Alright, open the door! Now close the door. Now put your back foot down. Now put pressure—NICE! *Indy laughs* Yay Rollaround! [Music] 5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how well roll, let’s roll! Yes! Hey guys welcome to Planet Roller Skate! I’m here with Pigeon and Estro. We are in San Pedro on the
edge of the Earth. And we’re gonna teach you
how to stop at the drop of a dime. Today we’re gonna work on the turn
around toe stop which is two parts. The first part is the turn around and the
second is the toe stop. First thing I’m going to show is the open door technique. So you want to start with your head and shoulders facing forward And you want to close your hands in front of you. And you’re gonna pretend that your body is the hinge of a door, and you’re gonna open up your body…turn your head and shoulders first and then opening up your knee as if the
door is opening with you. And then you’re gonna step into the ball of your foot and turn your head and close the door. Indy: I get it now! I never understood why they said open the book, close the book! Or open the door, close the door. That makes sense when you do it with
your arms too! When learning the turnaround it is a trick manuever that requires your fill body, so it’s best to begin in the grass where you’ve got a lot of resistance so you don’t roll. So being in the grass, and then take it to the floor just standing and then you can add some momentum. [Music] In open door you wanna think about opening your hips. Opening your hips as opposed to closing. Estro: And really landing in your heels. Indy: Correct…incorrect. The second way that I know how to turn is a momentum turnaround Which I like to imagine being in a jacuzzi and the jets have just stopped and there’s no bubbles in the jacuzzi so we have to swish the water around so that your upper body really has a lot of momentum to it and that’s gonna jerk your hips around. Indy: I wanna see you try, Pigeon. Pigeon: In the grass? Yeah! So it’s like your body goes and then
your feet just kind of follow. By the momentum of your body. [Music] The last way I know how to turnaround
would require a little bit more gusto and it’s the jump turnaround. So you wanna make sure that you’re really bendy and easy on the knees in the beginning and at
the end of the trip so you’re absorbing top down and you’re just gonna jump and
turn your head and shoulders at the same time you jerk your hips and knees around.
You want to make sure that you land in a slightly staggered stance so that you’ve got more surface area to land. [Music] It’s very important that you
turn all the way around 180 degrees. You don’t want to stop half way and then your momentum goes forward. So to fix that just spot something. So in
front of me there’s a palm tree and behind me there’s a ship all the way out there in the water. So I’m going to not land until I see that ship so I’m gonna look with my
eyes at the ship first and then land. That’s gonna help me get
all the way around. You don’t need to jump very high on the jump turn. So as long as your head and shoulders get around your knees and skates are sure to follow. Okay so the open door technique turn… And then the momentum turn… And the jump turn! That’s the turn around and the next part is the toe stop. Once you turn around backwards you’re gonna want to sit back into your heel to keep
the momentum rolling backward. So we’re gonna turn. Go backwards…we’re in a staggered stance, and then you’re just going to apply
pressure to your lead foot first. [Music] But remember, it’s a push, not a pull! So when you’re doing your
stop and your leg’s behind you You wanna make sure it’s behind you enough that you push. If you end up pulling, it’s gonna hurt your hip. And it’s not effective to how you toe stop up here and you try and pull it back, you want to just have your leg straight and push it back. For me personally, when I was learning how to backwards toe stop I like to be really low to the ground and lunge deep into this leg, and lean forward becaause that’s what made me feel stable.
So I looked like this. So this foot’s really far behind me, and I’m gradually applying the pressure to stop. And then all of my weight is in this front leg, straight down. And then once you’ve got the turnaround, and the toe stop dialed in really well, you can really have a lot of fun with this. Just by turning your hips and stopping. So you don’t need to turn your head so much. You can just jerk your hips and stick your butt out and go right to your stops. When you get it really good. Indy: You wanna try, Pigeon? [Music] This is the fastest way to stop. This is the most efficient way to stop on roller skates. And it’s really special to roller skating that our toe stops are in the front. Now one way to test efficiency stopping is to just find a point and try to stop directly on that. Like that gum spot! Or this oil stain! Whenever I saw skates I was like, “I wanna do that!’ I want to be able to slide on my toe stops!” It was like, my #1 goal. It took awhile, it took a little practice. They’re like secret brakes. Yeah that’s the magic of roller skates–is the toe stops! Like, no other action
sports/toy/discipline has a toe stop the way we do. Indy: So it gives us a really unique–
Pigeon: Advantage. Not the flea medicine kind. You got cats don’t you? If one of your toe stops wears down, you can either turn it around or you could switch it with the other one so they’ll last longer. Yeah you have two toe stops, typically you have one dominant leg that you use the toe stop more on and when that wears down you can just swap the one that you don’t use as much with the one you use a lot. But make sure they’re tight every time you DO use them because you don’t want them to roll out of your skates. So if you hear a jingle, you know it’s time to tighten. Yeah her toe stop’s loose right now. Tighten it up! Thank you guys so much for watching. We hope this was informative if you have any questions ask in the comments and
we’ll do our best to answer you. Until next time: Pigeon/Indy: Later Skaters!
Estro: Planet Roller Skate Rules!

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