how to skate with a full rocker setup !in
this video I’m going to help you schedule onto the city with this setup
you’ve got any problems I’ve mainly video explaining what rocker
inline skates are it’s just watch this video before watch this one so sum up I
fall into the purple digit star wrong row and I don’t like bees while I was
trying to say is a full record setup is when you have only two wheels out of
four touching the ground because we have smaller wheels and result and back of
your skates now before giving you some tips about how to use this setup
correctly let me first give you a little bit of information about it especially
for beginners this setup can be very wobbly for beginners and you may get
tired a lot faster compared to a flat setter at first because this
configuration will make your muscles work a lot more especially for the foot
in the back keep practicing and your legs will become much stronger and your
skates will wobble anymore and mean much less one last thing if I’m a member of
the survey team once told me you are going to hate this setup at first but
then you’ll love it so don’t worry get keep practicing and you’ll enjoy at
least I got addicted to it but how to escape your full rocker setup it’s very
wobbly by nature but you have to understand the importance of each wheel
the main wheels of this setup are the two in the middle and put two last ones
this is where you have to put most of your weight or center of gravity so when
you’re skating with this setup try to keep that in mind the middle wheels are
the two last ones but the number one most important wheel is a third one is
the closest to the hill and if the one where receive is most of the energy
input when skating forward avoid putting your center of gravity on the two front
wheels when skating forward it may be dangerous the strongest part of your
skates using the hill not if the toes if you
skate down to two front wheels you will immediately feel a lasting stability and
speed I told you the importance of the free last wheels right but you are
seeing all of them rolling is very something wrong no absolutely not
there are pretty reasons for that the condition of the ground your skinning
style and don’t forget that your skates will wobble a little bit by Nature the
two front wheels can be useful by the way I personally like to use the two
front wheels at the end of each tried to give a little speed boost I may make it
too sure on how to skate fast with a full record setup but for that I will
need someone to help me film it I need someone who knows how to operate the
camera and skate at the same time would you be able to help me hey we just hit
five thousand subscribers thank you so much I’ll make a special skill flow
where I’ll answer to your questions then show you my art and my workstation ask
me anything you want it can be about skating music my art my goals everything
you want sent our answer to the most interesting ones I hope this tutorial
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everything think about it alright guys see you in
the next episode


  1. This video convinced me to try city skating with a rockered setup again. I tried it once but it felt strange in the beginning so i sticked to the flat setup.
    But i ll try it again now

  2. Yoo congrats on 5k subs keep it up !!! do you have snapchat so i can add you or maybe ask some question about skating ? You are best !!! Keep up working hard !! I learn soo much about skating with your videos best i learn is crossovering from your video !!! Thanks for all !!! 🙂

  3. Good idea…. explaining the freestyle setup and purpose… from time to time I love freestyle skates…i know how I rotate mine… have you done a video on how to rotate a freestyle setup yet?

  4. Q: What are the most basic techniques you need to learn for slalom skating? Which tricks did you learn first? And were there any techniques that helped you become a lot better very quickly?

  5. Let's imagine a rockered trisake… [sounds crazyyyy] back wheel smaller, two front wheel bigger (same size), do you think it'll work??
    Et si jamais, roller parade à Bruxelles les vendredis soir 😉 (Paris Bruxelles easy game!)

  6. I live in Canada and I have just gotten inline skates a month ago and I am on them about an hour a day. My wheels are really shedding down and I need new ones that are a decent price cause 15$ a wheel is to much. What would u recommend

  7. I realise it's probably a big pain in the arse but please list the music you use! Pretty please? Haha. Love your channel and your enthusiasm ☺️

  8. Hey congrats on the big 5! Very helpful vid as always. I'm loving the feel of rockered setups, I don't want to get back to flat

  9. I can skate and film you no problem! I have a question.. What inspires you to new ideas on YouTube videos on inline skating?

  10. If you had only 24 hours to live, and you had the opportunity to make out with Robert Downey Jr. would you make out with him?

  11. Salut Tiago !

    Je suis en île de France, je peux t'aider à filmer.

    Je comprends très bien ta demande ; )

  12. Dude, you're right! I did not want to beleive it at first but as my frames can lift up front and back wheels, I tried it.
    So I started with half rockered setup, with only the front wheels, and it felt better instantly although there was a lack of stability (and my skates are much less stable than High lights).

    So i did the full rockered setup. There was a big improvement in control, but again, a serious downside regarding stability.
    Still I sticked to it untill I got used to it, even if skating was a little scary because of the stability.
    After a while I decided to go back to the flat setup, and it was just impossible to skate again like that. It felt like my skates where stuck on rails!

    So I tried again the "half" rockered and it's now just perfect, probably because with those skates the center of gravity is located in the back.
    Impossible to go back to the flat setup now.

  13. Congrats with 5k! Hope we will still be able to skate together someday, altough my schedule now doesn't give me the chance even to skate by myself.

  14. Amm i have little problem and i need some help, sooo i took my break off and now this thing (check picture please my english is crap xD) is longer, so what should i do with it or where can i get new one ? Thanks :3

  15. Eai Tiago, estou afim de começar a praticar mas não sei qual patins comprar com um custo beneficio bom e que seja bom, aguardo uma resposta, abraço!

