How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Attach & Adjust the Standard Martingale

How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Attach & Adjust the Standard Martingale

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village.
Today I would be talking about how to tack up a horse. Next we are going to demonstrate
how to attach and adjust the standard martingale. We are going to start by slipping this over
the horses head. You want this to sit in a very relaxed way this is really tight you
want it to sit nicely around his neck. So I’m going to loosen this up there we go just
so it is not pulling to tight on him. Again always remembering your keepers. Then the
next thing you have to do is under the girth and the bottom part is going to come between
his legs. The girth is going to slip through the loop on the bottom. You want to make sure
as you adjust this that the martingale is even between his two legs not off to the side.
We are going to do the girth back up. Now when adjusting the standard martingale you
want to put first put the nose band through the loop. Then reattach the nose band. You
know that it fits if when you lift this up it comes easily to his throat latch which
this one does. If it is to tight like this and it would not go up it is going to restrict
your horse to much.

13 thoughts on “How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Attach & Adjust the Standard Martingale

  1. @suttonplacegallery A martingale is an aid to stop the horse raising it's head above the point of control, or whacking the rider in the face if he jolts his head up. (:

  2. thank you that video is really heplful, i'm not going to coment on the nose band because you don't know unless your there:)

  3. seriously, the nose band is fine!!!! Every horse is slightly different and some may require a slightly tighter nose band. And obviously people havn't noticed that he has a winter coat on so of course the hairs will stand up and make it look tighter!

  4. Ok this is for people saying that the nose and is to tight well first off its winter and the horse has a big fluffy coat so the nose band could be to tight or not you would have to be there!

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