How to Stop on Roller Skates for Beginners

How to Stop on Roller Skates for Beginners

[Indy] We are going to teach you how to stop. [Pigeon] Mhmm. [Indy] Yeah ♪5-4-3-2♪ ♪Let’s Roll! This is how we roll,
this is how we roll♪ ♪This is how we roll, let’s roll♪ [Cheering] *Roll up door clattering* [Pigeon and Indy] What’s up,
Planet Roller Skaters?! [Indy] Indy Jamma Jones here! [Pigeon] And Pigeon! [Indy] And welcome to our new warehouse! [Indy] Woo, let me get this door up! [Indy] We are super excited
to film our first ever episode at our brand new warehouse
a.k.a” the tree house” [Pigeon] Yeah, we just moved in last week.
and this is the spot we’re going to be fulfilling
all of the online orders. [Indy] So whenever you order a product on PlanetRollerSkate.Shop We will pack it up here and send it to you wherever you are in the world. ♪ Synth Music ♪ [Indy] So we’re gonna cover beginner stops today. [Pigeon] Yeah. Beginners. [Indy] If you are a beginner definitely practice these on a smooth flat surface like we’re about to show you and work your way up to more speed and being able to stop with more speed. ♪ Synth Music ♪ The first one that I’m going to teach
you is a toe stop drag. Now to be able to do both
the toe stop drag and the T-stop you need to be able to balance on one foot. So if you go back to some of our very beginner episodes a lot of what we practice
is being able to switch your balance from one foot to the other. So you can see you know, I’m just… back and forth back and forth. So you’re gonna have to be able to
do this in order to do a toe stop drag. So I’m gonna demonstrate
a toe stop drag real fast. All I’m gonna do is… Roll forward… put my weight on that one leg… and touch… my toe stop down to the ground. Two really common mistakes that people make whenever they’re learning how to do these is that they let that foot get too far back
and then you lose your center of balance. So make sure your weight is
on top of that base leg and then what I like to do is
I like to start with my toe behind me and then slowly bring it under
so that my center stays right under me. So I’m going to roll forward,
put my toe down and… Drag it up. Now It’s okay… You don’t have to have your foot completely straight,
you can turn it to the side like this… and I think that makes it a little bit easier
when you turn to the side. So I’m gonna show you one more time. You have it out and bring it under!
Toe stop drag! *Children cheering* Now something else that’s a really common
mistake when people are doing these is they really start to wobble. The easy solution to that is when
you feel wobbly, just bend the knee more, drop your hips lower and
actually, just go as low as you can go. Ding! Now if you’re going
too fast down a hill this stop isn’t going to do much to help you. But when you’re navigating through a crowd
or you’re just trying to slow down a bit This is gonna be a great go to. The next stop that I’m gonna teach you is a T-stop and that’s very similar to the toe stop drag —
uh, your weight’s still going to go on to your dominant leg. If you get wobbly drop it lower but instead of using your toe stop to create that
friction you’re going to use your wheels. So it looks like this. Now when you try that it might start
a little something like this. And that’s okay. My t-stops used to make the like, loudest noise
until I learned how to gradually apply the pressure. So one way you can think about
it that really helps you to be able to get the best resistance, is I try to think about
putting my outside wheels… These wheels right here,
that’s where I put the pressure. I don’t want to put the pressure right here because that’s gonna put all of this pressure on my knee. Instead, I want to
exaggerate like I’m putting it right there. And then in reality whenever I’m stopping all four wheels will actually be on the ground creating friction for me to stop faster. So, I’m gonna show you one more time. Let me get a little speed for this one. Rolling and… toe stop. All right, so that’s how you do a toe stop drag
and a t-stop. Really they’re very similar It’s just using your wheels versus using your toe stop. The thing you want to keep
in mind when you’re doing a t-stop is that if you do it on a really rough surface sometimes it’ll grind one side of your wheel down and then you get a helicopter wheel, which like when you skate it’s like *bu-dup bu-dup bu-dup* Called a flat spot. So keep that in mind if you’re on like a really rough terrain, or if you’re going really fast. Maybe you want to grind down your toe stops
because those are cheaper to replace. The next stop that we’re going to do is the plow stop
and Pigeon’s got you for that. So… let’s go! [Pigeon] The really great thing about plow stop is that you get to still have both feet on the ground, so it’s a bit more of a stable type of stop. Also, you can use it to just slow yourself down like all other stops, but it’s a little bit more of a fluid motion rather than
picking up your foot and putting it back. [Indy] Uh, I like the plow stops I learned them first when I was snow skiing and they call it “make it the pizza,”
and whenever you’re going down hill– [Pigeon] Make the pizza! [Indy] You’ve gotta make the pizza– [Pigeon] With your skiis. [Indy] That’s why I love plow stops. [Pigeon] Yeah, that’s literally the same thing
they call it a snowplow. I mean we’re not roller skating in snow. They call it a snow plow because that’s actually a skiing move. We’re doing the same thing you would do to make the pizza on your skis, on our roller skates. [Indy] The plow swap is a very versatile trick. You can use it to slow yourself down when you’re moving through the streets. You can stop straight on you can stop and turn sideways. You can use it hill bombing. It’s really like a basic maneuverability skill… and whether you think of it as a stopper, you think of it as just learning how to control your speed. It’s a bit of both and it’ll help
you no matter what level you are. Alright, so, Pigeon is
