Hi this is InMoveSkates and today we will
show you 5 tips of how to stop on inline skates. The next way to slowdown is plow or lemon. Lemon is a basic exercise that you have already
learnt. First we try to do a very wide flashlight
and put both of the rollers to the inner sides, when you do it keep the knees bent, don’t
protrude your butt, keep your hips a little bit frontwards. Great. Now we try to press on heels and don’t let
tips meet. We did it! Before trying to do it you need to rollerblade
good enough and learn to rollerblade on one leg. We need to define a supporting leg, the one
which you use when you rollerblade one-foot. First we put the supporting leg on the outer
side. As for the sliding leg, we do not put it far
behind the supporting leg. We can put arms to the opposite direction. Now the shoulders. We try to keep shoulders in parallel with
the hips. Great. This is a very effective way of slowdown. To learn this move you need be able to rollerblade
backwards. The knee of the supporting leg must be heavily
bent. The sliding leg must be in acute angle to
the road, the more acute the angle the better. Keep the weight on the supporting leg. Look in a direction of the move. We move backwards sitting down on the supporting
leg and put the sliding leg as low as possible. Now we try to do the same thing after jumping
with a turn. Now we put all of our weight to the leg which
is besides us and smoothly move the leg with brakes to the front. At this time the knee of the back leg stays
heavily bent, keep the weight on the back leg. Now we feel how the brakes slide over the
road. From now the more you press the brakes, the
more effective your slowdown will be. If any unexpected situation happens, you don’t
have enough time to slowdown and there is a nice lawn beside, then why not? Keep your legs at shoulder length, knees heavily
bent, keep the weight on heels, one leg goes a little bit in front of the other one. Hey guys, subscribe to our channel and like
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