How to Roller Skate : How to Stop on Roller Skates

How to Roller Skate : How to Stop on Roller Skates

Hi, this is Rachel Cook, on behalf of Expert
Village, and today I’m here to talk about roller skating, more specifically, how to
stop. So, once you’re moving forward, one of the scariest things is stopping, obviously.
What you need to make sure, is again, that you’re in this very comfortable stance, that
you’re not solid like a robot, your arms aren’t straight to your side, make sure that you’re
comfortable, that your knees are not locked, that your arms are slightly to your sides,
slightly bent at the elbow. Then, what you can do is, there are two ways of stopping.
The first one is to drag the stopper that is on the front of your roller skate slightly
behind you; this will slow you down, ever so slowly. You can chose to apply firmer pressure
to the stopper to make you stop a little faster or a little less stopper to slow down instead
of stopping immediately. Beware of stopping to quickly; you can often fall when stopping
too fast. Another option of stopping, which is excellent, and I highly recommend this,
it’s called the T stop, and what that is, is you slowly drag your dominate foot, that
being either your, if you’re right handed or left handed, typically your leg is the
same, your dominate leg would be whichever hand you normally use, so for me it’s my right
leg. So, what you would do is, using your feet, make a T shape, so you would bring your
dominate foot behind your non-dominate foot, in the shape of a T and you would drag it
ever so slightly, just the two inside wheels, and this will bring you to a nice gentle stop.
It helps you slow down, it’s more controlled and you are less likely to fall by using the
T stop. It is the one that I highly recommend and roller bladers and roller skaters alike
often use the T stop as the optimum method of stopping.

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  1. uhm stopping on your toe stops will wear them down wayyyyy to much you should either do the t stop or power slide they dont ruin your toe stops… you should use your toe stops take off or stop only when going backward and also if you tilt your foot to far forward it ruins the toe of your skate….. thank you


  3. Doing t-stops will actually wear down your wheels. It is a handy stop to know, but it shouldn't be frequently used. Doing stopping with your toe stop will wear it down, but toe stops are MUCH cheaper than wheels. Honestly if you are a beginner I recommend doing a plow stop ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What about skidding, I miss skidding. Lean inwards at a sharp angle and use your weight against the angle to stop. It takes alot of practice, but it's fun, and loud.

  5. It is wrong technique. All these is only applicable at low speed. If you go 20Km/h and higher the only way to stop is like on downhill skies: First of all your body must be symmetrical otherwise you would fall. So you place your boots a little bit wider then your shoulders and aim them a little bit inside and then you start to work as spring, you move your weight a little bit down to the point when your start feeling your wheels blocked …

  6. @mathsru (continue) at that point you have to release pressure on your boots and move your weight a little bit up, so it is like car ABS, your wheels should never be blocked. Any form of sliding on roller-skates is unacceptable. So that way of breaking is equivalent to slides she shows but combined with non-stop wheels rotation. Of course you cannot stop immediately, but it is really good way especially when you roll downhill and lose control of your speed.

  7. I thought you had to use all 4 wheels to stop with the t-stop? otherwise it just rounds off the inside 2 wheels of your dominant leg :S

  8. thank you so much!! nobody have that type of skates!… and was thinking it was only me T_T
    finally I can stop with them.

  9. that is bad, really bad, we don't teach this first way of slowing down with the toe stop behind you, the one you teaching before the t stop… no no, it is not a wat to slow down, any quader wil not recomand this, it is a bad habit to take…

  10. Where's your protective gear! Shouldn't be teaching unless you're going to be teaching safe skating! Other than that, great video.

  11. Great video, except: on a t-stop you do not want to yous just your 2 inside wheels. Unless you want to unevenly wear down yours wheels. You t-stop with all 4 wheels on the ground with even pressure. Please take care of your equipment.

  12. When doing the T-stop don't use the front two wheels. make sure all four are touching the ground while you're dragging. if you use the two, you could snap your ankle. and dont do it everytime because it will leave a flat line on your wheels.

  13. Thank you much i am in 6th gtade and i have a date aka field trip with the girl who i have crush on so now i have wut it takes to fucking skate

  14. girls like gentleman. dont fucking swear like a lowlife, sure we do it too but class is attractive when you are on a first date. Good luck

  15. interesting she recommends the T stop. Thats what worries me about skates they look really prone to making you fall flat on your face,

  16. I have been skating for 3 days and I still cannot stop at all! I can plow-stop if I start like 10-feet in advance, but that's it. Using the toe-stop causes it to just bounce/stubble on the pavement which makes me fall over or have to stop dragging and balance myself. T-stops cause me to just wobble, the wheels stubble on the ground, and I fall flat on my face. Anyone have any advice?

  17. Adding shocks to the four wheel roller skates would make outdoor downhill quad roller skates, might be cool.

  18. I can't for the life of me understand why the brakes are on the front of the foot. They should really be behind the heel so that you can take advantage of the force of driving with your entire leg if necessary to stop.

  19. There are a lot of other ways to stop, and this is just about the slowest way to do it. Derby stops, (where the skater turns backwards and puts one or both toe stops down) are an extremely quick way to stop, which couldn't be done with stoppers at the back. Front-mounted toe stops are also really useful for other things like running around on your toes.

  20. Imagine if you could get the same power of a derby stop without having to skate backwards? Oh, you could if brakes were mounted on the rear instead. :>

    Hence why inlines have brakes behind the heel. As an inline skater taking up quad skating, I have to say that quads took too much inspiration from figure skating/dance, and not enough from outdoor skating.

  21. u need to stop making videos u rnt helping people by doing this and if people r watching your vids they need to stop u r not teaching roller skating properly u r really shitting me with these if u r going to do this do it properly

  22. That's how you use the rubber thing on he front? I always thought you were supposed toย  tip both the stoppers down and go hurdling forward and smash a tooth.


  23. Oh honey, nooooooooooo. Dragging your toe is an awful way to stop. Not only does it promote one to wear down the toe stop in the wrong area (there's less surface area which means less friction which means less stopping power), but they will start dragging their actual toe and make holes in their boot and also has a risk of breaking your ankle if caught on something. Your bones were not meant to apply pressure in such a fashion. So then, what ways would I suggest? I'll tell you!!

    The T-stop: This is demonstrated (albeit a little poorly) on the video. It works but it's not the greatest way to stop nor should it be the main one.

    other options are

    Plow stop: puttin your feet in a pizza formation (like a triangle) and resisting the skates from pushing inward in the similar fashion one would slow down or stop when skiing. Advanced users can modify the plow stop into the hockey stop, where it's the same except one puts pressure on one side and slides sideways to come to a quick stop.

    Turn-around toe stop: This is the correct way to use your toe stops besides standing on them (tip toes). Like the name suggests, first turn around like your skating backwards. THEN put pressure on both feet (advanced may use one) to stop.

    All of these can be found online and on YouTube. Please DO NOT drag your toe. It's a bad awful habit that can also possibly break your ankle. DO NOT drag your toe.

  24. When I use the toe stopper, my ENTIRE leg get dragged back no matter how lightly I apply pressure to it. Which results in an awkward stance where I'm trying to recover my foot from behind me… && I'm too scared to do a T-stop at the moment :S

  25. Toe stoppers areย more effective while going backwards and doing T-Stops on the two inside wheels can wreck the wheels. Better to keep all 4 wheels on the ground if possible.

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