How to Swim Front Crawl | Nuffield Health

How to Swim Front Crawl | Nuffield Health

I’m going to show you how to swim freestyle
or otherwise known as front crawl. We’re going to start with head position. It
needs to be kept in a neutral line with your body and it needs to be kept still. The water line needs to be just above your
goggle height and you need to be looking down and slightly in front. A common mistake is that people tend to look
too far down, therefore burying their shoulders which creates water resistance therefore slowing
you down. If your head is in the correct position, your
feet will be up exactly where they need to be. So we’re going to move on to our arms. So
with your hand, thumb always goes first. Your hand at a 45 degree angle. Once you put it in, you pull all the way back.
When your hand exits the water you need to make sure your elbow is bent up towards the
ceiling. The palm of your hand faces forwards, it then comes all the way over and the process
begins again. So thumb in first, hand at 45 degrees, pull down all the way down to your
hip, exit up and over. With the legs, you need to make sure you’re
kicking from the hips, you have floppy ankles, and you’re not bending your knees too much. You also need make sure that you’re kicking
at some speed to keep your body balanced so you don’t over-rotate when you breathe. When it comes to breathing, it’s your own
personal preference. You can either breathe bi-laterally, which means you breathe every
3 strokes. So just like this. So you’ll breathe, one, two, three, and then you’ll breathe again.
So you’re actually breathing both sides. Or you can breathe laterally. That just means
that you’re breathing every 2 or 4 strokes to the same side. So you’ll breathe, one,
two, breathe. It’s down to you.

35 thoughts on “How to Swim Front Crawl | Nuffield Health

  1. Hi guys I鈥檓 a triathlete I鈥檓 just letting you all know this is bad technique go and watch a different video trust me

  2. It鈥檚 hard for me to let go of my breath underwater because I breath in a little bit after I breath out underwater so some water comes in my nose

  3. 0:54 palm of your hand should face backwards! the back of your hand should face forward looking at the video. Otherwise good video Jessica!

  4. To learn more on how to swim front crawl, we have an article dedicated to just that:

  5. I'm comfortable on right side only, how could I do bilateral breathing with ease?

    Please tell!!!!!


  6. What about open water( the sea) I get sick if I swim freestyle in the sea , I try to breath but I get cold quickly , someone help please

  7. Any sports I got into, I did really good in it. However, swimming, I never learned how to breath in/out. So that means I can swim up until I have to breath out in freestyle. I can switch some other way to breath in/out, but when it comes to freestyle where I really need to swim some distance, I can't. I would try to keep watching your video to see if I can apply it next week in the lake and let you know if it helped me.

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