How To Stale, Cuban & Christ Grab On Skis

You got your basic grabs, it’s time to
tweak them and add some of your own style! Grabs that are tucked up are
easier for flipping and grabs that are stretched out are easier for spinning. A
Tail Grab that you grab the very tip on is known as a capped or blunted Tail. If
your skis are crossed or uncrossed on the Tail Grab it doesn’t matter, it’s still
called a Tail Grab. Now, let’s say we’re doing a left hand Tail Grab. If you reach
past your left ski and get your hand around the back of your right ski, it’s
called a Stale. Before going for your Stale, try a backscratcher where you do a
right side Shifty, keeping both legs together. That’ll bring your tail’s up
close to your left hand. To take your Stale and change it into a Cuban, you simply
have to cap or blunt the same ski you would grab for a Stale. It has its own
name because you need precision to get the very tip of the ski, making it harder.
Another variation to try from the Tail Grab is the Christ Air. A Christ Air is
when you grab both tail’s at the same time. Start by making sure you can do
both Tail Grabs on their own. You want to be able to grab each one still
separately and tweak it sideways and away from your body. Give it a try by grabbing one tail first
then reaching back for the second one. You’ll probably miss your first attempt
and might land too far forward. Take off with your shoulders slightly leaning back
to balance yourself out and let your back arch a little bit in the air to
bring your tail higher up to your hands. This tutorial was filmed at Whistler
Bounce. I’m Dean Bercovitch from Ski Addiction, helping you ski better!

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