How-To Ride a Skateboard – BASICS with Spencer Nuzzi

well it’s a skateboard well might be a little scary to ride but shouldn’t be too worried they’re pretty much just big toys they’re kind of like bikes once you learn how to ride them well really never forget I’m Spencer nosy and I’m gonna teach you how to ride skateboards no prior skate knowledge needed for today’s lesson so you’re gonna easily follow me along today and we’re just gonna how to simply cruise no tricks nothing technical that’s what I like to do is just cruise time to grab your board and let’s get started first thing you want to do is get comfortable on your board so you want to stand on it and you want to be going the right way and that’s finding your stance you’re still feeling a little uncomfortable about your stance or if you don’t even know what your stance is you can check out my other video over here where I go over how to find your stance and then maybe once you watch that you can come back and visit me here and then we can start rolling there aren’t really rule to skateboarding weather is kind of this onesie curl it’s called balance and most people new to skateboarding they lack balance and they should get on their skateboard and they kind of like oh oh and they fall on their butt and yeah we’re not trying to do that here today we’re trying to get you sturdy on your board and ready to roll so you know you should do the first place that you go to this is the grass good place to get started or your bolts you can have your back foot on your back bolts and your front foot on the front pull this isn’t the best way to ride your skateboard but I mean it’ll definitely get you there similar to driving when you’re just driving ten into I mean it looks kind of dumb you’ll still get to where you’re going so you want to spend a couple minutes funding your balance getting comfortable you want to look at your driving noon just chilling and just you know not going anywhere in the grass like we are now so if you want to start really rolling time to bring this to the cement hopefully by now you’ve gained enough confidence in the grass and it’s time to move on to the cement and this is now the real deal because we’re gonna be rolling I’m gonna put your board down next to something pretty sturdy could be a pole fence gate hippo elephant I don’t even know what you want just something that’s gonna hold you you’re gonna hold onto that and just like in the grass put your back foot on the back bolts and before you put your front foot on the front bolts make sure you’re really holding on because you’re not trying to fall right now get that front foot on and once you get that front foot on find your center balance bend your knees get comfortable in your stance you gotta look forward because you’re not gonna be going backwards you’re gonna hit the back you’re not trying to do that so before you do this bend and then push off and go well we’re picking up some speed right now probably a good time to teach you how to stop good simple way to do that is just put your back foot just on the ground just like you’re stepping off a curb I mean that’s what I do okay yeah sorry oh yeah we didn’t know well cop just came and kicked us out and if you need to skateboarding this just happens so we’re gonna have to relocate and I’ll catch up with you in a minute so we just got to a new location hopefully this time we don’t get kicked out like I was saying before we got rudely interrupted by that policeman I was going over stopping take your foot off your board and slowly come to a stop there are other ways of doing this another way is called the toe drag is when you put your back foot at the edge of the board hanging your toe off at the end and just keep scraping the tones that you come to a full stop the toe drag can be a little bit easier than taking your full foot off because then your balance is still on your board not completely on the ground another way to stop is the dreaded tail drag which is when you lean back and you allow all the plies on your board to get shredded off but to prevent that you can use the evolved heel drag which is pretty similar it’s another way of stopping simply just because you’re scraping your heel and not wasting away your board and the last way you can do is just jump off because I mean that’s the easiest thing but just remember maybe I need to tuck and roll up keep practicing and rolling around stopping and going figure out which way it works right for you and then once you start doing that you probably want to learn how to turn because otherwise you’re gonna keep going straight and that’s not gonna get you too far easiest way how to turn a skateboard he’s carving carving is pretty simple there’s only two ways to do it he’ll slide toe side not too hard when you lean toe side you don’t want to lean too far over it otherwise then you’re gonna do some belly flop on cement what you’re not trying to do so you know make sure you’re lean kind of back not too far word you know keep your knees bent when you lean in on your toe side you’re gonna turn inward and the opposite of that is leaning heel side and that’s where you spin outward so you should try to find a nice flat surface with no incline and start rolling around lean on your heels on your toes get a few of the inner word in the outward turn and you want to turn you in sharper you can try to pick tacking tic tacking is a faster way to redirect yourself versus carving with tic tacking is pretty simple you put your back foot on the back of your tail and you keep your front foot somewhat in the middle and you’re gonna lean back on your board to gain a little bit of leverage and you’re gonna want to point your front foot hang on your shoulders where you want to go pretty simple so we’re on to the last step and you’ve made it pretty far and so you want to keep moving right so you gotta learn how to push pushing isn’t that hard but you want to make sure you’re pushing right and similar to stopping pushing is pretty simple you’re gonna make sure you’re balanced first before you do anything because then you’re gonna fall off you’re gonna take your back foot off you’re gonna move it up to about your front foot you know put it on the ground while keeping mainly your weight on your front foot and remember that your back foot is your leverage so you do want to have some weight on it but when you lift off your back foot after a couple pushes when you’re feeling comfortable and ready to be back on transfer your weight from your front to your back get centered and keep rolling [Music] some of you might find it easier or might just do it instinctively to push with your front foot and well that’s just not good unless you’re just trying to be that key at the skate part that just looks like and you’re not trying to do that we call this Mongo pushing and that’s mean you’re pushing with the front foot and that’s a big no-no because first of all you look just dumb doing it and second of all there’s just no control I mean that’s why you push with your back foot cuz that’s how you keep and maintain you’re controlling your balance hopefully I taught you something about skateboarding today because we went over standing we went over carving we went over stopping and even over pushing so I swear the more you do it the easier all we get I should take my own advice and just keep doing it wait I don’t know ride to school you’re at your girl’s house ride to the beach if you have the beach ride to like the mall ride to get ice cream I don’t know the more you do it just the easier it’s gonna get and if your mom tells you to wear a helmet well you probably should because it’s not my call anyways comment below let me know some of the how to’s and trick tips you want to see don’t mention varial flips because I can’t do them subscribe to ride over here if you haven’t already and I don’t know keep practicing and I’ll see you later [Music] next you’re gonna want to grab your azer blade [Applause]

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