How to Roller Skate : How to Turn on Roller Skates

How to Roller Skate : How to Turn on Roller Skates

Hi, I’m Rachel Cook, on behalf of Expert Village,
and today I’m here to talk about how to roller skate, more specifically, turning. As we all
know, turning is often difficult and can result in you meeting the ground and not in a very
friendly way. So, the first thing to note about turning, is that you needs to be at
a comfortable speed and in a comfortable stance. So, the most comfortable stance is to have
your body relaxed, your knees not locked, be very confident on your skates. The first
thing you need to do is slow down, often people make the biggest mistake of trying to turn
while going too fast. So, first slow down and you can use variety of methods of slowing
down, it’s similar to stopping. You can drag your toe stop to slow you down, or you can
do a T stop. The T stop will help you control you speed so that you’re not going too slow,
but that you’re also not going too fast. Then what you’re going to do is you need to slowly
turn your body into the proper stance to be able to turn. You can either turn around completely
or you can you can just turn as if going around a corner. To turn as if going around a corner
you need to position your body, look into the direction that you’re trying to turn,
this will help you. Don’t look in the opposite direction, as you could fall. Bring your shoulders
also into the turn as well that will help you control your whole turn without falling.
Then you’ll need to bring your dominant leg, similar to your right hand or left hand, bring
your dominant leg around, ever so slightly. You can sort of form your legs into a U shape,
bring your dominate leg around, ever so slightly, and then pick up your skate and drop it, gently
into the direction you’re trying to turn. To turn around completely it’s much easier
to actually form a U with your skates and, ever so slightly, just using your hips and
your momentum to turn yourself, and that is how you turn.

89 thoughts on “How to Roller Skate : How to Turn on Roller Skates

  1. why the hell iz this dumb bitch outside for?
    and she iz talking to us like we are some reatarded ppl?
    when i tryed ur method i busted my asss
    i hate u

  2. wow this chick is stupid you dont stop when you turn a cdorner and you dont put your head down shes tryin to make you guys fall, ive been skating for 12 years i should know.

  3. This woman is clueless! Doing what she says will get you run over where I skate. And I've been skating for mannnnny years.

  4. The blonde who normally does the video's for Expert Villiage knows what she's talking about…I've watched several of this woman's video's on how to skate and she's a really BAD teacher….(no offense to you)…get some other tips elsewhere people who are learning to skate, or watch the blonde's video's. I say this as someone who's been skating for 18yrs, who used to teach skating classes & speed skating/tricks & stunts & a derby player/ref.

  5. Btw-the blonde is in a pink top if you're looking for her vids…and the guy is also a decent teacher as far as I've seen…

  6. Wow, thats the baby way to turn. Cross your legs in front of eachother, its alot faster and more professional.

  7. sorry, can some one could link me to a video where it shows you how to do everything on one line roller skates?

  8. NEED HELP! whats better? roller skates or roller blades? just for skating on streets and stuff. Roller skates seem way cooler but can anyone help me out?

  9. bones wheels are good and i've been skating for 4 years and i have bones wheels you can buy them at ur near skating place but they should have a variaty of wheels you can look at. good luck

  10. I'm amazed that this woman knows what a t-stop is, but something that would really impress me is if she could 3-turn.

  11. just wondering that if shes teaching how to roller skate…she would be a better teacher if she tought/wore some paddings (knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads)…oh and how bout a helmet!!???? great! i would suely trust you with my life….not! :/

  12. I don't need to slow down when i turn.. then again i do crossover when i turn.
    And i play roller derby and jam a lot soo yeahh..

  13. Wondering if she was paid to do this. Poor display of T-stop. That wasn't turning that was the beginners way of turning a corner/curve. Turning involves changing directions i.e. forward to backwards to forward again.

    Crossing over is the best way to teach a beginner how to take the corners/curves. Turning the way this vid show just puts more stress on one foot and make your feet hurt (uni-direction). Who the hell slows down to hit a curve? Just crossover and lean into it.

  14. OKAY, Whats with all the negative comments!? This girl is really helpful & if you guys already know how to turn then dont watch….. now who saying DUR DUR

  15. Great, roller skating at school during gym, and I have never skated before. Hope these tips save me the embarrassment!

  16. I really had to watch this because im going to a skating party tomorrow with 7 of my friends and i didnt want to make a fool out of myself because i cant TURN!!! this was lots of help thanks!!!

  17. ice skating is easier if u learn that first itl prepare u for blading forsure. i prefer roller blading over ice skating tho

  18. This really helps, i tried to skate at my friends house and i fell and fell and fell! And it really never hurt. Thanks it really helped me, u really r a great instructor.

  19. wow i didnt think roller skating was this comolicatedmy be next time ill parctice these kind of things the day before a skating party….

  20. Thats you. It was helpful. That said, she has a nice body. She could bend over "ever so slightly" while I put it in. lol

  21. This video clip is absurd. The proper way of turning is to use your lower joints (mostly rotating your femur) to turn. Also, tipping to the inside of the turn is a terrible idea. You should be angulating your body so you balance over your outside foot as much as possible. That said, if you wish to skate like a terminal beginner and look like a tool, this random girl's advice is fine.

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