gonna teach you plow stops so, um… [Pigeon] Alright, let’s do it!
Get out of my scene! Alright! First thing’s first (laughs) –just kidding! A little maneuver that I like to do to
warm my body up to the snowplow is creating a diamond
with all eight wheels on the ground. So what you’re gonna do is start in a v-formation Woohoo, kay? So it’s the bottom tip of my diamond. Then I’m gonna go out and as soon as I’ve gone out about shoulder-width, I’m gonna try as hard as I can To lean on all four of my inside wheels. The inside two on this one… and the inside two on this one. Put my weight on that and pull my toes in and
it makes kind of like a circle. Okay, or I mean ideally a diamond,
but it’s gonna make this like circle oval diamond shape,
and then I just kind of rock back and forth. This movement really warms my body up to making the snowplow. I think Indy did this
called bubbles, right? This is bubbles? [Indy] Yeah. [Pigeon] Alright, so… If you can do bubbles [Indy] Yes! Drop your butt more is all… [Pigeon] Okay–you know I’m really bad at
getting low, okay, so bubbles… [Indy] Get lower! [Indy and Pigeon talking over each other] [Indy] You got it! [Pigeon] Flashback to derby practice. Okay, so um you’re nice and low and you’re bending your knees and you’re going in and out okay, and you’ll see how I stop here– what actually makes me stop is that I’m using my edges putting my weight on the–on my inside wheels and pushing out with my heels. So… What you want to do basically… if you’re skating… And you want to plow: you’re gonna open your legs out, sit on your inside wheels and push out with your heels. It’s kind of a weird feeling that you’re gonna get right here on each side if you’re doing it correctly. So when you’re plowing
and you’re like, okay I fee it here… keep doing that move and you’re gonna stop. A little tip that I’ve learned at roller derby is to drop one shoulder to help you get a little bit lower to plow. Want to see it in action or what? [Indy] Yeah! [Pigeon] Alright, let me warm up a little bit. [Pigeon] Woo! (Children cheering) A super common mistake
you see a lot are a couple things. One of them is that people tend to keep rolling
instead of actually stopping and that’s because they straighten their legs out and stop pointing our toes in. So this is kind of what it looks like
if you are–you’re keeping the roll going… You just kind of keep going…and you keep going. So I’ve stopped pointing my toes in so much I stopped kicking my heels out. I just stayed in this extended position which isn’t really helpful. It’s actually pretty dangerous if you were to fall you don’t have the right balance. So in that case, what you want to do is to continue to push out with your heels if you’re not stopping. So again…uh… Someone may… you know, they’re here, but they’re not stopping. You just gotta kick out with your heels a little bit more. You got to drop your butt and kick out with your heels. The second thing is people get wobbly a lot. So they’re plowing and their like, ohhh– Again, drop it low, so… If you’re plowing…
you’re getting wobbly…drop your butt. You’re gonna have stability.
Your legs are bent your heels are out and you’re continuing to push
out with your heels and in with your toes. And that’s how you do a plow stop. (Children cheering) [Indy] We’re so excited to
finally be able to show you this warehouse because whenever
Planet Roller Skate first started I didn’t even have product.
We were just making YouTube episodes and then you guys really wanted products. So then we started carrying product and I was running getting out of my tiny little garage, and I had no help and it was crazy and fun and awesome. But look where we are now!!! We have Atomic and Casey and Pigeon helps, and now we have this awesome space. Thanks to YOU GUYS.
Every purchase that you’ve ever made on PlanetRollerSkate.Shop has gone towards building this and making it as much as we possibly can for you guys. So, thank you. So we just wanted to show
you what happens to your orders whenever you order something
from PlanetRollerSkate.Shop we have Atomic here– [Atomic] Hi! [Indy] Who is our e-commerce manager She oversees that you get it and that you love it and that you are completely satisfied with your order. So, um, yeah, I mean, this is our soft goods area. Here we have some of our Sun Jellies. Got our– my favorite shirt recently,
the “Here Comes A Roller Skater There Goes A Roller Skater” shirt. You might have a little bit of Juniper hair. I am sorry, we’re gonna– get away from there! Get away from there! Nobody wants your hair on their shirts! (Laughing) Um, of course we have lots of Skatersocks. This is my favorite part about our new warehouse.
Is this place. Organization. Like, look at how many colors of Sparks laces there are, especially when you put them
all out into their own separate boxes. It’s like Alright, so we have pad sets, more Jellies bags– you guys these things are the bomb. Love these bags. O-o-o-okay. (Laughing) You see how well it’s going having our dogs at work… [Atomic] The dogs are basically running the show here… [Indy] You know, that’s how we like it! [Atomic] That’s how we like it. [Indy] Yeah. This is my new favorite addition. We have a packing table now.
So whoever’s packing your orders stands right here they grab all the things, they put it in the box, they put the label on the order, get your wheels, get your toes stops, get your skates… and it comes right here… where we put our… Planet Roller skate sticker in there. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode of Planet Roller skate. I hope you learned how to stop. Thanks for joining us in our warehouse. [Pigeon] Be sure to LIKE, comment, and subscribe. [Indy] Hit up PlanetRollerSkate.Shop for everything you need from helmet to toe stop, and until next time… [Pigeon and Indy] Later Skaters! [Pigeon] Faster, Indy, faster! [Indy] Alright, now we’re gonna get in trouble.

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