How to Roller Skate : How to Stop While Roller Skating Backwards

How to Roller Skate : How to Stop While Roller Skating Backwards

Hi, I’m Rachel Cook, on behalf of Expert Village.
Today I’m here to talk about how to roller skate, more specifically, how to stop while
going backwards. Now, that you’ve gotten yourself into the backwards position, how do you stop?
You’re going maybe a little too fast or maybe you’re not, maybe you just don’t want to fall,
and that’s fine. What you need to do is make sure while going backwards you are in a comfortable
stance, your knees are not locked, make sure you’re going at a comfortable rate of speed,
or I suppose you may not be if you need to stop. The easiest method of stopping while
going backwards would be to take your dominate leg, position it ever so slightly behind you
and using the stopper, apply firm but solid pressure to the stopper, against the skating
surface. This should bring you to a slow stop. Be careful though not to apply too much pressure
because that can turn you around. The other alternative method to stopping and stopping
quickly while going backwards would be immediately go up onto both stoppers of your skates making
sure that your knees are comfortable, and very bent and that your body is positioned
in a very upright position and that you’re not too far back nor too far forward. Too
far forward can cause you to fall, don’t be afraid to fall its inevitable. Often the fear
of falling is far worse than the fall itself. Just feel comfortable on your skates and feel
comfortable in your stance and again you can either move your dominate foot slightly behind
you dragging your stopper ever so slightly, firm but solid pressure and consistent pressure,
or if you’re going a little too fast you can actually pick up both feet, put them on both
stoppers and slide backwards, and that is how to stop while going backwards.

34 thoughts on “How to Roller Skate : How to Stop While Roller Skating Backwards

  1. @cterga Interesting, but in all the years I skated (competitively) both compulsory figures and dance, I never had "stoppers" in my skates. All I had were little plugs because I learned how to stop correctly…WITHOUT so-called "stoppers". GOOD professionals can teach that a lot better than is taught in this little video.

  2. I use in-line skates – commonly incorrectly called "roller blades". It takes time and practice (wear protection), but you can skate as with ice skating.

    It won't let me paste my video links, oh well. 🙂

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