How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Halt a Walking Horse Using the Reins

How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Halt a Walking Horse Using the Reins

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you how to ride your horse with a walk. So now I’m going to show you
how you could effectively stop your horse. So if you are walking forward, you just want
to sit deep in your saddle and you are going to pull back. Say whoa, and that would get
them to stop. Eventually when you get your horse more responsive to the word whoa you
would not have to pull so hard. Whoa, so you could say she listens pretty well so I hardly
have to pull on her at all. Just sitting deep stopping your movement, applying a little
bit of backward pressure on the reins tells her that you don’t want to go forward. Now
if your horse was unresponsive to this and did not want to listen you obviously want
to pull much harder. I would pull hard enough that I would actually get them to go backwards.
I would keep doing that until she listens to me and stop when I ask her to. Because
if your horse does not stop it could be really dangerouss especially if they would get startle,
spooked or take off on you. If you could not get them to stop you are in big trouble. So
teaching you horse to stop is really one of the most important things that you could do.
So again your just going to sit deep, apply a little bit of pressure on the reins. Say
whoa and you would get your horse to stop. So that is how you want to teach your horse
how to halt.

10 thoughts on “How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Halt a Walking Horse Using the Reins

  1. no offense miss kelly but you need a few riding lessons yourself before you start teaching other people to ride. heels down, please, don't tap your horse with the spurs when you're trying to halt. your hands should be about a foot lower than you're holding them.

  2. Did she actually say to pull harder for a horse that refuses to be as cooperative?! I'm no expert, but if your horse isn't stopping properly it's time for some more groundwork.

  3. if she leans back any farther she'll be able to look at the sky!!! SIT UP STRAIGHT YOU ARE THROWING THE HORSE OFF BALANCE!!!

  4. @horseyjill28 I COMPLETELY AGREE! i was looking at her heels and she needs to learn how to put those down before she even thinks about teaching other people! That's really one of the first things anyone learns when riding any breed of horse!

  5. I'm not a very experienced rider, but I can find sooo many flaws in this. Especially how she sits.. it's not a lounge chair lady!

  6. That horse is tolerating her very well, if I was that horse she'd be on the ground.
    Stop jabbing the horse with the spurs so much!

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