So this is our second european freeski open special video. Let’s have a look at how to do C-rails. C-rails are so much fun, they are quite tricky,
they tend to make you tip off one way or the other but if you always align your body the same way to the rail. And hit it at approximately the same speed. Then you just adjust how much you are gonna
lean into the curve of the C-rail. You can then learn how to hit a feature like
this fairly fast. The main point is you just adjust one thing
at the time and here it is the angle of your skis on the rail and then you are probably
gonna make it to the end of the rail quite fast. Let’s have a look at C-rails in detail. I like to approach the rail from a slight
angle so you ride a little bit towards the rail and start leaning back as you pop off
the ground so once you land on the rail you will lean into the curve. When you use a bit of counter rotation you
gonna have one arm each side it’s gonna help you maintain good balance. And ideally at the end of the rail you should
stand straight it’s going to give you better pop doing 450’s off and such. When I approach the rail on the inside I look
at the end of the rail because this gives me a good feeling for how much I’m going to
have to lean in to the curve and that’s going to allow me to stay on the rail all the way. Then you can also do lip slides onto the rail
but I’m not going to go through that now, we will look at how to jump on this way. When you jump on from the right hand side
you have to come at quite an angle towards it and land straight on the rail and as you
slide you tend to tip over a little bit on it in order to stay on the rail all the way. As you see here, as I approach it I like to
imagine a line going across the rail like this from the first circle to the other so
I don’t really look at the whole way and just as I mentioned earlier. Land flat on the rail and then you lean over
the rail as you go along. Let’s have a look at some common mistakes. Here I am tipping off on the inside of the
rail SO take equally much speed next time but have less of an angle into the turn. Here he’s tipping outside then lean more into
the curve again. And keep up the good work and C-rails are
a lot of fun and you can do a lot of combinations on them. I hope you enjoyed our C-rail tutorial here. I know it’s a bit shorter than our normal
ones so I hope you still learned a lot. Let me know in the comments below if this
was good and hopefully we will do some more. Take care and stomp it!

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