HOW TO SKATE FORWARD – Beginner’s Guide #4

HOW TO SKATE FORWARD – Beginner’s Guide #4

The forward stride is the most common move
in skating. It exists of three parts; the push, the glide
and the recovery. Here I’ll explain the basics #1 THE PUSH The push must be sideways Stay low and fully extend your pushing leg The push ends with a toe flick #2 THE GLIDE Your balance now shifts over to the gliding
skate and you can keep on gliding for as long as
feels natural #3 THE RECOVERY While one skate is gliding, move the other skate back to its initial position Put it down close to the gliding skate and
a little bit behind As you put one skate down, you push with the
other one And so the cycle all repeats COMMON MISTAKES Your natural instinct is to push backward
as when you walk or run For skating, that’s wrong! As you see, this does not work with inline
skates Make sure that your push is sideways so no
energy is wasted If you cannot balance on one skate, the glide
is cut short and you’ll waste energy and not gain any speed Try to balance over one skate Even if you keep it for half a second, that’s
a good start Gradually you’ll be able to balance for one
full second, then two seconds and so on If you cannot do it all, check if your skate
is leaning inward If it is, try to straighten your ancle If it seems impossible, don’t worry. I think it’s an instinct to bend your skates
inward since it makes you feel safer and you’re not
yet that comfortable on skates Just take your time, don’t stress and before
you know you’ll get it COMMENTS There’s no such thing as a perfect stride Even pros need to work on their strides As you improve you’ll learn the entire body
is involved and almost all your muscle must work together But that’s not the scope of this video I just want you to make you aware of the basic
push, the glide and the recovery Once you get it right, especially when you’re
able to keep the glide for longer your skating will improve like tenfold You’ll be able to go as far and as fast and
as efficient as with a bicycle But then a new problem will occur. How to stop? And that will be the subject of the next video I’m JP Jay. As always, thank’s for watching and stay tuned
for updates!

18 thoughts on “HOW TO SKATE FORWARD – Beginner’s Guide #4

  1. Perfect, I tend to bend my feet inwards, I have to work on that because it really makes me skate worse

  2. Instructions not clear, cruising at 30kmh through the city without breaking techniques. Waiting for next video, please don't take too long!

  3. Question, on the stride. Where do I push, where am I directing my power to? Should I be pushing and balancing on my Heel, Ball of my foot or Toes?

  4. Nice. If I were being picky, I don't think many "beginners" wil be skating like that, but it's good to let them know what they should be aiming for. (And personally, I have been trying to get rid of the toe flick for years, and despite what you said, you didn't actually seem to be doing it yourself)

  5. Great channel man! I have a question that maybe other newbies have… I can turn really sharp, fast and well controlled but only when I go right. When I go left it just goes completely to peices and I'm lucky if I can manage a gentle curve and even that is wobbly. So I just turn right all the time! I have been practicing slalom techniques a bit which I'm getting better at but doesn't seem to be helping my turns yet… Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work and don't worry if you don't have time to respond 🙂

  6. Remember this, the leg which supports your weight push. I don't know if it is correctly said – a french profesional speed inline skater said it and I always think about it while i'm skating, very useful

  7. I didn’t watch any videos when I first started skating but when I got to roller blades I never put my foot of the ground and used my upper body to push myself. Because of this mistake I had to relearn everything.

  8. Ohhhh… So that was what I was doing wrong! Thank you so much 💜 Now I will try to practice doing this! I didn't push sideways.

  9. A good beginning tip too is to make sure ur skates are tight enough . I went skating my first time and noticed my right leg kept going inwards no matter how hard I tried to keep it balanced .. then I realized my skate was as tight as it should’ve been ! So make sure u lace up well !!

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