How To Screamin’ & Grab Variations On Skis

How To Screamin’ & Grab Variations On Skis

A Screamin’ Seman is when you cross your
skis one over the other so they’re on the opposite side that they should be,
then untangling them to land. Screamin’ Seman’s are one of the
scariest tricks to learn because there’s potential of landing all twisted up. To
do a Screamin’ Semen, you want to make sure you have your air kicks or Daffy’s
locked down. Pretty much jump high and do the running man in the air with large
kicks. If you can run in the air two times or more, you are ready to give a
Screamin’ and a go because it means you have time for the most important part,
the uncross. Sstand somewhere you can hold on to a wall for balance and stand
on one foot. Take your other foot and reach it forward to be able to clear
your reached out tail over the ski you’re standing on and put it on the
ground. You should be awkwardly twisted up in
your Screamin’ Semen position now. Unwind by pulling your leg back forward
to clear your tail over your planted ski. Do this a few times to ensure you have
the motion before trying it in the air. Bringing yourself back from the Screamin’
is the most important part and needs to be comfortable to avoid getting caught
up. If the motion scares you a bit try it without the skis first. Jump high and
kick one foot forward and the other back to give some extra space for your tips
to cross over. Focus on throwing your front foot’s tail over your back foot’s
nose as quickly as you can and bring it back. Once you’ve done this once, try
holding it longer. Try playing with separate grabs in it.
A Screamin’ Nose is when you grab the nose of your top sight leg of a
Screamin’ just as you pull it over your other ski to get your Screamin’ Semen
position. Screamin’ Japan is when you get into your Screamin’ Semen and then grab
the inside edge of that ski and then come back to a normal, untwisted landing.
The famous Genie grab is when you get into the Screamin’ and reach down like the
Screamin’ Japan or continue past your foot to get the outside edge like a
Taipan. One of the gnarliest grabs out there is
the Dub Genie. Get into your Screamin’ Seman position and grab Genie. Then grab
the other ski with the hand that’s free on the outside edge. This tutorial was
filmed at Airhouse. I’m Dean Bercovich from Ski Addiction, helping you ski

3 thoughts on “How To Screamin’ & Grab Variations On Skis

  1. Sorry but this isnt helpfull if youre not showing even one real screamin with Full size Skis…
    And thanks for the tip to Try it without Skis😂

  2. one should be aware that regular skis are much longer than usual trampoline skis. that's essential cause it's easy to run one ski into another if you don't properly stretch performing a duffy.

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