hey guys it’se me tiago the french inline
skater today I’m going to give you some tips on how to skate backwards starting
from four basic methods be 1/2 lemon and then the crisscross this method is based
on the same position is used to skate forwards but with a little different
when you let skate forwards you put your feet in a v-shape and then push right
now to skate backwards you just have to invert that be and
slowly push on each foot now you’ll see your start skate backwards don’t forget
to look behind you the best way to look behind when skating
backwards is to first turn your shoulders and then turn your head this
will enable you to see much more things and please keep your knees bent it will
prevent many potential Falls I don’t want you to hurt yourself the center of
gravity has to be towards the front of your body just like when you’re skating
forward now that you’ve got the rough technique try to smooth it out try to
make half circles while going from one foot to another it will be much more
enjoyable it’s important to know how to stop when skating backwards so I
recommend you to watch my other tutorial about how to stop on the landscape the
two next ones are the ones I use the most why is it cause like that because it’s
like if you’re drawing the half of a lemon with your skate to learn this one you have to learn how
to be full lemon first draw a full lemon reverse Kate do it forth and backward
once you get comfortable with that do it backwards culturally and when you get
comfortable with that again do the lemon with only one foot and voila the
crisscross is a freestyle slalom technique that can also be used to skate
backwards and I think it is funniest way to skate backwards between these three
techniques I find it quite addictive the crisscross is a little bit like the full
lemon but the difference is that you have to put your feet in line one foot
in front of the other so the lines you’ll draw will look like this compared
to the full lemon line does it make you think about this DNA stuff now you know
how to skate backwards don’t forget to keep your knees bent and look at where
you’re going do not stare at your skate I really hope this tutorial will be
helpful for you don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bearing to be part
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think about it alright guys see you in the next episode


  1. I'm a little late to the vid lol, my mom said she may buy me power slide megacruiser triskates if I behave lol

  2. i just started agressive skating a couple of months ago and this helps a lot. i wish i could skate with people like you but not a lot of people skate in New York. also i might start using urban skates to be honest

  3. Maybe do another tutorial on the backwards crossover. It is the most powerful technique for generating backward momentum quickly. Its easily my favorite backwards technique!

  4. I always get excited when you post a video! Specially when it a tutorial! Thanks a lot! Love from Mexico!

  5. Nicely done. Question: In your intro you kept turning left and right but didn't change shoulder you were looking through – wouldn't you normally look though right shoulder when turning right and left shoulder when turning left? Or does that only matter if you are doing cross-over for both sides?

  6. Nice, but I missed backward crossover and backleg hip-ass thrust-extension technique (a bit like criss cross but with less criss and going faster).

  7. Also when learning to skate backwards, make sure that your hips can move… if you have an anterior pelvic tilt with stiff hips, it will be impossible (feet glued to ground) and you'll keep falling forwards.

    And with criss-cross and the like train both sides. Muscles imbalances in the pelvis are not fun.

  8. Can you please tutorial doing how to make slalom crazy becouse this Trick is awsome 👍🏻 and thank you , you are so good 👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Tiago, awesome episode; I'm going to try out the half lemon tomorrow, thanks! Perhaps before another tutorial video you can share with us another sweet flow! From South Africa

  10. great video mabye a stupid question but i take it bending knees is good or sould be done forwords to cus then i need to do that more 😛

  11. dude can you read my mind? the next lesson I wanted to learn by myself was backwards skating. Thanks a lot!!!

  12. hey man i know im asking to much… this video really help me to be honest but i have one problem and its how to stop when on high speeds… ik you did a 5 stop tutorial but if its possible that u do a full video on power stops I always fall when i try it and i dont actually stop… thank you

  13. Really good explanation of backwards Skating , I really appreciate it . ( KISS , keep it simple stupid . works for me ! )

  14. Hey! Great tutorial thanks!
    What is the name of the place you skate at the start of the video? It looks like a great and beautiful spot.

  15. Yiey! At last!! I just switched to a rockered setup and it feels soooo good, but it really makes me wanna be more fluent in my backward skating. I think this video will help me a lot hehe 😀
    Edit: Oh I forgot! About protection, have you tried the G-Form kneepads? Those yellow ones that looks like some exo-skeleton or something 🙂 They're supposed to be really flexible but get hard when you fall on them. I haven't been able to try them out (because as usual no shop near me has them x) ) but I really like how they look, even though they are a bit expensive.

  16. Tiago, thanks so much for all your videos! Cheers from Brazil!
    I want to get back to inline skating after several years, what are your impressions on Oxelo Fit 5 for a beginner?

  17. Almost forgot to tell you, great tutorial Tiago! 😀 I'm currently working on my backwards skating, and I find it very useful. Today I was finally able to do the criss-cross thing, thank to your tutorial! I'm still having trouble with turning my torso to point my shoulder back, but that's getting better too. I don't know if I've already told you, but you have a gift to teach! As I said in a comment thread, I realized recently that I have been having such a hard time skating backwards due to a couple of BAD tutorials, where the guy insisted on saying that you had to put all your weight back. No wonder why I felt so insecure. It's taken me a lot of practice, falling, and watching different videos to realize that was a bad advice, and find out my proper weight distribution and balance. But you explain it perfectly in a 3 minutes video! You're helping a lot with your tutorials ^^ Saludos y GRACIAS!

  18. Thats was awesome!! I was wondering , how long have you been skating ? Because I want to know how long it takes to reach that level in all rollerblade technique

  19. I really want to find out more about Pari Roller, but I don't speak French! Is there any way I can get information?

  20. thnx for the half lemon man,…
    never heard of the name but I have done the full lemon.. now I know bout the half lemon, I hope I can improve on my reversing.

  21. Whenever I try to do the lemons, swizzle & crossovers, my skates feel really heavy and I really have to use a lot of energy to make it glide. And by the time I make it glide, my feet hurts and it stops halfway.. I can't even skate for long. Is this because fitness skates are heavier than freestyle skates?

  22. Hey dude, I just got some inline skates (the hospital had a "Santa's workshop" and the inline skates looked interesting so ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ) they're "kyrptonics vicious online skates." I wanted to ask you what are your thougyts on these and if they're good for someone like me who never skated before (okay, I tried once when I was 9, vut after many gours of trying and nearly falling into my brothers and their friends arm I gave up lol). Ive been looking for the last 2 days in Videos and all that shiz to make sure I don't break my ankles when I 1et try. Can you help me please?

  23. skating backwards is so important for stopping, stairs etc…and to make it up to perfection it takes a lot of practice.


  25. one time I went to a skating rink, I was just minding my own business and this kid runs into me while he was skating backwards!

  26. your movies are fucking too much in them cheap and not funny pictures with your attitude and too little detail as on other valuable channels

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