  16. Great video, once again.

    I have to admit I'm one of those who hated rockered (a looong time ago) and never let it grow on me, just went back to flat. Maybe I'll give it another chance in the future.

  17. I agree w the "you'll hate it at first" approach… b/c rockering has shaped my freestyle to the point that when I put all brand new wheels on that are the same size, they WILL shave down to a rocker that I am used to in just a couple of days. You'll have way more freedom in your skating once you become accustomed to these. It emulates the feel of ice hockey skating- turns become quicker and tighter.

    Now having my skates flat is weird to me…

  18. i love your skates, what skates you using..? is there any effect if i buy the cheap skates than the original or branded..? i bought the cheapest one last week but its hard for me to balance.. thank you..

  19. Question- i understand the rockered setup falls under the advanced skills but for the sake of having good form and not create bad habits do you advise beginners to attempt this setup or learn flat with all 4s then graduating to this?

  20. That's was very useful for me. I'm skating for a little more than 1 years now, I just joined Slalom lessons but I wasn't sure if I should do this set up for my skates or not.
    You know what? I'll go for it.
    Hugs from Brazil 🙂

  21. I just started using the rocker setup was a little difficult at first but now I used to all the time I'll never go back to normal

  22. Thank you so much man, i just started skating and my first setup turned out to be full rockered type. For around a month i used my toes to balance my body and yeah, it's feel stupid …… (everytime i skate i always fell lol). After watching this video i use more of my heel and it feels like miracle. I guess being ignorant and trying do something without even learn how to do it properly wouldn't always give good outcome. Once again man THANKS 😁😁😁

  23. I have been rolling around with a front rockered 84-84-84-80 set up for several months now. I actually only started doing this, due to the fact that I could not remove one of my original 80mm wheels, when I had decided to replace all of my 80's with 84's. Now, I am extremely comfortable with this front rockered setup. I'm wondering if a transition to full rocker would come easier to me now because of this experience?

  24. I used to skate with this setup but I rather prefer HI-LO with hokey roller skates.
    I'm less about slalom – more about the high speed with power stops / power slides.

  25. Hi Tiago, I got a quick question. What is the configuration 80/76/76/72 mm called? I am used to that configuration but not sure whether I should rock your configuration which i saw in other videos were 72/76/76/72 mm?

  26. I tried this full banana rockered for street runs a couple months ago and hated it, so i whent back to a flat set up when on the streets, just gave it another go a few weeks, and love it!!!!! havent been on a flat set up since. thanks for your video and recomendations.

  27. Hello i got a rockered skates also. At first my empression was not good than the flat one. But im wrong i really love it now rockered set up is awesome. So smooth to use than the flat inline skates. Especially when you are rolling in a rough surface. Im here in Riyadh saudi arabia and playing it every night after my work and during my off also using it when im doing my stuff to the grocery its my WHEELS ahahhaa. Lets keep ROLLING be safe.

  28. Salut Tiago, merci pour cette vidéo, et toutes les autres aussi. Le montage est dynamique et l'ensemble sympa à regarder (et à écouter aussi). Perso j'ai une préférence pour les flows, c'est (curieusement xD) toujours sympa à regarder.

    Je suis débutant et j'ai pour le moment une moitié de rockered (seule la roue avant est surélevée) car on m'avait dit que ça se rapprocherait du patinage sur glace que j'avais un peu pratiqué (2 mois assez irréguliers). Je suis donc intéressé à passer au full rockered.
    Donc si je comprends bien, avec cette configuration, sur une surface plane, seules 2 roues peuvent toucher le sol en même temps. Les 2 plus importantes sont les 2 centrales et on peut utiliser les 2 du devant pour finir les poussées comme tu l'as dit.
    J'ai compris qu'il y a moins de gomme en contact avec la surface et que cela facilite les mouvements. Mais j'ai du mal à trouver plus de précisions sur l'utilisation de la configuration full rockered.

    Je me demande donc (hors tricks du genre toe/heel wheeling) :
    – Quels sont les cas où j'utilise les 2 roues arrières ? Aurais-je jamais à prendre appui sur elles ? Si non quelle est l'utilité de la roue arrière ? juste avoir un appui arrière en cas de déséquilibre ?
    – Y-a-t-il d'autres cas où j'utilise les 2 roues avants ?
    – Ou au final cela importe peu ? On peut réaliser une majorité de mouvements sur chaque paire de roues et c'est juste une question de feeling et de choix de glisse ?

    Glisser c'est super et comprendre comment c'est encore meilleur. Merci pour les retours de quiconque sur ce commentaire 😉

  29. so i tryed to rocker some skates just to see how itd feel but i cant seem to center my gravity at the back when im leaning forwards to skate with long strides

  30. I started taking figure skating lessons this winter and a few days ago I put on my inline skates again and I forgot that they aren't rockered and it felt so weird. I don't have money for inline figure skates yet but I could try this set up on my normal inlines!

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