How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Reverse a Horse with Two Hands

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you how to ride your horse with a walk. Now I’m going to show you if
you were riding in a horse show setting, you would want to reverse at the walk. Cause most
of the time the judge would ask for that command. So we are riding 2 handed here in English
style and looking where we want to go. So most of the time the judge would tell you
to bring your horse down to a walk and reverse at the walk. So what we are going to do is
we are going to make as tight of a circle as we can just by pulling our inside reins.
You just want to reverse away from the rail so if were along the fence going up and down
the rail, you would want to turn to the inside of that. So we just going to pull our inside
rein back by our hip. Look where you want to go, apply a little bit of leg pressure
and we are going to turn in a really tight circle. We are going to go to the opposite
direction. That way it saves us rail space. We would not want to do a really great circle
and then get back on the rail over here so then we lost a lot of space and we might end
up being too close to another horse. So what we want to take our reins to the inside, pull
it back to our hip. Use a little bit of outside pressure, we are going to shift our weight,
we are going to look where we want to go and we are going to make a really nice small circle
and go the other way. So that way that saves you rail space. You don’t have to worry about
having to pass another horse or being to close to another horse. It also gets your horse
thinking a little bit because you apply a little bit more pressure instead of letting
her go wherever she wants to go in a larger circle. So that is how you would want to reverse
riding 2 handed at the walk.

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