How to Saddle a Horse Western Style

How to Saddle a Horse Western Style

How to Saddle a Horse Western Style. A trail ride sounds like fun, right? Put on that saddle and let’s get going. You will need A horse Grooming supplies Saddle
pad and saddle. Step 1. Groom your horse thoroughly. Step 2. Place a saddle pad on the horse’s back, being
sure to cover the withers. Step 3. Place the right-hand stirrup of the saddle
over the saddle horn and the girth over the seat of the saddle. Step 4. Stand on the left-hand side of the horse and
hoist the saddle onto the horse’s back. The saddle horn should be right on top of
the horse’s withers and the saddle should lie evenly on the saddle blanket. Step 5. Release the stirrup from the saddle horn and
the pull the girth down off the seat. Step 6. Sling the girth under the horse’s belly, just
behind its front legs. Step 7. Feed the cinch strap through the ring of the
girth, and then back up. Repeat once. Step 8. Pull the strap to the left of the upper ring,
and then cross over to the right. Step 9. Feed the strap behind the upper ring and then
through the ring to the front, tucking it under where it crossed itself. Step 10. Take up the slack in the cinch strap, pulling
up from the bottom to fit the saddle snugly on the horse. Mount the horse and enjoy your ride. Did you know Riders on the Pony Express got
a fresh horse every 10-15 miles. New riders took over every 75-100 miles. Did you know Riders on the Pony Express got
a fresh horse every 10 to 15 miles. New riders took over every 75 to 100 miles.

38 thoughts on “How to Saddle a Horse Western Style

  1. Ca someone give me any tips on lifting the saddle a little more comfortably I have about a 20 lbs saddle and I can life it fine but it's hard because my horse is taller than me (I'm rather short) and when I finally do get it up there I slam it on his back and I hate doing that please help

  2. NAWH FUCK YOULL NEED A HORSE?! or you cud use your dog,
    *five minutes later*
    no no dont do that…fluffy doesnt like it

  3. There's a second freaking strap in the back, wth… Speaking as someone who has never done this, that was a crap explanation. Forget adjusting stirrups and needing a horse. Please explain all the damn straps next time.

  4. Well I'd love to see where exactly you put the saddle on the withers, but you cover it up with your stupid information box, dumb ass.

  5. Don't slam or drop the saddle on your horse's back. Don't let the stirrup just fall off your saddle and bang him in the side (go around your horse and set them down gently). AAAAnd, if your girth has the metal tongue and your strap has holes, use them (at least to hold the tongue down). That little metal bar will poke you in the leg and can be dangerous in an accident.

  6. He really didn't explain it very well…this video isn't a great one to watch if you're learning how to tack up western style. First, he just slammed the saddle onto the horses back. Good thing this horse seems well-tempered or that really could have been dangerous. It also doesn't feel good. Secondly, he just let the stirrup fall down and hit the horse's side. He didn't explain where to put the saddle according to the saddle pad and he didn't even explain cinching up the belly strap…

  7. When I put the saddle on I don't even put the stirrup over the horn. I very gently place the saddle on which seems to work well for my horses. But if you put the stirrup over the horn, then you shouldn't just let it fall. You should walk around to the other side and put it down so it doesn't hit the horses side and hurt him. It takes a few more seconds to be kinder to your horse.

  8. you forgot to create an air pocket, and how to tell if your cinch was tight enough along with 5 other steps…

  9. Errors;
    Step 4: Do not drop saddle. Place gently.
    Step 5: Do not just drop stirrup and girth. Its painful to the horse and could cause spooking.
    Step 9: Thats not how you do up a Western cinch with a pinhole buckle ring.
    Step 9 (Again): You forgot to mention anything about the back cinch… Idiot.

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  11. dont slam the saddle how would you feel if someone slammed a 15 pound on your back like that, also JUST WALK AROUND AND LET THE STIRRUP DOWN GENTLY!!!!!

  12. Seriously that's a how to tack a horse video no duh you need a horse and a saddle. And never ever throw the saddle on its back. Grr I hate people like this. I ride western. and my cousin who is 5 knows not to throw a saddle on the horses backs

  13. I've been trying to ride a fat Western quarter horse in an English saddle and none of the girths that are in our tack room fit her

  14. When you bring the cinch up, you can go either to the right Right handed rider OR to the left *Left handed rider*. That's what I was taught.

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