outfit your horse with the right gear, or
tack, including a bit, a bridle, a halter, reins, and a saddle. Use the appropriate saddle for your riding
style: English riding requires a lightweight saddle with a shallow seat and no horn, while
Western riding uses a heavy saddle with a deep seat and a horn. It’s best to approach a horse at its shoulder
— never approach from behind. Step 3. Holding the end of the reins in your left
hand, place your left foot in the left stirrup, grab the saddle’s pommel or horn with your
right hand, and spring upward. Swing your right leg up and over the back
of the horse and land in the saddle as gently as possible. Use a mounting block or a friend to help you
mount your horse as you’re learning. Step 4. Sit upright in the saddle with your legs flat
against the horse. Keep a straight line extending from your ear
to your heel, gripping the reins only as firmly as you need to. Step 5. Squeeze the horse with both heels, and say,
“Walk,” to start going. Keep your chin up and look forward. Move up and down in the saddle gently, staying
in sync with the horse’s rhythm. Once the horse is moving, relax the pressure
on the reins and in your calves. Repeat to move faster. Step 6. Press your left calf into the horse to turn
right and your right calf to turn left. Slow down by briefly squeezing your thighs
against the horse and saying, “Whoa.” Stop the horse by pulling back on the reins. Don’t yell instructions or pull strongly on
the reins, as this may cause your horse to rear back. Step 7. Hold the reins in your left hand, lean forward,
grab the saddle’s pommel or horn with your right, and take your feet out of the stirrups. Swing your right leg over the horse and bend
your knees as you land to soften your impact and help keep your legs fresh for your next
ride. Did you know The horse that played Mr. Ed
on the 1960s TV sitcom retired to a ranch in Burbank, California after the show’s run
ended, where his costar, Alan Young, rode him every morning.

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  1. Yeah, um, Uhhhhhhbbbbb. Does this guy know what he's talking about I can make a movie saying all the things that are wrong in this video. How long is the movie? 10000000000000000000000000000000 different parts each 5 hours long!!!!

  2. Boys and girls, life lesson, never learn your equestrian skills from YouTube, you'll probably end up getting hurt or humiliate yourself of what little you know about horses.

  3. She did not have her heels down this would be my trainer heels down … Heels down… EMILY PUT YOU HEELS DOWN ha ha

  4. its almost offensive to people who ride on a daily basis to hear something like this… im mesmerized by your ignorance

  5. Hold reins with left hand, put left foot in stirrup, grab horn with Right hand? Seems it should be Left hand. Β Right sure would be awkward. Β I must be wrong though since I see no other posts about it. Β One moment she getting on the right side and a few seconds later, the left.

  6. This video is a bunch of bull crap xD First she let the horse walk off when mounting, secondly: unless your horse is trained, it wont respond to "Walk", only the pressure. Third: squeezing with the thighs to slow down? Fourth: it doesnt even say you can use the reins to turn. She looks the clothes are cardboard and she cant move while on the horse. If i were just learning how to ride, this would not be good.

    Sorry if i mis-spelt anything

  7. If you squeeze it won't stop or slow down it will go faster to stop your feet go forward and you pull back on the Reins

  8. You cant even explain the basics of horse riding in a short 3 min video, and many different people have many different ways to ride horses. Personally for me, alot of this was wrong, and i dont think they should have even attempted this video… It made me laughπŸ˜‚

  9. You shouldn't hold onto the horn while getting onto the horse. You can damage the horses back. Chances are, the horse won't walk if you just say "walk" . If you want the horse to stop, don't squeeze your legs, you pull back gently.Β 

  10. They are acting like it is the easiest thing ever to ride a horse.there is no way you can learn to ride a horse in one day.

  11. omg wtf is thissssπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ apart from the fact that it is so wrong in many ways, how the hell can you expect to teach someone how to ride in one crappy video??? I've been riding for years and I still learn something new everyday!!! I hope this was meant to be somewhat funny or a joke, bc either way you better delete it from the internetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    ps: "say 'walk'" and "say 'woo'" (even if the second maybe is more plausible) made me roll laughing

  12. I really hope that this video was a joke. You can't just watch a video and know how to ride a horse. You need a trainer.

  13. That's how to mount and dismount, ladies and gentlemen. Not every discipline is like this, and many barns have different techniques as far as riding goes. I don't use voice commands, except for the occasional "scary voice," or a whoa. If you are going on a trail ride, one, you don't need to know how to actually properly RIDE to sit on a horse and set it follow the other's around, two, you don't know what discipline the trail horses are. So don't go looking for how to ride a horse videos unless you are dedicated to your first riding lesson being a breeze, and with a video like this, it's really not going to do much.

  14. you should always need a mounting block. it's not good for their backs. a mounting block isn't very optional. πŸ˜‚

  15. If you want to show, you can only use your leg commands. And the reins need to be shortened as you go faster, so you can have control of your horse, idiots.

  16. you're not supposed to sit up so much of what you're supposed to slant your body down so the horse can have a more comfort when saddle is placed bTW bad english form as you see in the horses face it does not like the way you're sitting upright

  17. Haha, it takes years and years to learn to ride. They said this will help you how to learn to ride FAST. XD your kidding me right?

  18. You don't just use your heels to turn! You use your reins, too! I find these ''Howcast'' videos not helpful at all. And trust me, I KNOW how you turn a horse. I'm going to be 9 years old in two days, and I started horseback riding when I was 2 years old, so, I've been riding for 7 years. I can walk, trot, canter, gallop, and jump high on horse back. And I've already memorized my diagonals too, so I know a ton about horses. Way more than this ''Howcast'' thing does.

  19. Different horses are trained in different ways, and require completely different cues for the same movement.

  20. What??! A minimal heel???? No!! Your supposed to have something WITH a heel to keep your foot from getting stuck in the stirrup.

  21. your horse needs to be trined for voice commands plus unless riding tackless you would use reigns for steering plus atleast give some warning like don't hold on to the reigns if you fall

  22. Friend walks by "BRILEY PUT ON A SHIRT!"
    Briley "Howcast told me I just needed shoes, a horse, pants, and appropriate gear. They never said anything about a shirt?!"

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    The cringe

  24. Simple; you can't actually learn off youtube nor can you teach someone how to ride in a matter of minutes. If you want to learn to ride find a riding school with lessons.

  25. This video is legit so not true it’s funny. First not all horses know the command β€œwalk.” Second everything else.

  26. Why don’t people loosen their freaking reins it’s so annoying and most horses are trained differently .-. Honestly if you wanna learn how to ride, just listen to your trainer or ask people who are equestrians or know about horses .-. Don’t go on the internet and look it up, trust me you’ll save a lot of time.

  27. This was how to walk a horse lmao
    If u have a first ride, it should be with an instructor or a friend who rides.
    I’ve only been riding for 2 years but yeah
    Also I just think this should be the case but others can think differently.

  28. Bahahahahahahha ive been riding for a long time and this video just made me crack up. You can’t learn horseback riding from a YouTube video. Go and get yourself a real instructor if you’re actually watching this video seriously

  29. Horses are amazing. I rode horses at the age of three and trough my childhood and in 2011. I’m doing therapy at Kiser and I have mild Cabral Palsy on my right leg only and riding horses helped me get of my walker that I had when I was a little girl but now I have a walker now again but we’re trying to get me off the walker and my therapist at Kiser is helping me to get stronger and today I’m going to talk to my therapist about doing Hippotherapy again

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